Howl of Time

7. Harambe

It didnt take much to get Kyle to cooperate with my plans. When he asked, ”So… Powers. How do those work? ” I decided to give him a tutorial on how how they worked, ”So to understand powers… ”

Powers developed in people upon reaching ”Level 1. ” Everyone of us humans start off at lvl 0 from birth. Only after accumulating enough life force can we begin to evolve. Life force is gathered from defeated enemies, however killing other people or animals that are lvl 0 wont provide any. Consuming mana crystals can also provide some life force as well.

Once the cataclysm occurs only animals that have mutated into beasts start at lvl 1 and can be killed for life essence.

Once a person has reached the threshold for Lvl 1 they will undergo thier evolution and develop a power. Depending on the type of power they receive, which is unique to the individual, will determine what kind of magic they can use. For example.. A guy who awakens the fire attribute will have spells unique to him that revolve around fire.

The attributes consist of Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, Light, Dark, Nature, Space and Null. Level 1 spells usually consist of a very basic form of that attribute. For instance the guy with the Fire attribute could have a level 1 spell that conjures a tiny fireball, or he may end up with a spell that wraps his fist in fire. It all depends on luck what kind of spell one can use.

However using other attributes is possible once a person has evolved to a certain point and is lucky enough to evolve with a new attribute, this is extremely rare though and happened to very few.

”…so once youve undergone your first evolution and reached level 1, youll be able to use magic associated with your attribute. ” I finished explaining. ”What do you think? ”

He had a pensive look for a moment and asked, ”Hmm.. Okay. So what was your power like? ” I looked at him for a moment before deciding to tell him, ”My attribute was Nature. And my level 1 spell was one I called ”Symbiote. ” ” He looked at me in curiosity after I paused for a moment.

”Symbiote allowed me to take on the form of a creature, after eating its mana crystal… ”

His eyes seemed to sparkle and he asked excitedly, ”So you could transform into monsters!? ” He seemed really excited about the prospect of transformation. ”Uhh, yeah. Something like that… And I could communicate with others of the same kind as well. But there was a limit to how many forms I could keep at a time. ”

”Hmm, Okay I think I get the basics of it. ” then he asked, ”So what are your plans? You came back in time for a reason, right? Was it to save everyone? ”

My face darkened slightly when he asked about my reason to regress. (Should I tell him? …That its impossible to save everyone. That, I only came back to save the people I was close to. and…)

There was another reason I decided to go back…

”Jason? ” He broke me out of my thoughts.

”Its nothing.. Hey. Dont worry to much about that. ” I decided its best he doesnt know for now. ”I plan to take us to another world, where the Elves live so we can power up. We need something to prove our credentials first, so we can partner up with someone that can help us build the dimensional device. ”

”A partner? ” he asked in confusion. ”

”Yes. In order to build it, we will need things that we cant get on our own. So we need someone with connections. Someone who deals in technology. ”

He looked at me for a moment before saying, ”Why not ask Tania? ”

(…What did he just say? Tania?)

He noticed my confusion and began explaining, ”Um, yeah, Tania is the daughter of the chairman of Psycom Industries. Didnt you know? ”


I just stood there frozen. (…Fuuuuuck… The same girl I made cry today? Shes the person whos in the best position to help me? Haven I already burned my best bridge?)

After a moment of silence he asked, ”..Did something hap-… ” I cut him off.

”Nope! Nothing happened! ” (Nothing I wont fix anyway…)

”…okay. You also said something about proving our credentials? Whats that? ”

”Well, we will need something to prove that the technology I want to build is something Im capable of building. ” I looked at him seriously before saying, ”We will need some start up money. ”

”… ”

I spend some time convincing him he eventually agreed to sponsor my project. And at the same time he and I will begin working out. We will be focusing on running speed and endurance. When I told him that he asked me, ”Why? ” and the reason I gave him, ”Because when we go to Mythral, we will need to run away alot, since we wont be able to defeat the monsters there on our own. ”

Once I was done explaining things, it started to get dark, so I headed home.

I left his house and started off toward my home. As I walked, I began to feel like someone was watching me again. This happened earlier at school after I left the nurses office, but I never saw who was watching me.

I looked around cautiously, but saw no one. The street lights illuminating the streets, did nothing to expose my stalker. And after a few moments the feeling vanished. (My instincts shouldn be wrong. Someone was definitely watching me.) After so many life and death struggles Id like to think my senses have been honed to thier peak. If someone is able to watch me and stay concealed then they must be someone skilled.

(But that doesnt make sense… No one in this time should know me as anything other than a student. Why would I be under observation by a pro? It didnt feel like there was hostility though…) I decided to tread carefully in the future and continued home.

I spent time with my family after eating dinner before I went up to my room. As I laid on my bed, I thought back to my day. The fight, Tania, chicken parmesan… *sigh* (Im gonna have to get closer to Tania. I dont like the idea of using her to get close to her father, but it would save me alot of time.)

As I thought of what I should do the next day, I drifted off to sleep…

While I slept I dreamed. It was a recurring dream that Ive had for years. Im kneeling on blood soaked ground, the sounds of mocking laughter as well as the screams of people I wanted to protect. That face… My desire to kill. That person… Someone I wanted to rip to pieces. But this isnt a dream where i do that… No, this is my nightmare…

I awoke covered in sweat, panting heavily with my right hand holding my left shoulder. On my 17 year old body there was no wound there. But I could still feel the heat and pain from that wound even now. ”Ill find you… ” I muttered before getting out of bed.

I cleared away my thoughts and got ready to go. I ate breakfast with my family and Cleo and I were dropped off by my dad this time. Since Shawn goes to middle school, he gets dropped of seperately.

My brother and I went our own way once we got into the school. I had something to do before classes start. I found the friend Tania hangs out with and had her pass a message to her. I was going to have her meet me and the same spot behind the gym at lunch.

On the way to my first class I noticed Zack eyeballing me with a deathly glare, but I ignored it. My first two classes went by with no problems. And once the bell rang, I left class to go smooth things out with Tania.

I got to the spot but Tania wasnt there yet. After waiting a few minutes she came into view and walked up to me. She looked a little nervous, hanging her head slightly ”H-hey, Jason. ”

”Hi, Tania. ” I tried my best to give her a youthful smile. ”I just wanted to apologize for yesterday… and I was wondering if you… ”

”So, thats where you were going, huh? Meeting this loser?! ” I was interrupted by some bastard that just showed up. Zack.

”I-I… ” Tanias eyes shook nervously and she took a step back toward me. A sort of fear on her face. (Tch. He must have followed her on her way to meet me.)

Zack had shown up with his two goons. Dummy 1 and Dummy 2, meaning I was outnumbered. (But you know… This is also an opportunity…) My eyes nearly curled up into crescent moons along with my smile.

I stood forward and grabbed Tanias hand and said boldly to Zack, ”What? Are you jealous? Cant you see shes done with you? ” Tanias eyes opened wide as she looked down at our hands. ”h-huh? ” she muttered in confusion. After a second she shyly averted her face, a red blush erupting to her cheeks.

The sound of Zack grinding his teeth was only thing that could be heard for a second. ”Tania, who gave you permission to leave me. Come here, now! ”

Tania trembled, but looked up at me. I was giving her the ”What you going to do? ” look. I could see various emotions across her face before stopping on a look of determination.

”No! Its over between us… Leave me and Jason alone! ” *clap* *clap *clap* ”huh? ”

”Well said, Tania. ” I began clapping while sending Zack a mischievous grin. (Ill take over from here.) ”Well Zack, you heard the lady. ” I sneered at him before saying, ”Unless we have something else to discuss… ”

”You! Y-you!… bastard! ” Zack roared, his fury reaching maximum velocity. ”Get Him!! ” He and his goons started rushing me. I pushed Tania back and gave her a wink, then I slid and launched myself forward.

I dodged a punch from Zack and then turned and thrust my elbow at Dummy 1, landing heavily against his chin and knocking him unconscious. After the recoil, Dummy 2 landed a straight kick at my side and I got pushed back. *Swoosh!* I narrowly dodged Zacks punch while back stepping.

He threw another punch with his right fist and I parried with my left elbow. I let the momentum carry my right elbow, twisting my body 180 degrees, landing my right elbow against the side of his head. He flew to the side, but Dummy 2 launched another kick at me while I was off balance. I stumbled backward and nearly fell but I managed to evade his kick.

We glared at eachother for a second, but I noticed Zack getting back up in the corner of my eye so I needed to take him down. I lunged toward Dummy 2 and he sent another kick. I slid in and grabbed his leg with my left arm before chopping down with my right elbow hitting his thigh and then twisting 180 degrees and planted my left elbow on his forehead.

The sound made a *Thunk* and he toppled over, groaning in pain. ”Watch Out! ” Tanias voice reached me the same time as a jock sized fist. (Hello old friend. Unfortunately, I learn my lessons) Since I was quicker than him I side stepped and then threw a feint to his face, he pulled his arm back to defend and after his did that, I landed an uppercut to his stomach.

He bent over in pain for a split second, but thats all I needed. My hands had already grabbed his head and my knee hit his face. He didnt make a sound when he fell, he just crumpled to the floor.

A long silence enveloped the area, until that silence was broken by Tania. ”Jason…? ” My breathing was ragged, and I could feel my untrained body screaming at me due to the movements its never done before. ”Im… *cough* …okay. ”

I calmed my breathing before grabbing her hand and saying, ”Lets get out of here. ” ”O-okay. ” She nodded shyly. We both agreed to ditch the rest of our classes for the day. I wasnt worried about these guys telling anyone about what happened anyway.

As we walked, We started talking. I was curious so I asked, ”Tania. What made you want to ask me out? ” She turned her head and looked me for a second before replying. ”When I saw you standing up to Zack yesterday… It gave me the courage to do the same… ” she paused at if she thinking about whether she should finish her thought. But then made her decision, ”At first Zack was funny and charming… But not long after we started going out he became possessive and angry. When I went to Alexs party, I did it out of spite because he told me not to go. And… then you an I talked and… you kissed me. ” she turned her face which had grown hot, while I pretended not to notice.

(Ahh, so thats why things were different after fighting Zack. The first time around I got beat up and avoided her. She probably ended things with Zack on her own later after mustering up her courage or something.)

”So.. Why did you change your mind… after turning me down? ” She was stealing glances at me as she asked. ”I… ” (…need to lie to her. Im a real bastard for this.) ”…was really shy, when you asked me out and I panicked and turned you down. ”

”Oh… Hehe ”

Ill admit shes pretty cute when shes blushing and being shy…

(Yeah… Im a real bastard…)

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