Highschool Gun

And so it begins

Laura felt ashamed for ditching her family like that but he had no choice. She couldn risk bumping into Brandon with them, but she had serious problems to worry about more that that. She had a weird feeling that was nagging in the back of her head as she got weird looks as she passed through the halls on the third floor. She disregarded the feeling and instead decided to go straight to her locker.

”Laura! Wait… ” she clearly heard Patricias voice from the distance but it was too late, she had already wedged her locker open. A plastic rod then fell out. It was purple coloured, long and had a thick shaft. It came to a halt in the middle of the hallway and only an idiot wouldn recognize what it was.

A dildo!

Lauras eyes widened in shock and before she knew it phone cameras were flashing as student took photos and in less than two minutes the picture was already circulating

#who wudda thought the meek queen was such a slut.

Lauras eyes welled up. She ran to the bathroom and locked herself in the stalls, there she sat crying to herself quietly and thinking why all this was happening to her.

It was small stunt with huge consequences for her.

Meanwhile Brandon who was just parking his black Mercedes Benz in the parking lot looked at his phone and saw the notification. He smiled.

There was no way that Laura would avoid this now and would soon ask him to make it stop

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