your parents would want for you to let them rest. Starting tomorrow I will teach you how to hunt and tend to the spirit herbs. I hope to teach you as there are no useless jobs, and learning some things might prove to be useful for you in the future. Go now before your food gets cold ”

After eating, Sheng Tian sat in bed in a lotus position. In his sea of consciousness, a figure was moving. At first glance it would seem like it was just jumping around, but further inspecting it would reveal complex movements. The figure is Sheng Tian practicing the Illusory Snake Steps.

Suddenly, a faint white light shone around him. If Wu Di saw this then he would curse out loud, after all, he had only experienced enlightenment 15 times during the time that he has been alive. Most can go hundreds of thousands if not millions of years stagnant and not experience the slightest enlightenment.

After an hour, the light faded and Sheng Tian opened his eyes. A surprised look appeared on his face, ”I haven even started cultivating yet experienced enlightenment at the age of 5. I managed to reach peak mastery of the first level and it won be long before I enter the second ” He moved his arms around and took some steps. Every step of his radiated grace and swiftness thanks to the effects of practicing the 2 techniques.

Furthermore, his body has reached the peak of the silver realm! His body glowed a grayish silver that enhanced his face. With bright, shining eyes, midnight black hair, and a well refined face, Sheng Tian looked like an otherworldly celestial, even more so when he grows up.

Checking the time, Sheng Tian found that he had less than half the day left, and tried to think about his plans going forward. ”I should ask master for a combat related technique, perhaps even one that requires a weapon. For now I should just practice the movement techniques and train my body ” Sneaking outside, he went back into the forest to remain undisturbed while training.

A few minutes passed, and Sheng Tian found a faint presence hiding from him. Appearing before the intruder using 10,000 Mile Stride, he reached and grabbed at the neck of the thing. A small dog-like creature with red skin and sharp fangs appeared in his grasp. ”Red Blood Hounds ” He immediately managed to identify the odd creature that was currently struggling against its captor.

”Wait ” Sheng Tian thought, ”I can make some low ranked inscriptions! ” Inscriptions cover a wide variety of topics namely, formations, arrays, runes, weapon inscriptions, talismans, and body inscriptions. Body inscriptions are a type of inscriptions that inscribe marks on a persons body. That person will then have a disposable weapon or an enhancer depending on the type of inscriptions.

Sheng Tian wanted to use the blood of the beast to practice making marks, as a single mistake can waste lots of precious blood. He could use this opportunity and later ask for some beast blood when his uncle takes him out to hunt.

And thus he drained the blood of the poor beast who only wanted food and reviewed the different marks he could attempt.

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