Daniels pov

”Im really sorry for what my daughter did to your son. I assure you she isn like that. ” I heard mrs Anderson say but i couldn really focus. I wondered back to when she slapped her own daughter. Sure i wanted revenge for her slapping me but after seeing her tears I just couldn hate her anymore. ”And young Daniel please i ask for your forgiveness in place of my daughter. What she did was out of place and ill mannered. ”She said flashing her smile at me. She has the same eyes just as her daughter. ”Mrs Hathaway I have no hard feelings towards your daughter and she is already forgive ” i answered back with a smile. ”Please just call me Martha and am gonna make sure Anne pays for what she did to you. ”She said and turned to continue talking with my father about business and stuff and i took it as an advantage to get out of there. I headed back to class and found Randy outside my loccker waiting for me. ” Dude how did it go? ” He asked. ” She got suspended and detention for 1 week. she will also do works for one whole week ffor what she did to me ”I said and almost immediately i saw dissappointment in Randys eyes which he quickly disposed of and returned to his normal self. Randy was an expect at masking his feelings and right now i wish i knew what he was thinking. ” Isn that a little harsh. I mean cmon man all those for a single slap ” He said and i glared at him. ” She slapped me and left marks on my cheek she deserves that and much more. ” ” You are also to blame i mean i was only a few feet from you and i saw how you were eyeing her. You made her uncomfortable ” Randy said to my huge suprise. Is my bff defending her right now???. If before i was mad now am angry, she h

just came today and shes already turning my friend against me so i storm off leaving Randy there. I was just about to enter into class when i heard some screams and grunting. when i listened closely they were actually moans and not screams. So i barge in and find Rommy with Rhoda riding his dick. ”Wtf, Dude you could have gotten caught ” i said while closing the door. Rhoda was already off Rommys lap and she was fixing her dress. ”Relax Dani no body is here plus the fact class doesn start for another 30 minutes ” He said while puting on his trousers. Rommy has always been like that, stubborn and free. His father Issa has the best packaging industry and his a multi millionaire. So he considers himself invisible. He and Rhoda have dated since Middle School and they always ** each other in the classrooms whenever there are free periods or whenever they is a teachers meeting. ” I heard about what happened during French class ” Rommy ask and Rhoda jumps in ” Yeah who is that chick by the way and how dare she slap you? ” ”I think i have seen her before but Im not sure where ” Rommy says and i turn to him. Im not really concentrating and Im still thinking about her. Rommy eyes me and just keeps quite. Not more than five seconds later Rhoda is already on Rommys lap french kissing him ” Ayewwwwww Guys we are still at class and not a motel ”I say to them. We continue mmaking stories as usuall untill next period starts.

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Annes pov

I slept and when i woke up it was almost 11pm.God i slp almost all day and i had a terrible headache. So i decide to go downstairs to get some painkillers and bump into Amanda in the kitchen ”My child are you feeling ok ”she asks with worry written on her face. She has raised me up from when i was young so she is like a mother to me. ” Im ok Amanda just need some water and some painkillers ”I answered with a smile. we head into the kitchen and she gives me a glass of water. Afterwards she gave me dinner where i ate untill full. Since i slept the whole day I wasn sleepy so i decided to go to the living room to watch some tv but I end up finding Mum seated at the couch. ”Where do you think you
e going ” She asks although not looking at me. ”I was about to watch some tv. ” i say only to turn and find that there is no tv. ”Have you forgotten you
e grounded. ” She says and then adds ”It means no tv nor cell phone for 1 whole week and im cancelling your credit cards. How could you embarras me infront of Mr Jamie. Do you know you have put my reputation in tarnish? ” She says, her chest heaving. I cant say anything right now coz i dont know what to say. Well that was my Mum

Always puts her reputation before anything else. ”The only thing you care is your reputation and not me? What about me. Have you ever cared about me? ” I ask tears threating to escape. She always does this. She always puts me second. She didn even attend my Middle school Graduation because she had a meeting. ” How dare you talk back to me? Im your mother and you don know how much I have sacrificed to get you here. What have you ever missed in your life that i dont provide ” ”mothers love… ” I scream back to her. ”You never once loved me and never showed me your mothers love. what is money if my own mother didn attend my Graduation ” Tears were falling eyes were blury but yet the pain was still there. Maybe she felt it too cause she didnt speak after that. She just kept staring at me untill finally ” Anne you will go to your room and stay there. I dont want to see your face downstairs and christian will confescate all your electronic devices ” She said and almost immediately Christian came in. ” I want Anne locked up in her room and isn allowed to leave her room much less this house. are we clear? ” She said with authority and began leaving going upstairs. ” I wish you were the one who died in that accident and not dad ” I said and turned around to leave. I continued crying all night and i was sure of one thing I miss my dad very much

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