It was lunchtime at Crimson Academy and the cafeteria building was filling up with students from all classes. Patricia Runner and Beatrice Eregone were seating on their usual table on the senior side of the cafeteria. They were usually three people when they ate but it seemed that Laura Calvin had gotten out of school early. She hadn explained anything to them yet but had simply said that she would once they came over to her place after school not that she even had so ask her because they would still come over.

”Do you think shes alright? ” Patricia asked

”Hm…I don know but at least she can take a break from that asshole, ” Beatrice replied and just then Brandon and his small crew of delinquents made an entrance, the whole cafeteria suddenly went quiet just like it usually does. Brandon started walking towards his table but he whipped his head towards the two girls, the expression on his face was clearly angry and the two girls could guess why.

”Look at that bastard, ” Beatrice snorted

”Yeah hes practically glaring over the fact that Laura ain here, ” Patricia said

”Yeah well might as well enjoy it while it lasts, ” the two girls giggled.


Brandon was angry, he was like a boiling volcano. How could that bitch leave just like that?

It had taken him all his will to bottle up his anger and not march all the way to the two other chicks who hang around with Laura. He was now seated at his table at the corner where he could monitor everything and everyone. Hes five friends Randy, Damian, Scott, Allen and Frank were all busy discussing about when they were going to collect the protection fees this week.

Since everyone knew that Brandon was the son of the mafias vice leader, he was practically mafia himself and using that status he put himself at the top of the food chain at the Academy. All the tough guys in each class were under him hence they collected $50 from each of their class mates every week as a fee to grant them immunity from being bullied and those that failed to pay? Well you already know the answer to that.

So far that week, the 1st, 3rd and 4th years had already given there contributions to Brandons crew so the only remaining guys were the 2nd years whole were due to pay up the next day.

Hes friends were deep in conversation when Brandon suddenly pounded his fist on the table. All everyone at the table was silent.

”That damn bitch. To think she would leave just like that, ” he said over gritted teeth.

”I don get it man why hasn she given in yet? ” Allen said.

”Yeah every other bitch would have spread their legs by now, ” Scott said.

”Yeah I mean does she want to be a modern day version of Mother Mary or something, ” Damian snorted at the idea.

These guys have no idea, Brandon thought. They didn know Laura the way he did. She was a resilient creature and that was one of the things he liked about her but it was also one of the reasons why she was irritating him at the moment. He needed to find a way to make her submissive. Perhaps it was time for him to up his game.

A devious smile played on his lips as he thought of exactly how he was going to do that.

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