Hazel Pierce

Chapter 7

My eyes instinctively move to the source…I stone over. That cold vice president has her intense gaze trained on me.… It feels like she…she can see straight into me. Its…intimidating. Ive never felt someones gaze so…penetrating.

My eyes move to Adams bright smile…..

I guess the arguing is over. If it isn , I can hear anything but the thumping in my chest. Block it… whatever this is, block it out. Im…Im…somehow getting closer to them. Noah is dragging me to death! Nervous doesn explain this entirely new anxious feeling. My heart vibrates faster the closer I get…what is wrong with me?

I force myself to swallow when Noah stops me right in front of the Vice President….. Surprisingly, shes taller than me.

”Sylvia, this is Hazel. ”……

For a moment, Sylvia just stares down at me, unresponsive. I watch her, pondering over…something. I will not admit to myself what my eyes are noticing….. Her expression doesn change, but something in her eyes does.

Finally, Sylvia extends her hand….. I…I can move to shake it. After looking at me for a second, she leans forward, taking my hand firmly in hers. Her hand is…cold but doesn bother my warm palm…. My…insides are going haywire. Breathe, Hazel, just breathe. Ive definitely drunk too much today. I can barely feel the gentle squeeze she gives me as I fight to keep my brain in check.

”Its a pleasure to meet you, Hazel. ”.

I sort of expected her tone to be cold, and it is, but the sound sends another jolt through me….. My stomach feels like a slosh of messy…I can rein this in. Sadly, words aren forming for me to introduce myself due to my thoroughly short-circuiting brain. We stand there gazing at one another until Adam speaks.

”It truly is a pleasure. ”.

I glance over, seeing him offering his hand. His smile…my heart pauses a few times before dancing like crazy again….. Sylvia releases me, and I realize Noahs still holding on to me. My gaze shifts to our hands, then his eyes.

Hes staring at me like hes trying to communicate something through them. I squint at him, attempting to pick up on what he wants. He raises his eyebrows a few times…practically bouncing like he has to pee….. What am I supposed to get from that? Sylvias eyes begin moving between us…something is weird with this.

”Hazel, come. ”…….

My heart starts pounding differently than before as I jerk my hand away, stepping back with my gaze pinned to the floor. Len slings his arm around my shoulders, guiding me further.

”Haven I told your smug ass not –

”Noah…don . ”. I don need to look at him to know hes irritated with Len. Im eager to get away from…whatever that was, and if Len picked up on my internal battle…..

Len pulls me closer, kissing me on the cheek…that warms me. Maybe he didn . Maybe it wasn a big deal from the external view. For a minute, nothing else happens, but there…there is a tension swirling around our little group. The stretching silence is about to make me glance up when Len finally speaks. ”It was nice to meet everyone, but we
e heading home. ”. He leads us away, and I count down the seconds until we
e alone……. Ill then be able to tell…how deep Ive dug my grave this time.

The silent cab ride Im presently enduring symbolizes all I need to know. Len hasn said a thing since we left the bar, which means hes pissed. The party is again replaying in my head as I try and pick out any questionable actions I may have done.

Ill just have to accept the stuff that went down with Noah. Len knew Noah worked here, so it should have been expected, but whatever he deems me guilty of, Ill take. Those other two…hopefully…that doesn come up. Im working overtime to wipe any lingering effects out of my mind.

The sound of the squeaky cab brakes pulls me back to the car…. We
e at my place. I open the cab door and pray for Len not to climb out behind me. As much as I wanted to continue what I started earlier, this rotten mood means one of two things. Hell either be rough…in an unsatisfying way or give me a piece of his mind, neither one I want tonight. Im already fidgeting with my finger when Len does get out.

”Pay the driver. ”.

Slowly as possible, I do what he says, mentally building up some walls. Since Ive been drinking, some…touchy subjects shouldn make me flip out.

”Have a good night. ”.

I nod to the driver before he pulls off. A moment of silence pass as I stand, waiting for Lens direction. I can raise my eyes high enough to look at him, but I can feel his unmistakable glare on me. Len…spits to the side of my right foot before moving towards my buildings door….. Hell, hes pissed. I silently drag myself behind him, knowing this will be downright awful. This level of intoxication Ill never reach again…around other people.

”Haze. ”…..

My eyes jet to that voice and well up. ”Fayeeee! ” – I run to her, ignoring the intensity lining her features. These safe arms. It felt like an eternity since I was last in them. – ”I didn think I was going to see you for a couple more days. ”. I pull back, gazing into my favorite pair of dark eyes. The relief that flows through me nearly has my toes curling where I stand. Faye and I are around the same height, but shes more so on the athletic side.

”Are you alright? ”. She rests her forehead against mine as I nod. This peace. Her eyes search mine for –

”Hazel, come. ”.

Lens tone compels my body to twitch. It sounds like that pissed level has been upgraded, but this new anger is nothing compared to the rage I see in Fayes eyes..…. My heart has taken off again. Noah is easier to control out of my pair of friends…if Faye and Len have it out…shell likely hurt him.

”Don **ing talk to her like that! Shes not your **ing dog! ”….

I need to dissolve this situation. I try easing back to him, but Faye keeps a firm hold of me.

”Hazel, say goodbye to your thug, and come. ”.

Len hasn raised his voice, but that ice has my insides vibrating out of control. Going with him now won be a pleasurable night, period. I don know what Faye sees in my eyes, but she maneuvers me behind her.

”Actually, you can leave. We made plans for the weekend, not that it matters to you. ” – Faye sets her shoulders in that threatening way. – ”But you can come and get her if you have the **ing balls to. ”.

Lens jaw tightens, but he isn displaying any rage…or anger…outright, but I can feel it.

”Faye, I –

”Okay. ” – Len smiles, but it isn the sweet one I love. Its the one that reminds me of…Mother. I squeeze my eyes shut for a few seconds, forcing her out of my mind. – ”Have fun. Ill talk to you about this when Im ready. ”……

Faye doesn let me respond to whatever that means before she drags me to her town car, throwing me in. Her driver has us out there seconds later. Lens last words…was…ominous. Hes going to make me suffer for this…I suppose I can complain…since Fayes my friend…I sigh, resting against the seat. First Noah, then Faye…Im too buzzed for all of the drama.

The entire car ride to the outskirts of the city was silent. Faye is stewing… I wonder how much of our exchange she watched before making her presence known. Lens stuff…I keep to myself mainly because Ive been taught to. Some of Mothers lessons made more sense than others. The other side would be…I don feel Faye would understand…my different way of thinking on the subject.

When we get inside Fayes house, we shower, then crash into her bed for the night. Come morning, Im nursing a baby hangover. Its not terribly dire since I switched to beer last night. The things that have me a little eh are the chunks of memories I can remember. On one side, Im glad, but on the other hand, I don know what really went on, but I know my heart had a lot of excitement.

Faye and I lounge in her living room on an oversize sofa. She has her back against the arm of the chair, with her legs between mine. Im stretched out on the other end, lying flat on my back, with my ankles on both sides of her thighs. Something low is playing on the TV but not entertaining enough for me to look. I have my eyes closed, hidden behind the darkest oversized pair of shades I own. Fayes eyes I can feel on me in that scrutinizing way. We haven talked about anything yet, but I feel it coming.

”How was your trip? ”.

She pokes my inner thigh with her toe. ”Fine. ” – I can feel it when she crosses her legs at the ankles. – ”What the hell did I walk up on last night? ”.

I knew it was coming…and Im still not prepared to answer. My thumb is already moving against my middle finger. I have to tread this carefully. ”Nothing…I don think. ”.

Faye sighs or groans…mumbles something. ”Hazey, that wasn nothing. Why would you look so terrified of your boyfriend? I never liked that little shit, and if he –

”Nothing Faye, I promise. ”.

I can practically hear her grinding her teeth. ”Then what was that, Hazel. I know when you
e trying to sell me bullshit. Certain things I let go because of your past, but he isn one of them. ”.

Fayes tamed rage…sparks my…guilt. My brain won allow me to tell her what she wants to hear. ”You remember the things I can do? ”.

”Yeah. ”.

”Okay, so, its like this, Im in a relationship with Len. Anything relating to it, its like… ” – I pause for a moment thinking for the right word. – ”A nondisclosure agreement. ”. The silence that comes after is stifling. Im not sure if Im hurting her…again. Its my least favorite thing to do.

”Okay. ” – Faye shifts around before I can feel her crawling up my body. – ”Ill let it go for now because I know how you get when you
e drinking, but if I see that look in your eyes again, Im putting the little shit in the hospital. ”.

This violent model makes me smile, but I don respond to that…I just didn mean to upset him last night. ”I…we were drinking at the party together…. I got a little wild, and you know how he takes that. ”.

Faye lays against me, resting her head on my chest. ”If you turned back into that hoe in front of him, then I can understand why you need to talk. ”.

I grin. ”Why do you always have to bring that up? Its been four years since Ive been that way. ”.

Faye makes a sound, disagreeing. ”More like three, to be specific. That year you called yourself dating was just hoeing in a different way. ”.

I chuckle, wrapping my arms around her as I kiss the top of her head. ”All in the past. Im a full-time committed woman now. ”.

Faye grunts. ”Don remind me. ” – Something jolts through her, and she rolls on top of me…vibrating. – ”Spencer and Carla, give me the deets! ”.

I open my eyes to see that perfect smile, as my lips mirror it. ”They
e something. ”.

Faye wiggles. ”Give me deets, Haze, not this bland shit. ”.

I would have never thought she was a model with a mouth like that…she pinches my cheek. ”Faaaye! ” – I rub it pushing her off me as I roll to my side. – ”They
e great. Carla reminds me of you, just a bit more muscular…and hyper. Spencer is a fashion icon for himself alone, but the man is the mere definition of condescending. ”.

”I got that from his tone. ” – Somehow, Faye has enough room to kneel next to me on the sofa. – ”What about the others? I know you said before you worked with a team. Are they…nice to you? ”.

I have to smile at that. They aren exactly likable, but they aren those types that plague my memory. ”Lets say they aren terrible. Its like they
e unique and quirky. I…haven gotten freaked out by them. ”. I have to think about that last bit for a minute. Its true. Tessa, Carla, Spencer, Perry, and Dave haven triggered any warning bells yet. They know when to push the gas with me or ease on the breaks. Unfortunately, Noah comes to mind…and now I feel guilty again for hiding him from Faye…..

She narrows her eyes….. ”I can tell youve been tired, but get ready. ”.

”For what…… Its like 11am. ”.

”Right, and by 1, we
e leaving. Mama needs to do some shopping before we hit the clubs. ”…..

I whine. ”Faaayyye, you just got back. ”.

”Hazel, if you start pouting, if God so helps me, Ill pinch you somewhere unpleasant. ”.

I suck my lip in. ”You do know Im two years older than you, right? I don have that energy of a young girl. ”…

Faye looks at me like thats the dumbest thing Ive ever said. ”One, Haze, you
e only twenty-five. Two, Im twenty-three, so stop trying to make it seem like you
e some ancient woman. ” – Faye shivers before disgust fills her features. – ”God, that reminded me of that piece of shit that used to hang around you. ”….

That is how Faye refers to Noah. I make a beeline off the couch. If she watches me long enough, shell pick up that Im hiding something. ”Well, lets start getting ready. ”. Im surprised she let me escape so easily.

”Theres my rich wing-woman hoe, definitely hiding something Sister! ”….

I let Faye have that as I rush to the bathroom. No comment is the best comment.

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