”Mom how long?? ” we have been travelling for like 6 hours now ”

”Just another hour to go Sher ”

The scenery changed from buildings to open roads and then to trees and a lot of foliage .it was all beautiful and the air seemed so fresh.

”Well, thats different than the city, ”I thought taking a deep breath.

After an hour more we reached a town named Crescent vale.

It was a pretty place with a lot of greenery and trees. I could see a massive forest in the distance as well.

The town was not very small but it was not very big either. It had everything I could hope for, a huge shopping mall, movie theatre, fast food restaurants, library…

It looks like the only thing I will be missing from My old home would be My friends

The town library looked huge. I need to visit it As soon as possible I thought happily.

If there was one thing I absolutely couldn live without it was books. I was addicted to reading as people got addicted to drugs and alcohol and stuff.

Agatha Christie happened to be my favourite writer.

I saw a grey complex of buildings in the distance with green rooftops. My mom told Me it was my new school. I sighed thankfully that it was Friday and I still have two days to rest and prepare before I went to school.

It wasn that I didn enjoy learning but starting a new school at the start of My senior year would be awkward.

We reached the house after 10 minutes. I had seen few other houses like this in the vicinity while passing.

”Its certainly something ”. I thought as I looked at the Victorian-style house.

It was slate grey with a prim little lawn upfront and a backyard that opened into the woods directly.

”wow thats pretty dad ” I gushed.

The house has a certain grace and elegance. I had to give it that.

My father smiled and nodded great fully.

”Thanks, honey, why don you go and see your room? Its already furnished ”

I skipped happily as I entered the house. The living room was big with a marble countertop .on the other side of it was a neat little kitchen. The living room had stairs that lead up to the bedrooms. There were four in number with one master bedroom for her parents

I went to the room at the end.

It was not as big as the master bedroom but it was still quite huge with a window that opened into the backyard.

The wallpaper was light purple with patterns and the windows were painted white

I also had an attached bathroom and a walk-in closet. The room was already furnished with a queen size bed in the middle and a flat-screen TV right in front of it. The dresser stood opposite the window. And curtains on the window were dark shades of purple along with a soft carpet of the same shade.

Purple was My favourite colour

”Perfect, ” I thought.

I went downstairs to tell My parents that I loved My room.

”Thats excellent. Now the movers will be here tomorrow so you have time to rest today ”now freshen up while I order some pizza from the place I saw on the way ”

My mom said.

”sure mom ” I replied as I went upstairs to my room.

The bathroom was a palest of pink and it also had a bathtub, unlike her old house that just had a shower. I filled the tub with warm water and got in after taking off My clothes

I relaxed instantly. I loved the feeling of silky warm water On my tired body and stayed in the tub for about an hour.

When My fingers were wrinkled from the water I got out and made My way into my room and My walk-in closet. Most of My clothes would be arriving tomorrow but I have a little suitcase that I brought here in our car that held a few of my favourite t-shirts and jeans.

I threw on My favourite comfortable black t-shirt and jeans and made My way downstairs

The pizza had arrived while I was bathing and mom and dad were both sitting at the table eating while discussing something in low voices

”hey hone come and grab a slice, ”said mom

”mmmmmmmm ” the pizza was delicious. So full of cheese and tomato goodness.

”Honestly I had not expected this place to be this good, ” I said out loud.

My parents looked relieved now that I was making Myself at home.

The sun had long gone down and the night was upon us. Suddenly I heard a howl in the distance, of a wolf. I looked up startled and saw My mom was also looking worried and My dads shoulders have tensed up.

”yeah there are a few packs of wolves in the woods and mountains, ”he told them.

”However I have been told not to worry about them. They never bother humans ”

My mom looked a bit relieved

”However I must ask you two to never go wandering into the forest alone ”

”Why on earth would I ever need to go into the forest alone dad? And You know I hate camping ”

I laughed.

My dad relaxed and cracked a smile.

”well then off to bed. We will have plenty to do tomorrow and if you finish early, you can go into the town and explore a bit ”

I went upstairs to my bedroom. Thankfully the house already had an excellent internet connection.

So I called up my friends in a group call and told them all about the place, the scenery the house and even the eerie wolf howls.

My Friends were thrilled to hear all this, especially Rachel. She was such a hopeless romantic.

I turned off the phone sometime later promising to call them soon again as I was very tired

I fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.

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