One month before…4 February 2020

”We did some research and we discovered that Tyler Calvin really did exist, ” the Lieutenant said as he leaned back in his inclined chair.

”Did? ” I asked after catching on the fact that the Lieutenant used the name in past tense. I was standing infront of Lieutenants desk in his office. It was tidy wide room with a book shelf stacked with books on one side, a red small sofa on the other, a glass table in the center of the room under which was a carpet made from the pelt of a black grizzly bear and a desk where Lieutenant was currently seated.

The Lieutenant was a man who oversaw the progress of the Advanced Counterterrorist Division-ACD in short, which is a confidential government agency that is know to a few individuals in the higher up hierarchy is the United States defense department, even the president has no idea of its existence and because its base is a mobile ship that travels constantly in the trans Atlantic sea route, its even harder for outsiders to locate. The ACD was where I had been for as long as I can remember which was a little less than seven years and though I have been here for seven years I did not learn everything from here. Before I joined the ACD, an organization called Tonitruum took me in and trained me. I was not more than seven years old at that time after surviving in a plane crash and severely wounded. Agents from Tonitruum found me and brought me to their base on an island not too far to Puerto Rico, there they nursed me back to health but I had suffered amnesia and I couldn recall anything from before the plane. On top of that, my treatment was a debt to Tonitruum that I had to repay by doing their jobs. I went through hellish training from that point and went on missions to extract fallen agents from captivity so that they could not say anything about the agency.

But on one particular mission I made contact with a man who was a former CIA agent by the name of Jake Harper who helped me to escape as well as being Tonitruum down in flames using operation Thunderclap. From there I was recruited into the ACD and since nobody knew my name I was known as Asset 01. The Lieutenant saw to my needs and only deployed me when the situation was dire.

”Yes apparently Tyler Calvin died in a plane crash ten years ago together with his parents and seeing as you said you were in a plane crash at the age of seven and couldn recall anything further back than that…, ” the Lieutenant leaned on the desk with his arms, ”…then it would be safe to say that you might actually be Tyler Calvin. ”

The edges of my mouth twitched slightly into a smile. My head was spinning with questions at that moment but I didn know if I could even ask him.

e wondering if it would be possible to get you home aren you? ” the Lieutenant smiled and arched an eyebrow.

”How did you… ” I asked feeling slightly flustered.

e face says it all kid, ” he laughed, ”…don think too much about it though. For now let me gather up more intel then well see how this plays out okay? ”

”Yes sir! ” I said and turned to walk out the door. ”And thank you, ” I said as I walked out.

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