Her reign

Chapter 2_ Training ( 1 )

It was raining heavily that night and Everyone was running around at saint Louis orphanage as a woman was in labour about to give birth.

”Take a deep breath and push I can see the babys head already. Just one more push, you can do it ”. The Nun said. .Finally a cry of a baby was heard .

”Its a girl ”. The Nun said.

”Let me see her ” the woman said.

”Okay, hold on a minute ” the Nun said trying to clean up the baby. When she was done she rap the baby up before giving her to the mother.

”Whoa, shes beautiful ” she said almost in tears. ”Her name will be Grace ” she said kissing the babys head before looking up at Nun.

”Thats a beautiful name ” the Nun said.

”Please I need you to take her, let her stay here ” she said to the Nun. The Nun was surprised wondering why a mother will leave her baby.

”Please, is not that I can take care of her but, because I know this is the safest place for her. I need you to save her from herself and from those who will come for her ”. she said looking down at the baby. ”Oh my she has his eyes ” she said crying.

”Please I need you to take her in ” she pleaded. ”I promise I will come back for her when everything is over ” she bagged. the Nun had no other choice than to accept. She took the baby before looking back at the mother.

”What her last name? ” She asked.

”Lockwood.. Grace Lockwood ” she said while getting up from the bed to put on her clothes. The Nun was surprised.

”Hold on where are you going ” the Nun asked her.

”I need to leave if not , they will find her ” she said feeling worried.

”You need to rest. Moreover its late. Just wait till morning ” the Nun tried to convinced her to stay but she refused.

”No, I have to go. Please take good care of her ” she said before walking out.


Eighteen years later grace was running around in the orphanage when some of the children blocked her way.

”Where do you think you
e going? ” the first one said.

”How is that your business ” Grace said not feeling intimidated by them.

”Don think that because sister Mary is fond of you, gives you the right to think you
e above the rest of us ” Another one said.

”Wait are you jealous? ” Grace said smiling at them.

”You are just like the rest of us. We are orphans and you are stuck here just like the rest of us ”.

”No Im not. Sister Mary said that my mother will come for me ” Grace said.

They all burst into laughter looking at her as a naive little girl.

Grace youve been saying that for eighteen years now and you are still here with us. Get this straight Grace, you are an orphans and you will grow old and die here. With no future or what so ever ”. The tall boy amongst them said and they all started laughing.

”No you
e lying, you
e all liars ” Grace shouted. Before they knew it, Grace bounced on the boy hitting him. She did not even gave him the chance to fight back. When the others came back to their senses, they rushed to help out their friend. But unfortunately for them, they were all sent flying back. Some even hit their heads on the wall even without being able to touched her. It was as if a strong wave Hit them.

They all got scared and one of them ran to call the Nuns. When they got there, they all got the shock of their lives.

Grace was still there hitting the boy and there was blood everywhere. The most shocking part of it was her appearance. She had this reddish glow around her and her eyes was all black. They all took a step back afraid for their lives.

Sister Mary started calling her name afraid that she might kill the boy.

Finally the glow faded and she collapse on the floor.


Grace finally opened her eyes and saw that she was in her room. She sat on the bed. When she looked around she realized that that it was already dark. Stood up from the bed .

”How did I slept in late, they must have started eating dinner by now. Oh my God Im so hungry ” she said before rushing out the door.

When she got to the cafeteria, all the other kids started moving away from her afraid of what she is capable of. She went to get her food before sitting back to eat. She was surprised by their behavior but she didn put much thought into it as she was every hungry.

Then she started hearing the other children murmuring amongst themselves.

”Mark is now in the hospital ” one of the girls said. ”The doctor said that all the bones on his face are broken ” she added.

”Yes, and I heard that she even sent the rest of them flying even without touching them ”.

”And she was glowing and all her eyes where black like the devil ” another boy said.

”I don know how we became friends with her. I think shes possessed ” the first girl said and they all nodded agreeing with her.

When Grace heard this, she stopped eating her food. She looked at her hands and all the memories of what happened earlier that day came flooding back to her. She got scared and ran off.

When she got to her room she started crying.

”No Im not possessed, no Im not. Whats happening to me? ” She started crying. Before she heard a nock on the door. She wiped her tears before getting up to the door.

The moment she opened the door the Nun moved back. But Grace was not surprised seeing how the other children behaved at the cafeteria.

”Please sister Agnes wants to see you ” the Nun said moving back to give her more space.

”Ok, ” Grace said before following behind the Nun.

When they got there she saw that all the Nuns were there waiting for her even sister Mary was there. She looked at her but she looked away from Grace. She sat down on the empty chair waiting to hear what they have to say.

”Huh.. ” sister Agnes cleared her throat.

”Grace, because of what happened earlier today, Im afraid we can let you stay here any longer ”

”What? ” Grace shouted while standing up. Which made everyone moved away from her.

”You can do this, that was just an accident ”. Grace said.

”We all know its not, and you know that too ” sister Agnes said as she is the mother superior. ”you are a dangerous to the other children and this orphanage. Thats why we are sending you away ”.

”Where do you expect me to go? ” Grace asked while crying.

”To your mother ” sister Agnes said.

”What? Grace Said wiping her tears. ”My mom is coming here? ” Grace asked feeling a little excited.

”We don know for sure but, weve sent words to her ”.

”Wait. Does that means youve been in contact with my mom all this while ” Grace was confused.

”Not exactly. But she sent someone from time to time to check up on you. And also donate to the orphanage ” Sister Agnes said.

Grace did not know what to say except for nodding her head.

”We expect you to pack up your things you are leaving tomorrow morning ” .


The next day Grace sat down on her bed looking at her bags wondering what kind of life awaits her.

She had alot of questions to asked her mother. Why she left her alone at the orphanage and mostly about what happened yesterday. While she was thinking, sister Mary came to her to informed her that it was time.

”Grace, its time to go ” sister Mary say walking up to Grace and took her hands.

”You don have to be scared everything will be ok ”.

”I thought you will hate me like the rest ” Grace said between her sobbs.

”No I don . Don ever think that way ” she said pulling Grace into a hug.

”I love you so much. And Im going to miss you ” Grace cried.

”Ill miss you too. Now stop crying, you are a big girl now ” sister Mary tried to cheer her up.

”Come on lets go ”.

They both went outside the orphanage and they saw a black SUV and two men putting on black suit.

”You don have to worry my dear ” sister Mary said almost in tears. She has grown very fond of Grace over the years and she was really going to missed her.

The men took her things inside the car and asked her to enter. But she rang back to hug sister Mary before entering the car.

They all watched as the car drove off. Some of the children were also watching from their room windows.

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