I didn know what to say, or what to do and that was a first for me. I was completely nervous as I sat in the back with Laura stiff as a statue and the fact that Laura would take out her phone and type while giving me the occasional side glances didn help with the matter.

Still it felt good to sit next to my newly found big sister which was something that I could never imagine, I couldn help but smile at the thought. Now that I was finally done with Tonitruum, the ACD and the medical tests, I was now starting to fell the exhaustion slipping in. I involuntarily leaned my head back into the backseat of the Camaro and closed my eyes after which I dozed off, not for long though because a short while later Laura was shaking me awake.

”Wake up sleepy head. We
e here, ” she said.

”Oh alright, ” I replied as I followed Laura out of the car. The house was located in Mission District, the neighborhood where the house was seemed friendly, the houses were all arranged in a linear settlement pattern where the houses were lined up following one of the streets that crossed paths with another two other streets. The house wasn too big, it wasn too small either. I looked around to appreciate the beautiful environment, there was a single tree in the front yard surrounded by well kept green grass, a small stone path that led directly to the patio.

I felt a nudge in my side.

”Come on move it, ” Laura urged, I guess I had taken too much time taking in my surroundings.

I followed Laura as she dragged me into the house. The front door opened up and right after that there was a wooden coat hanger behind the door a few paces to the left was the living room, the right side led to the kitchen. The design in the kitchen was quite perculiar because it was a large room divided into a dining room and the actual kitchen where the two were separated by a black counter with a sick, the walls were decorated with brown tiles and the windows were wide enough to let adequate sunlight in.

From there Laura led me up to the rooms. She showed me the bathroom, aunt Carols room, the attic door and my room though she explained to me that it still needed some time to be prepared, she also told me that would be before 6 pm.

In the short time that I had spent with Laura I could already see that she was a kind yet fierce young lady who would be giving me a hard time if I stepped out of line. We toured the house for a while before fatigue starter to sip in.

”Hey Laura I think I need a nap, ” I said.

”Yeah you
e right. You look exhausted, ” she said.

”Where can I catch some Zs? ”

”Well since your room is a mess Ill let you use my bed. But only this once okay? ”

I nodded in acknowledgement before slipping into her room. Fresh lavender scent hit me the moment I entered. It was a lively room with pink coloured walls, it was tidy and clean too. I didn waste time taking everything in instead I went straight to the bed in the middle of the room with white covers and laid on top. Shortly after, I dozed off to sleep.


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