It took me a moment to notice, but the man is sniffing my hair. Not too noticeable, but yet, I finally caught on. Hes also strong.

Hes not even breathing hard, and we left the meadow and my car was way back.

”Tell me about the father of your child. ” his voice carried a command, not a request.

I wanted to bristle and complain about his tone, but when I opened my voice, I spoke about that night.

I spoke about the stalker.

I even spoke about the nightmares. I tried to stop myself.

Yet, even if I managed to hesitate for a second, my voice continued telling him about my shameful skeletons.

When I finished, my throat was dry and hurt. I spoke so much, even if it was monotone, like a recorded message that kept going and going and going. When I finally stopped, my mouth felt dry and sticky, and my head hurt. The pull to fall asleep once again overwhelmed me.

Even as the bright sun shone behind my lids, I slept in the mans arms as he began to hum once more.

Austins Point of View:

Abby. The small female reeked of my twin brother. The man disappeared two years ago after the oracle told us we would not only share the same womb, but the same destiny. The only wolf I know that was so opposed to the moons guidance and structure. He chose to become a rogue rather than stay by my side. The pain of his betrayal has never left me.

This female, this human…I can believe that he found our mate and never told me. That his hatred for the moons blessing made him scare her to this extent.

She called it ****.

If she were a wolf, she would have been the one to accost him. From her story, she felt stalked, but knowing our nature, my brother was giving her cues to approach and mark him.

The moon never gives us human mates, but here she is, my human mate, sleeping in my arms.

So, the oracle meant we would have the same female when she told us we would share the same destiny.

Abby is our destiny. Which makes sense as to why I never found my mate. I went to every pack gathering, every one of them. Even those overseas. Cass is going to be pissed. I finally made the decision to make her my chosen mate after years of us being together.

I looked back down at the female in my arms. This human female. I will need to get Cass out of my home before I can bring Abby there.

Thankfully, the mating ceremony had not taken place yet, otherwise, my dear sweet twin would get Abby all to himself. Denying our connection and defying our destiny. But then again, I would be to blame as well.

Cass is one of the most powerful wolves in the pack, not as strong as her older sister.

Books have it wrong. The first pup has alpha traits. Emphasis on born. A female can miscarry several times, but only a live birth results in these traits. The second born has beta traits, sometimes the third born as well. The fourth and, after all, have omega traits. Unless the seventh son born from the seventh son is birthed. Then that child will have alpha traits mixed with more blessings, such as an oracle or healer.

My mother is the seventh child of the seventh child. She is also the oracle that told my brother and I of our destiny. She is also the only female wolf I know of that could take command of any pack if she wanted to become the packs alpha. Her gifts alone would ensure that she wins. I am headed to her cabin for Abby to stay. Mom will be able to teach her everything in a short amount of time while I clean up the house and prepare for Abby and, eventually, my wayward brother. Aiden would have been on her tale as soon as she left home. His wolf would already know she was pregnant.

I can wait to punch that dog in the face. He may have got to our mate first, but Im the one that has her now. I smirk at my own thoughts, but that quickly leaves as I enter my moms yard, her arms crossed at her chest, her booted feet ticking on the ground and her mouth flat lining.

Shes angry.

Next to her is Aiden.

Fully dressed in leather. I saw a Harley parked next to my moms house. The black and chrome looked tough but sporty. It fit his looks well.

”Mom, Aiden. How are you both doing? ” I asked, trying to sound unperturbed.

”I told you that the wolf was not meant for you. But what did you go and do? You went and announced to everyone that you would make her your mate! Not only that, you reek of the female instead of your moon-given mate! Your brother, on the other hand, only smells of his mate! Yet you walk in as if you found a prize, ” my moms voice carries over to me, her anger palpable.

”What do you mean he only smells of our mate? ” The implications of her words cut me.

While Ive been playing house with another wolf for two years, my brother has been celibate, waiting for his mate. No, not waiting, seeking her. As have I, but he kept to the old laws and kept his purity.

I watch as he walks over to me, anger etched into his face, before taking the small human from my arms. I instantly feel a loss. ”Mine ” he growls at me, walking away.

”Wait, Aiden, wait. The moon brought her here, ” I tried to explain, but the look of disgust on his face withered my voice away.

I watch as Aiden lowers his face to her neck, his teeth elongating as he marks her in front of me. Instant pain flares in my chest. We should have done that together, combining our essence at the same moment.

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