Annes POV

I was mad. No infact i was furious. I mean how dare he do that to me. I am a lady for crying out loud and should be treated like one. So once we were outside, I turn to him shouting ”How dare you a**hole? ”My chest was rising and falling and I think veins were popping out of my head. He just kept staring at me and not saying a single word

” Are you deaf or stupid. Answer me for Christ sake. What the hell do you think ur doing. Who do you think you are? ”I was still shouting at him when I heard him say ”Im sorry ” Dumb founded was an understatement. I was shocked. He was apologizing to me. The great Daniel was apologizing

I clear my throat and ask him again just to be sure of what i heard. ” Did you just say you were sorry?? ”

”Yes Im sorry for the other day,for getting you suspended and sent home and for dragging you out of the cafeteria like that. It was rude and Im truly sorry ”.He finished and I just kept staring at him. I was speechless because I didn expect this from him. While lost in thought I heard him say ”I know we got off on the wrong foot but can we put it all past and maybe start a fresh? ” He asked and i could see sincerity in his eyes.I couldn beleive he is the same boy who got me suspended on my first day.

”Sure.I am not one to hold grudges anyway ”I answered back and he smiled. A smile that reached his eyes. Infact now that i look at him he has a really good smile with those blue eyes of his, his perfect jawline and those red lips.

”Earth to Anne. Hey are you ok? ” He asked and that brought me out of my daze. ”Cmon lets heard back in. Im sure your starving. ” I just nodded and followed him back inside. As we walked back everyones eyes were on us. Girls were gossiping while boys just stared. I avoid their gaze and head back to my table suprised to find that even Randy and the others had their eyes on me.

”Hi guys sorry i had to steal Anne here but there were some things to sort out ” Dani said flashing a smile. Then the stories begun with us laughing most of the time due to Daniels funny stories. I have to say he is really funny. Everyone was concentrated except Randy. For some reason he kept glaring at Daniel most of the time. Anyone could feel the tension between the two boys.Something is definitely off. After finishing lunch everyone headed back to class and after doing all the chores and getting exhausted it was time to go home. Everyone was heading home except Dani who was talking to a boy and a girl. ”So did he apologise? ” Randy asked coming to stand beside me. I just nod without turning to look at him. ”Just be careful Anne. Dani isn someone to trust easily ”Now i turn to him because Im surprised. ”Isn he supposed to be your best friend? ” ”Yes he is. And thats why Im telling you to be careful. I know him best and he never apologises unless he has a plan for it ” ”Yeah don worry i will be careful ” I answered. He said his goodbye before he got into his car and drove away. I turn to look at Dani but he wasn there anymore. And his two friends were nowhere to be seen either. I look around and still there are no traces of them so i figure maybe they went home.Just then a black SUV stops and i see the driver coming out. ”Maam your mom sent me to pick you up ” He said and he was new. Ive never seen him before but oh well mom hires a lot of people so i figured maybe he was telling g the truth So i get into the car not knowing what was to come

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