Mrs Spidle had given me the general rules of the place, my designated class which was class 2A. I the tailor came in to take my measurements for my uniform and then she told me to go and come back at 4pm when classes were over.

I was told to go to my designated class so I got out of the office and immediately took note of the temperature difference. The air in the hallway was warm whilst the air in the headmasters office was chilly. Is it because shes an authority figure?

I shook my head and walked down the halls which were now empty probably because classes had started. I walked forward on the first floor merely following my sense of direction but that proved useless as I had walked for a full thirty minutes only to find three class 1 rooms, a small lab, a library and the janitors closet.

I finally noticed the steps that led up to the second floor. I followed them up and searched the hallways which resembled those on the previous floor, the only difference was that there was the nurses office instead of the janitors closet.

The classes were arranged in an order from class 2C which was at the start of the corridor to class 2A which was at the other end just after a turn that led to the library. I approached the door to class 2A which was metallic with a glass window. The door was partially open and I gave. slight knock on the door.

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