Heaven’s Tribulation

The Hunt And Alchemy Techniques

Early ranked body inscriptions usually only take beast blood. Looking at the numerous blood marks he can create, Sheng Tian thought about the pros and cons. He currently only has access to magical beasts that reside in the forest.

”Grade 2 Sky Cranes would allow me to create a high level rank 2 Flowing Wind mark that increases my speed. Grade 2 Golden Lizards can allow me to create a mid level rank 2 Golden Scale Body that can be activated to create gold scales that boost defense for a period of time ” There is theoretically no limit to the amount of consumable body inscriptions so Sheng Tian can inscribe as many marks as he wants. Only marks like the Flowing Wind marks have a limit to the benefits one can receive and 2 is usually the limit for movement enhancing marks.

Taking a pen and dipping it in the blood he just got, Sheng Tian began practicing the shapes of the marks he would create. It was an arduous process that took hours. Sweat beaded his face and his eyes remained unblinking. His arm did not tremble once because if it did, then the entire mark could be ruined.

Finally, after a grueling 3 hours, The shape of the Flowing Wind mark was formed, though there would be no effect because the wrong type of blood was used. With further practice he could lessen the time needed to complete marks as well as reducing mental stress when inscribing marks.

Despite the size of the mark, it took almost all of the blood he had, and he had to go back home before anyone finds him missing.

Before he managed to get back into the village though, Sheng Tian spotted something red hidden within some bushes. In a forest that is mostly green, some colors like red stick out like a sore thumb. Reaching forward and brushing aside the foliage, he found a bright red flower with 2 similar colored fruits. He then identified it to be a peak rank 3 Crimson Blood Flower and the fruits that it bore the Crimson Blood Fruit, all credit going to his master of course.

”I must be lucky for there to be a rank 3 herb that rivals many rank 4 herbs growing in this remote area. Not to mention the fact that it has not been consumed already by a magical beast ” he thought.

About another hour later, Sheng Tian appeared in his room holding two red fruits. The Crimson Blood Fruit is a herb that can enhance a persons physical body and a person can only consume 2 in their lifetime before it loses effectiveness. It does not provide much when using it to cultivate a body technique but instead makes a persons body tougher and stronger than those at the same level.

Sheng Tian didn hesitate to swallow the first fruit. Instantly, he felt as if thousands of needles were pricking his skin, turning it red and increasing the temperature in the room. A faint sound resembling a wall being broken could be heard and golden light shone around Sheng Tian.

He stretched his body and examined himself. Eating just one of the fruits brought his body to the low level gold realm with prowess roughly equivalent to the peak of the gold realm.

Smiling greedily, Sheng Tian then swallowed the second fruit. Once more, the pricking feeling returned, this time with double the pain he experienced before. He almost made the mistake of yelping in pain but barely managed to stop himself.

”The pain was supposed to lessen by over half! Why did it double instead?! ” he shouted his grievances in his head, trying to not faint from the pain. This pain lasted over an hour, and Sheng Tian nearly gave up when suddenly, his body advanced once more.

Mid level gold realm. . . high level gold realm. . .

After another hour, Sheng Tian felt as if a thousand mountains were lifted off him and his golden body shone brighter, signifying that he reached the peak of the gold realm with prowess equivalent to the diamond realm.

His pure bodily strength has surpassed bone tempering realm cultivators! Not only that, but he felt another kind of energy flowing through his meridians.

”I finally have a usable amount of Qi! ” Sheng Tian thought. The first thing he did was trying to channel the Qi to a specific part of his body but to no avail.

”Guess I have something else to do for the next few days ” He then changed his way of breathing using a trick he found in his masters imparted knowledge so no one would find anything off about him just before his uncle knocked on his door.

”Tianer! Come out for dinner when you
e ready! ”

”Im going now uncle, ” said Sheng Tian as he opened the door to his room.

”You should eat and get some more rest for tomorrow ” Ming Long suggested, ”Ill also give you a copy of the techniques we bought from the sect way before you were born ”

”Can you tell me about our history uncle? Im also curious about your strength and what you want to do in the future ” Sheng Tian asked politely.

They sat at a table with a wide variety of dishes. Ming Long took a breath and said ”I guess you should know as you would eventually ” They began to eat, with Sheng Tian listening attentively. ”We are much more powerful and wealthy compared to other villages. In fact, we have the strength to develop into a city with 3 mind tempering realm cultivators and 8 vital tempering realm cultivators ”

”Then why have we not done so uncle? ” Sheng Tian asked, as a city would make the lives of everyone easier and they would be much more wealthy.

”Because we don have the support of the sect. Though we are in their territory and protection, we don have the contributions to safely develop into a city or maybe even a large city ” he answered. ”There would be other influential powers trying to deter us to get rid of the competition, remember child, power is most important in this world ”

And then Sheng Tian thought of something, ”if I manage to get good results in the examination, would we have the support needed to develop? ”

Ming Long smiled, ”yes, though you don have to push yourself too much, we have complete cultivation techniques for essence and body as well as some martial arts and techniques so our lives are better compared to others ”

Sheng Tian did not waver at this comment, ”Ill still do my best and help everyone live a better life. A city would have more income and resources after all ”

He smiled, ”your parents would be proud ”

They then finished dinner and Sheng Tian went back to his room and fell asleep.

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