It was a familiar environment and a similar situation. However, unlike previously, it only took Lu Ye three days before he could get out of bed. It was indeed easier to heal wounds that were caused by weapons. Moreover, with Hua Cis treatments every day, he could feel that it wouldnt be long before he fully recovered.

For the past few days, he hadnt been idle. After receiving Hua Cis treatments, hed always consume some Healing Pills to speed up his recovery. At the same time, he had refined some Small Returning Pills to replenish his Spiritual Power. A few days later, he was on the mend.

Under the night sky, Lu Ye was wielding his sword while Amber was taking a rest beside a nearby tree. From time to time, the tiger would open its big mouth to yawn. Yi Yi was leaning against the tigers soft belly as she wrapped her hands around her knees. She seemed to have fallen into her thoughts. A long time later, she heaved a sigh and said in a small voice, “Amber, were so useless.”

The reason she had this feeling was that she came to the realization that since they left Green Cloud Mountain with Lu Ye, they had never been helpful in the battles Lu Ye found himself in. Be it the pursuit from Dong Shu Ye or the life-and-death battle against Senior Brother Zhou, they could hardly offer any help. That was because they were still too weak.

The best Amber could do was to bring Lu Ye to his destinations, while all she could do was to keep watch on the surroundings when Lu Ye was taking a rest. This made her feel helpless. If she and Amber were able to help Lu Ye, he wouldnt have been severely wounded.

“We have to become stronger,” she said to Amber. “Do you get it?”

Amber opened its mouth and growled.

“Its decided, then.” Yi Yi nodded solemnly.

When Lu Ye sheathed his sword in the afternoon, Yi Yi trotted towards him and looked up at him. “Lu Ye. Lu Ye.”


“Can you give us some Spirit Pills?” Yi Yi asked hesitantly.

“What do you need the pills for?” Lu Ye was perplexed.

“Its for Amber. Whenever youre busy, you dont have to worry about the tiger as Ill feed it.”

“Sure.” Lu Ye wouldnt reject this kind of request. Then, he took out a Storage Bag and put some bottles of pills into it.

An elated Yi Yi returned to Amber and found a solid rope before tying it around the tigers neck. By doing so, she could take the pills whenever she had to. After fishing out a Spirit Restoring Pill from the bag, she stuffed it into the tigers mouth. “You have to eat more to become stronger!”

Waves of Spiritual Power pounded against the barrier of a Spiritual Point, which caused it to become looser and eventually break apart. Following that, Spiritual Power streamed into the new Spiritual Point. Lu Ye had unlocked the 46th point!

He had already unlocked the 37th point when he left Mount Ying to look for Amber. During the search, hed always cultivate at night. With the help of both Gluttonous Feast and Gathering Spirits, he was able to unlock Spiritual Points quickly. When he found Amber, he had already unsealed the 41st point.

It had been 12 days since he returned to Mount Ying. Apart from the first few days when he didnt cultivate, he didnt waste any time. His injuries were not a hindrance to cultivation. Instead, he had more time to cultivate. On this day, he had finally unlocked the 46th point.

Normally, a cultivator was able to ascend to the Fourth-Order by unlocking 45 points, but that was considering the fact that they had only cultivated one technique. However, Lu Ye had cultivated a Yellow Grade technique like Golden Liberation Technique as well as an auxiliary technique like Gluttonous Feast. These techniques had two overlapping Spiritual Points with the technique he was currently cultivating, which was Red Lotus Sky Mnemonic. Therefore, if he wanted to ascend to the Fourth-Order, he had to unlock two more points.

In other words, he was only a point away from the Fourth-Order. By then, he could also change the training course of his Spiritual Power to that of the Red Lotus Sky Mnemonic. The overlapping Spiritual Points were not useless. Lu Ye had studied the rest of the Red Lotus Sky Mnemonic and realized that the two points were included in the training course of the Fifth-Order Realm. Hence, these two points would be exempted when he ascended to the Fifth-Order.

There were nine minor realms in the Spirit Creek Realm. The Fourth-Order and the Seventh-Order were respectively the dividing points. That was because for the first three Orders, one only had to unlock 9 points to reach the next Order. However, a Fourth-Order cultivator had to unlock 18 points to ascend to the next Order, which was two times the amount. Once a cultivators Spiritual Power penetrated these Spiritual Points and formed a Microcosmic Orbit, his power would increase significantly.

Normally, it wouldnt take a Fourth-Order cultivator much effort to kill a Third-Order cultivator. Only someone like Lu Ye, who could use Spiritual Patterns in a battle, could make up for the differences between the minor realms. Given the speed at which he cultivated, he would only need two days to unclose the last point.

However, he had been cultivating for a long time on this day. Although it wouldnt affect him one bit for consuming pills, cultivating was a boring process. After a long time of meditation, his vitality had become stagnant. Upon opening his eyes, he took a look at his pills and sighed.

The price he had to pay for the rapid power increment was a massive consumption of Spirit Pills. Now, hed need about 14 to 15 pills to unlock one Spiritual Point. After deducting the treatment fees for Hua Ci and the pills he had given Yi Yi and Amber, he was left with a small number of pills. After he reached the Fourth-Order, he had to head to Divine Trade Association again. He was only left with six Yuan Metal ores that he could sell.

“Lu Ye. Lu Ye.” Yi Yi, who had been keeping guard on the side, approached him.

“Whats wrong?” Lu Ye looked up at her.

Yi Yi asked, “Will we stay here?” Recently, she had been getting along with Ruan Ling Yu well, so they had become close friends.

Through Ruan Ling Yu, she found out about what had happened to Lu Ye when he stayed here some time ago. She also became aware that he had left this place to look for them, which moved her. After going through life-and-death moments together, they had undoubtedly become closer.

“Do you want to stay here?”

With a tilted head, Yi Yi gave it a thought and said, “Ling Yu is a nice person. Senior Sister Hua Ci is wonderful as well. Everyone else has been treating me well. Itd be fantastic if we could stay here. Anyway, its up to you.”

“You dont have to worry about what I think. You can stay here if you want to. Theyre all nice people indeed.”

“Oh, Im not staying, then.” Yi Yi gazed at him and smiled. “Since weve left Green Cloud Mountain together, well also keep moving forward together. Well stay with you.”

Lu Ye lifted his hand and patted her head.

An annoyed Yi Yi growled, “Stop patting my head like Im a kid!”

Hearing that, Lu Ye clenched her head and forcefully rubbed it.

“Hey, stop it!” After struggling out of his grip with difficulty, she stomped her foot on the ground and dashed out of the room. Soon, she was heard laughing with Ruan Ling Yu in the adjacent room.

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