”Two apples for only three copper coins!!Get it! Get it! ”

”Fresh from the farm lemons,five coppers for three!! ”

”Sir, what are you looking for?We have these charms that can bring luck. We also had a charm for your unrequited love to come true. ”

Loud noises can be heard from the left to the right side. Bunch of people were there, some were customers and some were the sellers.

”Hey. Get back here kid!! ”

A kid was caught stealing bread at an open bakery, the boy quickly ran like he was being chased by a lion and not a normal person.

He didn mind the people who were blocking his way and casually shove them out of the way.

If the one that was blocking is big then he will only dodge while running.

The bakery stopped chasing the child when he felt hes gonna die from exhaustion.

He caught his breath and raised his gaze at the boys figure. This wasn the first time that the kid stole bread.

After a few minutes of panting he can now breath normally.

Forget it,it was only one piece of bread. If he caught the kid stealing again then he would only make him pay and if not then the kid had good luck.

He stood up straight and walked back to where his bakery was, ignoring the kid and turned back to sell his bread to people.

Just then the kid who was running for his life while holding the piece of bread like it was a treasure bumped into someone.

He stumbled and his butt met the ground.

The kid groaned in pain by the sudden impact, he stood up from the ground and dusted his butt off.

He then saw the bread was also on the ground,it was now dirty.

”Im sorry I didn notice you. ”

When he heard a soft and gentle voice in front of him he turned his gaze and saw a man wearing normal clothes and pants.

And when he looked up to see the mans face he dazed but quickly snapped out of it when he saw the man picked up the bread and dusted it off then he handed it over the boys hand before starting to walk again.

The boy frowned while looking at the slowly disappearing figure.

He was thinking how come the man didn beat him up to death or like until he bleed all over his body.

Nowadays adults in the City are like that,even if you didn bump into them, if they want to make fun of you and beat you up,you can do anything but to accept your fate.

But now,he then put his gaze at the bread on his hand.

For the first time he met a kind person.

The boy then started to walk,back to where he was currently staying. He was currently staying at the dark alley.

Always switching places whenever there was trouble that was happening and couldn be avoided.

Meanwhile the kind person on the boys point of view was looking to his left and right without turning his head while walking,so it won be obvious for the others to know that it was his first time down the mountain.

He knows that if you
e a newcomer in one place they might target you and rob your money.

Right now this kind man was looking for a place to stay like a hotel or rent a room just like in his world.

He has nowhere to go and he doesn know where to go. Thats why for the meantime he wants to stay in some place until he has decided what to do next.

After walking for almost an hour in this crowded place he then saw a room to rent.

He hurriedly walked towards there and then discovered that it was an inn.

The man went inside and saw a not so fancy yet also not so rag,just average.

The first floor had the restaurant while on the second floor and third was for the room.

When he reached the counter he picked one silver coin on his little bag inside his big bag that was placed in his left waist.

The thought of his fantasy living in some luxury room because of the silver coin was immediately crushed when he saw the room.

One bed for one person and a table and chair far away on the bed in 1 meter was also there.

The owner then left him in the room,told him to go downstairs if he was hungry but of course the food was not free.

The man sighed,went inside the room and closed the door.

Seriously when the owner saw his look he thought the man was a beggar but after seeing the man took a piece of silver coin he then changed his mind.

10 coppers is 1 silver coin, and the rooms rent was 2 coppers per night which means the man rented the room for 5 days.

The owner doesn care how you look outside as long as you can pay for your food and stay in his inn then he will welcome you immediately.

Some of the people in the City were like that while some weren .

The man went downstairs,he sat on a table for two people and a waiter immediately went to him to give him the menu and take his order.

When he saw the letters the man frowned.

The hell?!How can I order it if I can read this?

He may be calm outside but he was already crying and screaming in his heart.

The menu had a language that resembled his mother tongue but some of them were also not like that. It also had a picture for every food to know its appearance.

Forget it,if it was like this then the only thing he needs to do is….he put down the menu and said to the waiter.

”Give me the cheapest and delicious food you have. ”

The waiter takes note of this then raises her head to ask.

”All of the cheapest, Sir? ”

The man thought for a moment and just nodded his head as a sign that he agreed.

The waiter then took the menu in his hands then went to the kitchen to deliver the order.

While waiting for his food,he put his hand on his chin then stared outside.

He was facing the scenery outside the inn,half an hour later the waiter put his food in front of him on the table.

It was nine plates that contained different kinds of dishes.

Some of the foods appearance was familiar to him while some of it was not.

He started to eat and after he finished he went again to the counter to pay then went back to his room on the second floor to rest.

Having a plan for tomorrow to shop for some cheap but decent clothes to wear he might also try to find a job too.

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