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Awakening || Strange Accurence

”Just stab its eye and dig as deep as you can and youll puncture the brain. ” A middle-aged man outfitted in a military uniform spoke to a 17-year-old next to him as he pointed at a mutated boar lying on the ground as its breath became quieter and quieter.

The boy looked at the boar with indifferent eyes and a calm face. The boy always knew this day would come but he hoped it never would. He didn mind or rather didn care about the dying boar in front of him, or whether he watched videos or did it personally didn matter to him, but it was for another reason.

The boy held a katana in his right hand and calmly approached the half-dead boar. He steadily squatted down and looked at its lackluster thrust thrusted his sword into its eye-piercing its brain killing it; he didn even batter his eyes as he watched the now dead boar.

[You have successfully killed an abomination. Your talent will be decided in two hours based on your life experiences.]

A message appeared on a floating screen in front of the boy, and as soon as that message appeared, the boys face remained calm as he unsheathed his sword from boars eyes and wiped off the blood using his thigh, and stood up calmly.

”Anything? ” the soldier asked.

”Yeah. ” the boy said as he looked at the soldier.

”Nice. How long until your talent will be decided? ” the soldier asked, as his partner began to butcher the boar removing its profitable parts.

”Two hours. ”

”Thats good. Neither long nor short, but theres no doubt youll get something useful. ” the soldier said with a smile, before helping his partner with gathering the materials.

The boy watched from afar as his indifferent gaze watched their every movement to learn the butchering process to gather materials, due to the next time he was out here he would be alone.

The boys name was Reacher; Jack Reacher, but everyone always called him Reacher. Reacher lived in a world that was invaded by monsters better yet known as abominations a two-hundred and fifty years ago, causing the world to fall into utter pandemonium as the earth began to expand in size.

To deal with these abominations, multiple governments began calling everyone including reserves and citizens to help deal with them, but while the fragile weak abominations would die to bullets or cold weapons; the more powerful terrifying abominations needed something way tougher to kill them.

As the years passed and humanity along with the economy of the world began to deteriorate until by the grace of fate; two years after the arrival of abominations soldiers and people who killed monsters began to awaken special abilities that came straight from a fantasy.

These abilities were able to evolve enough so they were able to kill and fight the more powerful abominations.

Hence the government of the worlds major countries called these people [Awakened] because of the awakening powers to hunt and protect.

Even people who weren military were able to awaken and fight abominations. To encourage people, the government began to harvest and buy valuable monster parts, thus giving birth to a new era that was extremely dangerous but very profitable specialization.

This new era also gave birth to a new association called the Hunters Association.

Those who didn want to be a part of a military force were able to join the hunters association or they were allowed to create their guilds until the military and the hunters association lived hand in hand.

The world itself stopped growing after two hundred years until it grew ten times bigger creating a super-earth.

Thus due to this now super-earth once the world stopped growing a strange phenomenon took place that was now called [Evolution Day].

On this day in the sky, four moons appeared in the sky like magic creating one of the most breathtaking scenes, but this didn there as the four moons collided together creating one mega large moon until the moon couldn handle the pressure created by the four moons and broke.

Creating two large moons; large enough to be seen in the daytime.

One of the moons was blue and the other moon was purple.


Children who once dreamed of being actors, singers, and lawyers, entrepreneurs now dreamed of one thing, awakening. Becoming powerful awakened so they would become famous and gain enormous wealth.

Reacher was unfortunately also a part of this generation, when he was younger he also dreamed of becoming powerful, famous, and rich awakeners; mainly due to his older sister who had become a powerful awakened with an extremely high rank in the army.

Unfortunately, she had disappeared while entering a Cardinal Level Area [C.L.A]

Naturally, both Reacher and his family were devastated by this news, this made Reacher less happy and colder but it grew his conviction to awaken in order to take care of his parents.

Unfortunately, due to the tragedy of what happened to their daughter Reachers parents died a few years later due to depression. Leaving Reacher alone in this world making him lose everything he once dreamed of. He didn care about becoming awakened anymore or more importantly didn want to.

Being all alone in this world he grew cold and indifferent until he simply became indifferent; and as he accepted everything that befell on him he simply became an ocean of calmness and indifference.

Though as much as he wanted to remain normal and live a boring life; he was… a Reacher.

So Reacher took his first step towards becoming an awakened; kill an abomination. Now he would have to wait two hours to know what his attribute would be. Reacher knew that since his sister had a very powerful attribute; there would be a chance he would too, unfortunately.

While normal people had to venture out of cities alone to kill abominations, or pay Awakened to protect them, army soldiers had a duty to help other soldiers families awaken, so for Reacher it was much easier especially since his sisters rank was high.

Usually, this is a task given to the family members themselves, but with what had happened to Leos sister, other soldiers were sent to help him in her place. Especially since there ever was a chance of her returning no matter how slim they didn want to be on the receiving end of her wraith.

She was technically a unstoppable demon when she became mad.

The soldiers job to disassemble the boar was quick, as this was just a Bronze 1 Star abomination, one of the weakest abominations out there, which made this type of abomination ideal for helping ordinary people awaken.

The only truly valuable thi

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