Human Federation

Chapter 7:- SxI\'s diary



After the flash went by.

Silence rained on the ground showing the disparity of the situation.

There was only one thought in the agents minds its over we failed.

An octopus-like metal object appeared not caring about being exposed.

A067 Is this the only way for humans.

Its weapon started to charge again to fire against the agents.

A067 Are we so weak that anyone can kill their people in front of others

But a shadow passed by with a glow and hit the octopus which made it burst into pieces.

Both of them were stunned.

A054 ”What we see may not be the real thing. ”

Leo fell to the ground clutching his left hand which was bleeding heavily. As if exhausted Leo fainted after that move.

Hope I will not be dissected was the last thought in Leos mind.

When both of the agents reacted A067 called into the mic ”Leo is injured. ”

They rushed to Leo and A054 as a paramedic started to check his injuries

A054 looked at Leos injuries ”He has lost a lot of blood and needs to stop the bleed quickly. ” He then started to do first aid.


A067 started to look at the destroyed octopus.

As she crept close towards it a green life came towards her but due to her reaction speed she quickly fired at it a blue shield blocked the bullets which surprised her but she quickly used her dagger to slash at it. The dagger was unobstructed and the green life was cut in half.

Red blood splashed on her face but she was indifferent and spoke into comms, ”Target Eliminated, weak to close range attacks and capable of making a shield. ”


Swish swash swish swash

In a few minutes, the quick response arrived.

Without saying any word Leo was carried on the helicopter and left towards the base where further inspection would be carried on.

The R&D group stayed there and two people young and old were watching the wrecks left by the spacecraft.

The younger one was a female with talent in mechanics, Melinda and the older one was Liu Yan a professor from China a lead authority in rocket engines.

Melinda was excited ”Grandpa Liu is this an alien spacecraft but why is it so small where does its energy come from and how do they transfer it, by the way, why does the above says that it a magic civilization does magic even exists. ”

Old Liu was having a headache Why do I have to go with such a girl if she was not such a genius who could master all the knowledge available for rocket science I would have kicked her out. But her questions are interesting.

Little why do you have so many questions and if you want to answer them why don you go and see the thing instead of bothering me. ”

”Grandpa because I know you would already have such answers. ”

Old Liu sighed ”Okay you got me. For the question of whether magic exists yes, you can say magic is just a part of science as it is only the way of utilizing energy. And we have confirmed it as the alien itself used it just before we came here. ”


”As for the energy source and the way it transfers is not much different from batteries and wires as you should have seen this crystal classified as R-23 is a source of uranium which is going on cold nuclear fission and providing energy and those runes you can call them as wires as it transfers energy from the crystal. ”

”Okay. ”

”And why is it so small because the energy source is small and the creature itself is a small being. ”

”Grandpa according to me their engines should be Ion type right but how can it supply so much trust to land and take off from earth gravity and move in space. ”

Old Liu was a little disappointed This girl cannot be a scientist because she can only learn and does not have any analytical or imaginative mind to create new things.

”You should not think humans are the strongest beings in the universe and there is no technology weak and ion engines were in use for less than 10 years don expect that it will be stronger than a civilization that can travel in space. ”


Director whose heart was in his throat when the bullet tore through Leos shadow was now with a big smile on his face when he saw the results.

”Call UNO. ”

10 screens lit up each representing a representative of permanent and non-permanent members of UNO.

A majestic man representing the USA spoke ”Director Stark I am not wrong you should have called us because you have some gains which will take us to the next step of our plan. ”

Stark nodded ”Yes Sir We have saved one Limit Breaker and maybe he is the strongest one of all and an alien spacecraft and eliminated one alien. ”

His words made all the figures excited and feel worried at the same time.

The lady representing the United Kingdom spoke, ”We need more information and Director how is their combat effectiveness. ”

Stark nodded and showed up the video.

All the people here when saw the attack were not affected or as to say they expected such an attack but when they saw Leo destroying the spacecraft with one punch all of them were stunned and excited but when they saw him fainting due to exhaustion they were relieved and disappointed at the same time.

But when they saw the octopus-like alien and its resistance to bullets the meeting room was silent until the end of the video.

The Russian representative spoke, ”Is the shield a technology or magic. ”

Stark ”Our agent did not find any technological object on it so it should be in the category of magic and their civilization should be a mage-type civilization with weak defence. ”

A representative of India who had a scientific background was looking at the images of spacecraft and muttered ”This spacecraft cannot cross outer space any living organisms will be burned by radiation unless the civilization itself comes from the solar system or they have a different mother ship. No, their engine technology is almost the same as ours. ”

Then he looked towards Stark and spoke ”Director did you find the energy source of the spacecraft. ”

Stark ”Yes sir they are using cold nuclear fission technology. ”

”Ok. ”

Someone spoke in surprise ”Isn that just a concept. ”

”Hmph ” The representative of the US humped ”So what that civilization has crossed space. ”

The representative of France who was silent most of the time spoke ”If we say that the civilization itself comes from our solar system then which planet or a satellite can have the conditions for it. ”

Director ”I think we should first think about ourselves and then about the enemy. ”

Chinas representative echoed him ”Yes Director Stark is right we cannot defend against attacks from space and their civilization also carry out magic maybe making a shield is not the limit and people like Leo can be trained he must have many things to tell and I think he has been brought to the base right. ”

Stark nodded ”Leo is alright just lost some blood and most importantly we found this. ”

A Screen was shown where Leos body was scanned under X-rays. There was a bright spot on the screen at the location of Leos heart and lines spreading from it covering the whole body.

Someone asked, ”What is it inner force or immortal energy. ”

Stark shook his head ”No according to Leo when he was crushed under the stone his Body and Soul merged and created such energy and it can enhance his full body up to 2x o his original and also can be used separately, As this energy was similar to Narutos Chakra he named it Chakra and it can be increased but he doesn know how. ”

”Who is Naruto? ”

Almost everyone looked at the person who asked such a question.

Stark replied, ”He is a character from an Anime and their energy or Chakra is too a mixture of Physical and Spiritual power. ”


As the talks were going on the personnel who were trying to salvage the remains of something similar to a computer.

As this was an important discovery it was carefully stored and sent to the base.



A Middle aged man with Panda eyes was talking to someone.

”Ray you guy why disturbed my sleep. ”

”What you want me to crack a computer made by magic haha you don need to I had already done it when you tried to connect to it.

”What will and can you do to me and you expect a silly barrier of yours can hide my eyes? But damn if you can kill some of those nasty guys please send me one I want to eat it fried and send them a video of how they dare humiliate us. ”

”Well what I found out was just a diary and some pictures which I cannot find which place it was as you know I can only hack and I am not good at artificial intelligence if you want you should find that guy from Japan that guys may not stop me but in terms of AI and Map searching he throws me off eighteen streets. But damn this person should have at least killed thousands of our people man. ”

”What he is dead where did you keep the video why can I find it. ”

As he was speaking he was typing at a speed of 400 APM.

”Did you keep it on a device not connected to the internet that can send me the video? ”

”Ha Ha so weak I want to eat an Octopus now ke bye send me the latest development I will help as much I can. ”


Just as he was going to continue his staff notified him ”Sir the computer has been decrypted and their language is similar to ancient Greek we have translated it and we found something similar to a diary. ”


To be continued


Author: Guess which planet this civilization comes from and for Directors name I like Tony Stark so his name is also the same.

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