”Wahhhhhhhhh!!!At last after ups and downs the two got themself together!! ”

A guy was alone inside a quiet room, he was being excited while reading the book he was holding.

He was also eating potato chips that were beside him.

He was currently reading a book titled Spring after Winter.

It was a BL book or Boys love.

The story was about the MC(main character) who was being ridiculed since childhood because of his poor state.

The MC was the son of the past princess who got pregnant at the age of 19 by an unknown man so they were thrown outside the Empire palace.

Because of this he was always being humiliated, bullied and tortured by other kids.

Saying he was useless and his mother was a slut.

Then a war emerged between the southern Empire and the northern Empire.

The General of the south slutter the people of the north mercilessly and would only continue to do so if they didn surrender.

As a result the Empire sent the MC to the enemy for the so-called surrender since the identity of the MC inside the Empire was a Prince.

The south didn know anything about the MCs identity so they accepted him.

Little did they know, the north sent the MC because he wasn that valued by his family and people.

So even if they killed him they wouldn care, as long as the MC brought a temporary peace for the north Empire so they could plan to attack behind the south Empires back, theres no more.

No affection, no love, only hatred and disgust remained in their hearts as they sent the MC away.

In the south Empire, the General started to slowly fall in love with the MC.

So he told his majesty, the Emperor, to not go attack the northern Empire anymore.

The General then started pursuing the MC.

However, every time you became happy, sadness was next.

He discovered by the spy he sent to remain in the northern Empire that the Prince they had as a hostage was treated there as a disgusting Prince so him being the hostage is not important.

Even if he died in the hands of the enemy they don care at all.

The General got angry at this and the decision he made to stop the attack, he suddenly took it back and told his majesty to let him destroy the whole Empire as soon as possible.

The Emperor was shocked and couldn respond for a minute.

He was first confused why this loyal subordinate of his planned to spare the north Empire then he discovered that this General fell in love with the north Prince so he didn disagree then now this subordinate proposed to himself to let him take the lead to destroy the north Empire.

The Emperor thought for a moment. Did that Prince cheated on this General thats why this General was this mad?

But even though he was curious he didn ask anything and let him travel again just to destroy the other.

After the war the whole north, especially the royal family got wiped out except for the MCs mother.

The General then proposed to the MC to be with him and after they got together and became lovers thats when the Emperor only knew the truth.

Turns out this subordinate of his was mad not because he was cheated but because his loved one was mistreated by the other.

What pure love it is.

However it was still not a happy ending.

After the two got together the villain showed up, what was the villains role? Of course it was obvious.

It was to steal the MC away from the ML.

The villain was the son of the Emperor, the Crown Prince!

He was back after studying at the West Empire academy and now he graduated.

He f

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