Highschool Gun

School\'s New Slut

On the schools rooftop, Brandon and his pals were skipping class and smoking cigarettes. Brandon was seated at the ledge, with Frank and Allen flanking him on both sides, Randy was leaning by the rooftop door, Scott was right beside Allen while Damian who hang his cigarette hanging loosely between his lips was squatted o few feet in front of Brandon while checking out his phone.

”Yo you guys seen this? ” Damian turned his phone around so Brandon could see a video of someone beating up Don Grudge and his crew. ”Apparently someone beat the shit out of Grudge. ”

”Hmm it seems like something interesting just walked into our school, ” Brandon pondered. He always new Don was trash and only relied on his brute muscle strength just like all of his underlings in the entire school but to think there was somebody who would beat him in less than a minute. It was pure technique, as someone who had been training Muay Thai for three years he had gained the ability to analyze someone at just a glance, even a soldier would be identified under his eye.

If he would get that kind of guy to be his subordinate then the amount of control he could reign over the school would be immense as compared to the way it was now.

”So what are you gonna do about him? ” Allen asked.

”Isn it obvious? ” Brandon replied. ” Im going to make him submit. So you and a couple of guys to bring him to me. ” He was pointing at Allen.

”Alright I guess don worry Ill bring him here no matter what, ” Allen replied.

Brandons phone chimed in his pocket. He checked his messanger, he had received a text from Laura Calvin. ”In the mean time some fun will be in order, ” he said as he replied to the next.


Laura was uncomfortable in her seat and was extremely uncomfortable with the gazes she was receiving. Guess the rumour about the dildo had already spread like wildfire. Who would go to such extreme measures?

It was obviously Brandons way of doing things, he was forcing her to make contact with him and Laura knew it too yet she still picked up her phone and texted the tyrant. She then received a reply saying she go to the school roof at lunch time.

She heaved a sigh of exasperation as she she checked other social media platforms with no particular interest at all but she stopped when she found the video of her little brother beating up a group a kids in class. The scene shocked her. Tyler never showed signs of being violent yet there he was easily handling someone over his shoulder. She got another text but this time it was from Beatrice.


Laura replied with I DONT WANNA TALK ABOUT IT. No one at the school knew of her relationship with Tyler and she planned to keep things that way but with the video already with so many views it was most likely that Brandon had already taken an interest in him. She needed to get the dildo rumour out of the way and the only way to effectively do that was through Brandon and she also needed to stop her brother from getting involved with him.

With her new resolve, she put her phone away just as the teacher entered for the next class but Laura couldn concentrate deeply enough though.

The class finished two hours later and it was lunch period or as Laura liked to think of it, THE CONFERENCE WITH THE DEVIL. She had started going up a flight of stairs, her shoes echoed with thuds as she took each step up. She had reached a point where she considered turning back and going back down but she immediately shook those thoughts out. Since when is she going to keep running away? And besides shed have had to stand up to him eventually so ** it better now that later, she thought as she stood behind the metal door that led to the rooftop.

She took deep breaths and reached for the door handle. The afternoon sun shone bright in her eyes, momentarily blinding her and it took a few moments for her eyes to adjust.

The roof was dusty with paper wraps from different snacks, cigarette butts and ash. Her eyes darted from the figures of Damian, Frank, Randy and Brandon: with a cigarette stuck between his fingers.

He peered up at her in pure amusement.

”Well, well, well I guess the saying is real. Bitches always return to their owner, ” Brandon said with a crooked smile. The words had stung Laura but she wasn about to feign weakness here instead she summons all the pent up anger she had and let it out in one go.

”What the hell is wrong with you! I mean what the ** did I ever do for you to be so focused on making my life miserable! ” she said her eyes slightly watery. She wanted nothing more than to throw curses his way but her common sense but her in the back of her hed telling her that doing so was only going to worsen the situation. That was true but even if she hadn released all that the situation would still have gotten worse.

Brandons eyes turned still cold. He stood and the atmosphere had taken a turn. He stomped towards her, nostrils flaring as he stood to tower over her small frame. Laura had unintentionally taken a few steps backwards and her back was met with a solid concrete wall adjacent to the rooftop door. She was trapped as and she could only watch as Brandons face came mere inches from hers.

”Im not angry about what you did, ” he whispered in her ear. ”Im because because of eat you failed to do ”

Laura swallowed her saliva. ”And Im still not gonna do it because thats not who I am, ” she replied after steeling her nerves.

”Oh but baby your gonna give it to me, ” her passed his fingers through her hair and down her jawline. ”And theres nothing you can do about it. ”

Brandons finger had gone down her neck and towards the first buttons of her shirt. An unpleasant shiver went through her being as she realized that he had undone the first buttons of her shirt. Her heart pounded and and she instinctively used her arms to pushed him away. Like a brick wall, Brandons powerful and bulk frame wouldn bulge. Laura wanted to scream but he cupped a hand against her mouth, her scream muffled.

”Just relax and enjoy it, ” Brandon said as he undid the rest of her buttons. Her blue bra was the only thing separating her dignity and Brandon.

No! she screamed but it was muffled under Brandons grip. She trashed and wiggled but the only thing it got her was a smack to the face. Her cheek stung and her tears flowed from her eyes.

”Shhhh. Don resist, ” he warned. ”Because if you do then Ill let all my boys here have a taste of that pussy. ”

Her heart pounded more; the effects of fear and adrenaline coursing through her veins to prepare her for fight or flight. She chose the latter as her legs gained strength and she sent a frantic kick to his balls. It connected.

Brandon let out a pained growled and he took a step backwards, it was all Laura needed as she pushed him back with her arms and body weight.

The space between them increased and went straight for the door one her left side, she pushed it opened and the noise of the door banging against the wall echoed across the stairs like a thunder drum but she didn care about that, all she wanted was to get away and thats what her legs were doing as she raced down. Unfortunately her legs weren fast enough, her elbow was grabbed from behind she was yanked towards the wall. Pain shot through her, especially on her shoulder which was the point of impact, she moaned in pain.

She cleaned her neck to look back at Brandons sadistic smile. ”I love a good chase, ” he said.

Coming here was a mistake, she thought, who was she kidding thinking she could deal with him. She sniffed back her tears, the will to fight knocked out of her.

Maybe this was the only way for her to be free from his torment. Yeah it was the only way.

”Thats it take it like a big girl, ” Brandon said as he slid his hand under her skirt. Finally he would get what he wanted but he wasn going to let her off that easy, After this day hed call her to pleasure him and maybe on some days hes buddies as well, yes that should be enough to make up for all the trouble she caused. ”Im glad my little bitch has come to my senses, ” he licked his lips.

”Who are you to call my sister a bitch? ” someone else spoke and Laura turned her head to the side. She stared into dark brown eyes that seemed to be getting darker each second.

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