The sun had set hours ago and the full moon shone through my window. I love driving, but since I started this mad dash across the states, I have learned that nighttime driving soothes the soul. It is during these twilight hours that I can finally come to terms with everything.

When I first decided to leave everything behind in California, my job, friends, what family I could actually stomach…it was all so sudden and felt rushed. But, I could feel something calling me, as if I was not in the right place.

My friends want to point out that I was not leaving in a blaze of glory, but instead I was leaving my fears behind.

So what if they are right? I am right too. The thought of my mad dash out of Visalia to travel wherever the road takes me coupled with my state of body and mind may have been contributing factors…once again, I am ranting in my head instead of actually doing anything for myself.

But the moon is calling me.

I look down towards my lap, but Im not looking at my lap, Im looking at the baby bump that is just starting to show.

The pain of that night, the humiliating questions from the police and the doctors. The morning-after pill that failed.

Once more the moon called me, back to my driving, back to its glowing rays on the dirt road.

Wait, dirt road? I can feel my heart kickstarting against my ribs. I was just on interstate forty heading towards the Midwest.

The clock says its now four am, but it was just midnight. Now I can see the moon fully through the window as it prepares to set in the west. Its still dark outside, but the moon is staring at me through the windshield.

Im falling asleep as the car gradually ceases its bumpy ride.

My eyes firmly shut as the car completes its stop and shuts off. The moons rays soothing my heart as my dreams and nightmares coalesce into reality, like it does every night.


Im walking into the convenience store after filling my gas tank. I stayed a bit too long at Annas house, but that is normal. Our monthly get-together with all of our high school besties is always at Annas, since she is the only person who loves for all of us to gather and goof off. Luckily, she married an outgoing man as well, or he would be miserable with all of the activities she is involved in. Im thinking about getting myself a Dr. Pepper Zero Sugar and maybe a bag of almonds when something grabs me by my arm. The sharp points feel like teeth as they dig into my arm, forcing me backwards into the dark and musty alley. I can smell wet dogs mixed with the stores trash, including rotten food. The smell is overwhelming. Im trying to get out of his hold, but its useless. Im like an infant in an adults hands, doing whatever he wants. My strength is useless against him. All of my weight training, cardio, swim competitions..all of it is nothing to his power.

For the first time, I felt powerless. Truly and utterly powerless.

LIke butter, my jeans are ripped from my body. The pain of ripping cotton, such thick cotton scrapes my flesh raw. Hollywood never portrays the pain of clothes being torn from your body.

Then the pain from him forcing his member inside me. My body began to prepare itself, naturally getting we

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