Third point of View

”You could just tell her the truth ” said Amanda handing Martha a cup of coffee. She was there when Martha and Anne were fighting and she didn like it. ” She is not ready to know the truth yet Amanda and i have no plan to tell her. She will complete High school next year and Ill send her far away where he can get there ” said Martha. She wasn going to tell her daughter the truth. ” Maybe she will understand you and accept that. I mean she has to understand why you kept the secret for soo long ” Said Amanda. Amanda really thought it would be a great idea to tell her the truth. Amanda insisted. Look amanda Im not gonna tell her end of discussion. Martha said storming off. Amanda just kept quit and hoped she sees the truth before its too late.

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” Maam its ready ”said the secretary. ” Proceed with plan B. Make the call and offer a price they cannot ignore ”Said Hawa. Hawa Islamiya the III was a wealthy heir to the throne. She was the peincess and soon to be Queen of Abudhabi. Her father Khalid Islamiya the II was the king who died of poison last month. But his death can stop her from her plans. Hathaway Enterprises was one of her arch nemesis and she swore to do whatever she has to make sure it is destroyed. Because of her, Martha Hathaway her mum Layla committed suicided and her brother died in a car crush.Martha was responsible why her family was broken. Her father Khalid loved Martha more than anything such that he was ready to make her Queen.Infact Hathaway Enterprises was established due to the money her father gave Martha.

”Hawa dear you okay? ” Asked Jamali. He was Hawas bestfriend and right hand man. ”Dont worry Jamal am fyn. Is everything ready for our flight to New york City??? ” Hawa asks Jamal who knods. ”I really wish it you didn become obsessed with this revenge plan? ” said Jamal. He was worried for Hawa because she was really obsessed. ”She caused my family harm killed my mother and brother and led my father to his doom. Ill have my revenge even if its the last thing i do ”

” Okay just know our flight is in the morning and we leave via private airplane to make sure we are not detected. Also we will be staying at a mansion i purchased for us ”.Said Jamal. He always takes care of everything. ” I appreciate what you
e doing Jamal and know after this is over we are going to get married ”said Hawa while slowly approaching Jamal. Jamal looked in her eyes and saw something. Desire passion and he gulped. He didn like where it was going because it meant great pleasure and torture for him. ”I would like to thank you for that ”

Hawa didnt let Jamal finish coz she kissed him hard. It was like she was starved. Jamal liked this part of her. Wild and hungry. ”Drop your pants ” she commanded. ”Yes milady ” answered Jamal he was too turned on to deny her anyway. ”Oh God. Yes baby, suck it! suck it good! Yes like that ” Gawa took him whole inside her mouth moving up and down the shaft. Jamal grunted not of pains but of pleasure. This woman will kill him one day. ” He muttered. Just as he was close to coming, a knock disturbed them. Before they can recover the man had already barged in screaming ”The Armoury is on fire The armoury is on fire ”.

”Oh shit Jamal we have to act fast and in a hurry ” Said the panting Hawa. ” She knows we are planning something ”Added Jamal still recovering from that little session a few moments ago.Hawa knew that Martha must have sent spies to burn her armoury rendering the kingdom defenseless. ” We need more time to settle everything. ”said Jamal. If this plan was gonna work they need more time right now. ”Call Alexander. Im sure hell be more than delightful to hear what i have to say ”

”What do you plan to do? ” Jamal asks because that smirk meant immortal danger for Martha in the coming days. ”We need to keep her busy untill everything is complete and who best than her ex husband to do the job ” she said taking a bute out of the apple that was on her desk.Jamal picked up the phone and dialled the number and after Alex picked up he handed the phone over to Hawa

”Well what a wonderful suprise. To what do I owe the pleasure of speaking with your highness today ”

”Don flatter your self Alex. I have. a business proporsal that involves your daughter and your wife Martha ”said Hawa. She hoped he will accept the offer if involved his daughter. ” As long as it doesn harm my Anne then Im all ears ”alex replied on the other side. ” Im coming to New York in a few days time and Jamal here will send you the address ”

” I guess Ill see you then. Have a nice day Ms Islamiya ”and with that Alex ended the call. Hawa turned to Jamal who was also done talking to someone on the other phone. ” Proceed with everything and remember no mistakes ”

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