Highschool Gun

School\'s New Slut

Laura had left Tyler sleeping as she went to help Aunt Carol with preparing Tylers room. Two hours had passed and it was now 3pm. The room was clean and tidy, the bed was prepared and a small study desk was set. Now all that remained was for Tyler to personalize his room.

”Phew, ” Laura wiped sweat off her brow.

”I think this should be enough right? ” aunt Carol said.

”Yeah well leave the rest to him, ” Laura smiled. ”Hey you think hell put up posters of naked girls? ”

”Laura! ”

”What I was just curious, ” she giggled

”Please don do that…its very inappropriate, ” aunt Carol sighed.

Unknown to the two most important women in my life, I was hiding behind the door. I couldn help but smile at how lively they were. I had just woken up and decided to check up on them. My stomach growled and the door I hid behind swung open with Aunt Carol smiling up at me.

”You must be hungry, ” she said

”Yeah…wonder what gave it away, ” I replied

”Follow me ”

She led me to the kitchen and made me a sandwich which I had to wash down with some fruit juice. I sat eating at the table while she cleaned some dishes. Laura was in her room chatting with her friends I guess.

”So what do you think about going to school? ” aunt Carol asked.

”Well…Id like to start as soon as possible, ” I replied and she hummed in response.

”How soon are we talking? ”

”How about tomorrow? ” it came out sort of as a question.

”Are you sure? Aren you gonna be exhausted from all your travelling? ” she asked.

”Don worry about it Ill be fine, ” I sent an assuring smile to her.

She sighed. ”Alright if you say so, ” she replied after giving it much thought. Just then the doorbell rang.

”Ill get it! ” Laura zoomed pasted in an instant guess my sister was also athletic.

A few moments later Laura came into the kitchen with two other girls behind her.

”Girls Id like to introduce you to my brother Tyler, ” Laura said to the two. I waved at them awkwardly. ”Tyler these are my best friends Patricia Runner and Beatrice Eregone. ”

Patricia was tall and slender with pale white skin and auburn hair. Beatrice was as tall as my sister which was about 55 ”. She had blue black hair and had a body of a model.

They both studied me under their gazes and I felt like was a rabbit under the scrutiny of a starved tiger.

”Uhm…nice to meet you, ” Beatrice was the first to speak.

”Likewise, ” I replied

”Well then lets head upstairs girls move, ” Laura ordered and they left for Lauras room.


Thunder roared on that fateful night and the plane swayed left and right uncontrollably. It was a white private jet with the Dolphin Inc. logo on the tail wing. It was on moving above the Caribbean islands when suddenly its left wing engine caught on fire. Martin Calvin held his wifes hand and gave it a reassuring squeeze. Their five year old son was terrified in his seat. Hes mother rushed to comfort him.

”Don worry baby nothing bad is gonna happen. Okay? ” she told her boy but Martin knew otherwise. He rushed towards the cockpit where the pilot was having trouble with controlling the plane, a single parachute hang from the wall beside the door.

He strapped his soon in and yanked the planes door open the difference in air pressure made it difficult to breath or even maintain balance.

”Tyler listen to me. No matter what happens you have to fight to survive, ” Martin had a sad look in his eyes. Loretta was crying behind him. ”You have to jump and pull this string as hard as you can you got that? ”

The little boy Tyler nodded meekly, ”Aren you guys coming? ”

e right behind you baby, ” Loretta replied.

The second engine also rumbled into flames, the plane swayed to the side and Tyler was spilled out of the plane screaming.


I woke up with heavy breaths, my body was sweating. I pushed my blanket away from me as I sat at the edge of my bed. Dammit I had another dream or was it a memory? Honestly, I had no idea. I couldn tell the time but I was pretty sure it was dawn. I got up and started to do my usual physical exercises to keep myself in shape.

I was in the middle of doing my hand stand pull ups when I heard a knock at my room door. I stopped my exercises and answered the door.

”Oh your awake…and naked, ” Laura said, her cheeks were tinted red.

”Are you alright? You look sick, ” I said with concern.

”No Im fine just put your clothes on take a shower and get ready for school, ” she turned and walked away quickly.

Strange, I thought as I closed my door.

The sun had risen and I had just finished dressing up. Since I didn have the school uniform, I had to where black trousers with a dark blue button up shirt and white socks and slides on my feet. I carried the black school bag that aunt Carol had bought the previous day with some books and headed down stairs to the kitchen for breakfast where I found Laura and aunt Carol already eating toast and some tea. My plate was already set up so I just sat down and begun to eat.

”Someone looks ready, ” aunt Carol commented

”To be honest Im kind of scared, ” it was the truth, Ive never attended school in my life since I only got tutors at the ACD.

”You don have to worry at all right Laura? ”

Laura hadn spoken to me since this morning and I also noticed that her face tenses up when the topic of school is brought up.

Did something happen? I don know but with the way she was hiding it I could tell that she didn want anyone to find out so it wasn my place to do anything. I simply ate my breakfast.

After we were done aunt Carol locked up the house since he also had to go to work, she said shed drive us to school since she had to talk to the headmaster. We got into her car and she drove off. The drive only took about 18 minutes before we were infront of an open gate. I could see multiple teenagers walking through the gates on foot while either chatting or looking at their smartphones.

Aunt Carol pulled up in the school parking lot and with that we got out.

”Ill get to class first, ” Laura literally jumped out of the car and raced up some stone terraces that led to the main academic block.

”She must really want to get to class early, ” aunt Carol commented before she stepped out of the vehicle. I followed her lead and stepped out.

A group of students were passing by looked at me before continuing on their way.

”Is that a new student? ”

”What do you think you dumbass ”

”I wonder how much the protection fees will cost for him? ” Those were some of the whispers that were among the students as we crossed the hallway. we turned right into a different section of the first floor where there were no lockers but offices and the staff room. The principals office was at the end of the corridor. Aunt Carol gave it a light knock before a female voice came from inside.

”Come in, ” it said.

The office was wide, clean and had a minty fresh lavender scent. Whether it was coming from the potted plant at the corner of the room behind the headteachers chair or the air con that was directly overhead, I had no idea. The was had several pictures of the headteacher at different events. One was her and the mayor at a charity, in another she was with a student and was shaking hands but the one that caught my attention the most was the one where she was simply seated in a sofa wearing the very same black ladies suit that she was wearing right now.

She was a woman in her late forties she had the wrinkles on her face to prove it. She wore glasses and had short black hair that had a few strokes of grey. she was seated behind a large desk that was piles of files and a desktop computer. Sitting before her in the chairs felt like sitting before the Lieutenant and the vibe sort of made me anxious and relieved at the same time.

”Miss Calvin, ” headmaster Spidle rose to her feet to and shook hands with my aunt.

”Good morning Mrs. Spidle, ” Aunt Laura replied.

”Yes good morning. And this must be Tyler? ” she nodded casually at me.

”Yes maam its a pleasure to meet you, ” I stood and gave a small respectful bow. ”Ill be in you care ”

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