Daniels Pov

”Hey dude can i spend the night over at your place? My dad is on a bussiness trip and mom is out ov town ”. Asked Randy. Because Randys dad is the mayor of NYC he doesn spend much time at home. and his mom is a business woman sso shes also mostly out of town so whenever that happens he comes at my place and stays for a few days.

”make sure you bring snacks and drink but jo alcohol ” i say to him while heading to class. It was almost 8 and classes were about to start. ”no promises dude ” he says laughing while walking away. That stupid boy never listens to me.

On my way to French class i spot a girl standing in the ground staring. By the looks of it maybe shes new. i continue staring at her cause who wouldn . She has the most beautiful Hazel eyes and a nice body too. Boobs which are just the right size and that ass is definitely giving me a boner.

”What are you doing Daniel? its 8 in the morning and you should stop thinking about her ” i mutter to myself although it was useless cause i still continue staring at her. ”Maybe i should go and talk to her ”. i said and just as am about to take a step i see Randy already there and starting a conversation. That sneaky son of a biscuit ”. I said angrily although am not even sure y am mad. i mean he has every right to do that. so with that i turn and head to class. At class i seat in my usuall seat and wait for the teacher to arrive.

”Hi daniel can we talk? ”oh no not this witch again!!!! Stephanie xanders a.k.a ms perfect was my ex girlfriend who i caught cheating last year. i ended things with her and refused to pick up her phones. ”what do you want Stephanie? ” i ask irritated. ” i just wanna talk and say Im sorry for the way things have ended. i didn mean to hurt you Daniel and can you plz forgive me? ” She asks flashing her innocent smile at me… i used to fall for it though, long long time ago but not now.

”Look stephanie i already forgave you i dont know what or why you did what you did with zack(great enemy) but its in the past and i wanna wish you a happy life together. You deserve each other ” i said looking her in the eyes she wanted to say something but just then Randy came along and she turned and left

” What did the ice witch say? ” Rand asked taking the seat next to me. ” Just wanted me to forgive her ” I answered back while taking my laptop out of the bag. i place it on the desk and as soon the teacher enters the class.

”How was the tour with the new girl ” I ask him. Judging from the smile i guessed it went well.

”She is fyn good looking and funny tooo. wait Daniel are you perhabs jealous?? ” He asked while smilling. Why should i be jealous i ddont even know the girl?

”Shut up you imbecile and stop spouting nonsense? ” i answered now angry. i dont even know why im angry. As we continued speakin or more like fighting i failed to notice the new girl infront of the class untill the teacher introduced her.

I turned and faced her and i think my lungs just collapsed coz she was breathtaking and she caught me staring at her. we were staring at each other and it was as if it was just the two of us in the whole class. Well us staring at each other didn go unnoticed to a certain someone who was bursting out with jealousy Stephanie.

Note: ladies and gentlemen this is my first book so forgive me cause im a rookie at writing and i hope you enjoy my book

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