A sound of a big door was heard when a man wearing red and black clothes showed up.

The guards outside bowed their heads when the man passed by, the people inside also bowed as a sign of respect and telling others that the man had a high status.

When he reached the middle of the room he bowed his head.

”Greetings his Majesty,the Emperor. ”

The Emperor looked at the General for a moment then spoke.

”Raise your head. ”

And with that the General raised his head,his gaze at the Emperor.

”This subordinate reported to his Majesty about his journey. We successfully made the north to surrender, they also gave us their prince as a sign of their surrender.

The north Prince was now inside the Kiln palace,what should we do now to him. ”

Satisfied with what he heard the Emperor let out a low hum before telling the guy his orders about the matter.

”Let him stay as a guest here,make sure he isn put in any danger. Or he does something that will make us make the peace that the north is praying for will be gone. ”

”Understood,this subordinate is finished and will leave now. ”

After that the General turned around and walked outside to go to the Kiln palace.

Hes planning to visit the north prince. He doesn want and doesn have to hide it from the others that he kinda likes the prince.

The General was walking with a still serious expression on his face but he was excited and his heart was beating very loud and fast.

What is this feeling?This was his first time experiencing such a thing.

When he arrived at the Kiln palace he saw a maid just got outside,the maid greeted the General after she saw him then immediately walked away.

The General faced the big door and while feeling excited in his heart he knocked three times and only opened it when he heard the man inside said the words come in.

After he set his foot inside the room he then saw a man wearing white clothes with a touch of silver from head to toe.

He smiled,closed the door behind him and immediately went beside the man.

”General Han I didn know it was yo- ”

The man was supposed to kneel but the General stopped him from doing that.

”Don kneel,just sit down. ”

So the man sat back at his chair, the General also sat on the chair in front of the man.

”Eins right? ”

The General asked and the man nodded his head to confirm he was right.

”Ill call you by your name so you can call me by my name too, Im Sean Han. ”

He lent his hand to shake hands with Eins, Eins shook it,the two smiled at each other before letting each others hand go.

The General called a servant to serve them food so the both of them could eat. After that Sean turned his gaze back at Eins who was now reading a book.

He spoke,voice soft and warm.

”Hows your stay here?Is it uncomfortable? If you ever had a problem just tell the maids about it. ”

”It was comfortable thanks to the General. ”

Sean shook his head while still smiling.

”I told you its ok to call me Sean. ”

”Alright,General Sean. ”

Helpless Sean didn bother anymore and just chatted with the prince on a different topic.

The two laughed while chatting, a maid then opened the door,on her hands was a tray set with tea.

She served the Eins and Sean and just like that she left after that.

The two were alone together,still chatting while eating.

Time sure flies when you are having fun,Sean stood up from his seat and Eins also followed.

”I should go now, I still have something to do. ”

”Thank you for visiting General Sean. ”

Sean tidied his clothes before walking towards the door,he opened it and before he left he said one more thing.

”Its nice meeting you, Prince of the north. ”

He then stepped outside the room and closed the door. Walking away from that room.

After the man left the room became quiet again, Wins sat down on his chair and continued eating the food in front of him.

”Your Highness, what are you doing your Highness?! ”

An old man was trying to stop a guy who was packing his things in his luggage.

The guy ignored the old mans question and was still packing.

After he was done, he carried his luggage and immediately walked towards the door and left that room.

The people who saw this scene silently started to gossip.

What happened?

The trash was leaving hah!

I thought he would stay until he graduates.

Is he scared of us?Pff.

Some are happy and some are curious but no one felt sad at all.

The guy didn bother himself at the people who were making fun of him,instead he just looked forward to quickly going back to his home.

Or should he really call that place a home?

When he reached outside of the building he then saw a carriage waiting there.

He got inside and the old man who was following him immediately went inside.

When everything settled the coachman started the carriage to travel.

”Your Highness,you still need to graduate before going back. His Majesty might get mad. ”

Said the old man with a slightly scared tone,afraid that the guy in front of him suddenly went mad but it didn .

”Its fine,don you know the word surprise? ”

After that he smiled which made the old man shiver in his bones.

He looked at the wicked smile of the guy in front of him.

This guy was the Prince of the south Empire,he was currently studying at the West Empire Academy and soon to graduate but due to who-knows-what he suddenly decided to go back to the Empire which made the old man panic.

”Old man don worry, Father won get mad. ”

The old man gloomily stared at him and said inside his mind.

Won get mad?He would consider it a lucky day if the Emperor really won get mad.

After all this was the trash prince. Thinking like this the old man sneered in his heart.

Let us see that luck of yours.

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