Chris woke up in an unfamiliar room,with her head throbbing . She held her head and sat up on the bed looking around the strange room.

”Where am I? ”She asked herself

Suddenly her memories came flashing back before her eyes making her deduce that probably Umaera brought her here.

She stood up from the bed when suddenly pain shot to her from her arm

”Shit!! ”She hissed holding her cut arm tightly and walked towards the mirror.

Staring at her reflection ,she realized she was already dressed in a similar dress like the queen but hers is green.

”Is this like a traditional cloth here? ”she asked no one in particular

”Yes! ”A voice replied her

Making her jump from her spot in fright

”W-w-who the hell are you? And why are you in my room…I mean this r-room ”she asked stepping back in fear.

”Am sorry if I startled you ”A girl claud in a short uniform like dress spoke curtly.

”I am a maid,I was sent by maam Umaera to attend to your wound ”She replied

Chris looked at the soft spoken girl ,who can easily be confused as a human by her attitude.

”Hmm..ok ”She replied not in the mood to argue or reject the much needed help.

She made her way to the bed where she sat and patiently wait for the girl to begin.

The maid knelt in front of her and cleaned the wound with a warm cloth.

She was so focused that she didn notice the pair of eyes on her

”Whats your name? ”Chris asked hoping to start a conversation with her

”Am sorry but we are not allowed to give our names to strangers ”The maid replied still dressing her wound

Did she just say strangers?Chris asked herself dumfounded

The girl stood up and gave her a balm

”Apply this on your wound tommorow night and it will heal. If you were a demon,you won have needed it though ” The maid said suddenly disappearing not giving Chris a chance to ask her anything

”Tch!Rude ! ”She scoffed feeling insulted

Chris took in a deep breath and closed her eyes

”I miss you so much mom ”A single tear dropped from her eyes.

well then I think its time to explore She smiled mischievously.

Sneakily she made her way to the door and opened it looking out the corridor. When she saw no one was there ,she smirked and ran out of the room.

She walked down the hallway looking at every thing from the neon lights ,to the curtains, nothing escaped her eyes.

She reached a part full of portraits. Halting her step,she moved towards a particular protrait of a demon with three eyes, a very huge horns on his head and an evil smile on his face claud in a black suit

”Woah,what type of demon is this? ”She said trying to read the almost wiped out writing on the protrait

”Y…an..gari De..lox, hmm… what a name! ”she said chuckling

Feeling mischievous and curious like a child,she started whistling and skipping in her steps as she walked down the corridor, looking everywhere in amazement.

Most demon maids passed her but none of them stopped her or even acknowledged her presence,they just ignored her.

She kept on walking till she found herself in a much darker hallway which is very lonely

”Where am I? ”She asked herself looking around trying to find which way she came from.

She turned around towards another path when she heard a sound

”Mmmh…hmmm ”

She listened closely but the sound got louder.

Feeling curious she decided to step into that path

”No ! You shouldn Chris,what if its a demon ”She said biting her lips

ut …what is it doing and whats that sound,am really curiousHer mind said to her

”Maybe I can just go and peep and run away,I mean whats the worst that could happen ”She said to herself weakening her resolve.

She walked in slowly trying not to make a sound. She followed the sound and made her way to a dark wooden door.

She placed her ears on the door trying to listen more closely

”Tasty… mmmh… ” A very deep voice inside the room said.

The voice alond was enough to weaken her knees.

who was that?She asked herself, placing her ears closer to the door trying to make out who else was in the room

She kept on hearing shuffling and movement of feets when something fell in the room startling her.

She gasped in fear and stepped back looking around the hallway hoping not to get caught.

When she realized no one was their ,she took in a deep breath

”I taught I was caught ”She whispered to herself placing a hand on her chest to stop her racing heart.

She looked at the door, hoping to find a tiny hole she could peep from. When she found one,she squeezed herself closer to the door and squinted her eyes trying to look through.

She saw the sillioute of a man in the room ,his body covering that of a girl who was whimpering

”You know its wrong to stare ”The deep masculine voice said

h-he can be talking to me right?Chris said in her mind gulping.

The voice chuckled and stepped away from the girl , making it possible for Chris to see the form of the girl on the bed with blood dripping down her neck and arm, sleeping .The mans back was still turned towards the door,so she couldn see his face.

She kept on staring trying to see the face of the monster feeding on a girl

pathetic…such vile beast,is he a vampire or what? she said to herself angrily.

”Hm..am anything but pathetic sugar ”The deep voice said chuckling.

Chris was startled and fumbled trying to move away from the door she placed her self so close to, but she couldn move,she was stuck with her arms spread apart on the door and one of her foot lifted high from the ground.

”This can be good ”She said to her self scared trying to detach herself from the door but it wasn working.

”No sugar ….it can ”The voice said when suddenly the door fell landing on the floor with Chris plastered on it with her mouth open like a fish out of water.

you are such a nosy busybody Chris…she mentally slapped herself

Chris kept on looking at the shoes of the man in front of her ,feeling so stupid and scared at the same time.

The man squatted in front of her chuckling

”You are quite nosy I agree ”he said

why the heck is he chuckling…oh my God is h-he gonna eat me now ,but wait how did he know I was calling myself nosy she said to herself feeling both annoyed and scared to her bones.

”Let me help you up ”The man said stretching out a hand In front of her.

Chris stared at the hand refusing to take it. She tried standing up on her own but still felt glued.

”You won be able to stand up without my help ”He said still leaving his hand out stretched .

Chris grumpily held his hand and he pulled her up on her feet and let go

Feeling stupid Chris couldn look at his face so she kept her eyes on his chest

woah..that is some broad hard chestshe said to herself gulping slightly.

Her mind kept on picturing dirty images

ahh…you dirty lunaticshe shaked her head hoping it would erase her thoughts when the man in front her started chuckling

”You are quite amusing and cute ”he said

Chris felt her face turn red

what Is wrong with me?? He is a demon and I just snooped on him,am gonna die soon she said to her self trying to wake herself up.

”Look at me? ”The voice said

Chris found herself lifting her head slightly and gazed at the deep dead blue eyes in front of her

”Wow! ”She couldn help saying, making the man grin widely.

The man standing in front of her had two buttons on his black long sleeved shirt open and was adorned in a black tight dark jeans and an intricate written tattoo on his neck. He has dark short hair styled to the side and a beauty mark on his lip.

Chris didn know when she stepped so close to him and reached her hand out trying to touch his face

”I-it looks so soft.. ”she said not in the least realizing her position.

The man cleared his throat, pulling her out of her day dream.

Chris gasped realizing what she was about to do, shame filled her so much that she stepped back.

”Whats your name? ”The man asked holding her chin up with his finger.

”C-christiana Zac ”she said nervously.

”Hm..and what are you doing in Gorham and spying on me doll? ”The man asked bringing his face closer to hers

Chris felt so out of air that she opened her mouth slightly trying to breath.

”I-i don know ”She said panickly

”Really!!who brought you to the underworld chris ”The man said letting her chin go and morphing his face into seriousness.

”T-the queen ”Chris truth rolled out of her tongue as she was about to lie. She found herself unable to lie to this man

”Lilith …what have you done? ”The aura around the man changed to something vicious making her scared out of her wits

As if noticing how scared she was,he smiled showing her his pearly white teeth.

”Why? ”He asked her

”S-she s-said m-my blood is s-sweet and she wants me t-to be her personal feeder ” She said biting her lips.

The man stepped closer to her,as she was about to run away, he placed both of his middle finger on her forehead and closed his eyes. Once he got to know all he wanted,he stepped away from her

”So you were kidnapped… ”he said to her

Chris nodded finally relieved that someone saw it as kidnapping too.

”And it looks like you were planning on coming here it seems…. For your dad ”he said smiling evilly at her

how can such an evil smile look so good and so arousingshe said to herself

”Y-yes,he was brought here by the forsaken,can you help me find him? ”She asked pleading

”Hmm…. ”The man stared at her in thought

”Okay I will ”he said smiling

Chris smiled happy that someone so going to help her and he looks like someone in power too

you just hit the lottery chrisshe did a victory dance in her head.

”Also,can you tell the devil am here, I heard if he finds out ,he is going to be mad and send me back since its forbidden ”she said whispering to him

The man in front of her smiled with a strange glint in his eyes.

He placed his hands in his pocket and stared at her

”He already knows! ”he said

”Huh…they why aren I ..you know kaboom..back home ”she said demonstrating it with her hand

He moved closer and whispered to her

”Thats because he has found good use for you, so you are staying ”he said

”What are you saying? ”she asked him confused

”Hello Chris , am Demora ,nice to meet you ”He said stretching out his hand with a smile.

Chris stumbled back slightly

”D-demora as in the devil?oh my God! you are Satan!!! ”She said covering her mouth in fright. Her whole body started shaking

Chris !Chris!! Chris!!!..of all the people you had to spy on,it had to be Satan!,I can believe am standing in front of Satan,I wish loveth and Jace were here she said to herself

”I always hated that Satan name ”Demora said faking annoyance.

”Oh my God!! This can be happening ”She said

”Wait!can you say God? ”She asked with wide eyes

Demora stared at her as if she was a creep

”Oh God! What kind of girl is this ”He facepalmed himself, indirectly answering her question

”Which means google was wrong ”she said pouting slightly.

”Aren you suppose to be scared right now? ” He said looking at her as if she was crazy

”I am,at least i was . Am in hell,what do you expect! Am used to the unexpected by now ”she replied shrugging her shoulders

”Woah!the devil is…. hot! ”she said looking at him up and down

”I guess he is ….and you just made a deal with him ”He said grinning


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