Heaven’s Tribulation

Chapter 1 The Beginning

There were 13 Heavenly Realms, the 13 Heavenly Realms form the Heavenly World, and the Heavenly World encompasses all things within. But creation had just formed, the world was devoid of all things, it was an empty void. Joining hands with the Ancestral Dragons, beings that existed since the Primordial Beginnings, the Heavenly Spirits created the 5 original elements, fire, earth, metal, water, and wood.

The original elements or ”laws ” formed the land as well as countless sub-laws.

But it still felt lacking. Thus, the Ancestral Dragons used their blood essence to create an innumerable number of magical beasts, while the Heavenly Spirits used Qi to form and bless humanity.

Hundreds of thousands of years passed by in a flash, when the Ancestral Dragons fell into a deep slumber, the Heavenly Spirits realized the potential that life carried, and sought to prevent any being that can cultivate from surpassing themselves.

They made the tribulations. The so-called ”trials ” that one must overcome in order to prove that they are worthy of reaching for the higher ranks. 9 out of every 10 beings would die trying to reach the higher ranks. Life became a survival of the fittest, a constant fight for resources.

Almost everyone thought that the trials were necessary, for they were taught that the Heavens were just. Incapable of wrong. They thought tribulations sifted out the trash, the leeches, and tempered the strong.

But a select few thought overwise and were usually met with hostility when they were discovered. These talents either found out the truth themselves or indirectly through others. They seek to liberate the minds of the masses and free everyone from the clutches of the corrupt Heavens.

Eons went by, and countless people died. Some were killed by others. Some were lost to the passage of time. But a great many died trying to overcome their tribulations. Their souls seized by the Heavens and recreated into different beings. An endless cycle of torture.

Many more eons passed, and powerful beings rose and fell, withered and bloomed, but none were powerful enough to threaten the Heavens even slightly. They could only establish sects and oppress those weaker than themselves.

Several eons passed again, and a genius worthy of Heavens attention was born. The skies churned as they did everything in their power to prevent his rise to providence.

The youth cultivated and fought, leaving a trail of blood and bones in his wake

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