”Don try to do anything funny, ” she reminded him once more when she helped him sit down on the bench she made all by herself years ago. After that, Jamillah started to pull out more weeds from the other plot she did not finish earlier to take the marybuds back home.

Agni watches the lady from afar while shes busy with her own job. It is a waste for her soft silver hair to be tied in a messy bun. Although that exposed her slender neck, seeing her with her hair down earlier is much better. But both things are beautiful. No, thats not it. The lady is beautiful. Shes tall, a perfect height for him thats also taller than his comrades; has a small pointed nose, red lips and snowy complexion that does not sit right with her lifestyle under the cursing heat of the sun. And above all that, her blue eyes are worthy to stare at all the time. Theres something magnetic and tragic about it like hes being entrapped in an endless winter yet hell still want to die on that frigidness as long as shes beside him. It may be because of her thick lashes or the deepness of her eyes or the way she stares back at him earlier. He doesn know.

Agni smiled at himself, praising his talent earlier when he cried and acted like hes fully drawn to his imaginary wife. The confused look on her face was priceless when he called her his wife. Well, thats not a problem at all because hes actually in love with the lady. Its love at first sight. Hes half awake when the lady saw him in the forest that day. After he fled when their group was ambushed by the Cerunos bastards, his feet took him into the depths of Rosmerta Forest. Rumors say that Rosmerta Forest became the hotspot of devils and spirits that hate humans, thats why others are trying so hard to avoid it since it will lead to catastrophe. But the truth wasn like that.

He saw it when hes suddenly lifted in the air. The catastrophe wasn made by devils but rather, by an archmage thats living in the depths of forest. A beautiful archmage at that. He wanted to smile and thank the heavens that he still got a little bit of time to see her face before he died. At least, he can now die peacefully with love in his hand. But shes too good to let him die peacefully. She cured him, attended to everything he needed and never left him on the nights when nightmares of his friends dying one by one in front of him haunts him in his sleep.

Agni sighed. Wife. What a lovely excuse to keep her within his reach. Hes not even married before yet he has the audacity to act like one. Maybe he can take this chance to live peacefully here with the lady as long as he treats her as his wife and maybe eventually admit that she is really her only person to call wife. After all, theres no more reason for him to return. His parents died of plague. He became a commander but all of his comrades died fighting in front of him. He clenched his fists and looked at the lady. She waved and smiled at him for a moment before going back to her job that made his heart flutter.

”The sun is now rising high, what do you want for lunch?, ” she asked him as he walked closer to him.

”Wife. ”

Jamillah stopped walking, hearing that word again coming from his mouth.

”Can I stay here and live happily, wife? ”

She jolted in relief. ”Oh, I thought you
e going to say something weird. Of course you can stay as long as you want. Just promise me that youll help me chop the woods once you get better. ”

Agni chuckled at her. Chop the woods? What a losing trade. He can do something like that with his eyes closed.

”But if you want to search for your wife, you can go back to the town any time and I will guide you. My name is Jamillah and I am not your wife. ”

Agni shook his head. ”What are you talking about, you are indeed my wife. I have no wife other than you. ”

Jamillah laughed awkwardly as she changed the tie of her hair into a ponytail. He still doesn get it, she thought. Hes tougher to deal with than what she imagined before. Anyways, gradually, hell realize his fault when his memories come back and find that his wife is different from her.

”Let me help you up. ”

”No, Im fine. Don worry I can manage to stand and walk now, your porridge earlier gave me strength. ”

Jamillah blushed at his praise and looked away to hide his cheery face.

”So what kind of weird things are you thinking I am going to say earlier, wife? ” Agni teased her as he slowly walked behind her. ”Perhaps you
e thinking that I will wish for a kiss? Although kissing is not that bad, maybe I can settle with it only if it comes with a hug. But wife, I am not in a situation where I can hug you tightly. My wounds will reopen if I start hugging you because I don know if I can stop myself from doing more things on you. It is fine when I am still unconscious, but I am fully aware right now. If I start touching your body, I will want more and more from you and my current body won be able to handle the burden of extreme activities. ”

Jamillah ran away with her dirty hands on her cheeks that got hotter each time a phrase came out from Agnis mouth. Hes insane. She already told him many times that shes not his wife but instead of admitting he got a memory loss, hes making it out like shes the one who forgot him.

Living all by herself for ten years, Jamillah built no resistance against pushy men like Agni. In short, shes vulnerable to any attack that hell throw at him. Like that one in her bed when he nudged her nose or that time when he took her hand and kissed it repeatedly and that thing earlier when hes teasing her.

She washed her face with cold water and changed into a set of clean clothes to wash her current clothing thats full of soil and wet from sweat.

Agni thats slow on his walking finally reached the cabin. He almost bumped into Jamillah thats carrying her laundry in her hands.

”Where are you going, wife? ”

”Laundry. This won take too long. So, what do you want for lunch? Ill cook when I come back. ”

Agni placed his hand on top of her head. On the side of the door, he took the red hat that he saw earlier when they were leaving the cabin. He placed it on Jamillahs head, tied the ribbon under her chin and kissed the hat.

”The sun is high, don stay too long under it and come back safe. And for lunch…any food you cook is the best, wife. Don sweat it and just cook whatever you want. ”

The uncalled kindness made Jamillah shy. She wanted to say something in response but Agni already passed by her to go back to the room. Did he really think that shes his wife? His actions towards her are so natural as if hes doing it for a long time. Of course, thats what hes been calling her since earlier but is this how he treats his wife? For a moment, Jamillah felt her chest tighten.

Shes jealous.

But her naivete in relationships doesn know what jealousy is and the kind of monster it is that drags multiple relationships to their deaths.

Jamillah came back early as promised and cooked stewed meat that is made from the smoked ham he bought last week from the town. Even though he can hunt fresh meat from the forest using her ability as an archmage and get a deer, a boar, few fishes or a large bird, she can let Agni get suspicious of her identity. Luckily, she bought smoked ham in a meatshop when she couldn hunt for food because she needed to spend most of her time looking after the injured person.

”When are you going back to the town? ” Agni asked in the middle of their meal that shocked Jamillah. She hasn told him yet about the town or the fact that shes going down to buy some necessities.

Agni saw her bewildered expression. Without her knowledge he scanned the cabin and the things that can be found inside it when she went outside to do her laundry and from what he saw, Jamillah owns a lot of things that can be simply found in the forest. He can only come up with the conclusion that shes going to a nearby town to buy it.

”Do you want to go back to your wife now? ”

Agni moved his head a little backward and a faint smile escaped from his face. ”What are you talking about, wife, aren you my only wife? ”

Jealousy. Like what is said earlier… is a monster. And Jamillah, jealous of that imaginary wife of Agni, fell into the trap laid by jealousy.

”Yeah, ” she said happily. ”I am your only wife. ” She said cheerfully. ”I am only acting earlier to test if you can still remember me clearly. Good thing you did not slip up. Here, eat more. ” And she offered him a spoonful of stew.

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