Under the night sky, Yi Yi looked at the burly bird that radiated a red glow, which was intertwined with a hint of golden light, and exclaimed, “Wow! Its such a beautiful quail!”

If it werent because this bird was a manifestation of Lu Yes Spiritual Power, she wouldve held it in her hands.

The veins on Lu Yes forehead bobbed as he corrected her by saying, “Its not a quail; its a Fire Phoenix. Repeat after me. Fire Phoenix.”

Yi Yi stared at him with a gaze which seemed to read,Do you think I am blind?. She obstinately believed that this was a quail. Amber also approached them and sniffed at the chubby bird that seemed stuck in the air with its wings flapping. Upon realizing that not only was this thing inedible, but it was also dangerous, the tiger leaped away.

Lu Ye felt that he had been humiliated. He was studying a Fire Phoenix spell technique, but how did he end up producing this thing?

Upon going through Red Lotus Sky Mnemonic again, he was certain that the way he cast the spell and activated his Spiritual Power was right. What was the problem, then? How did a Fire Phoenix spell technique turn out to be a quail one? Was this the result of spending the entire day studying it? Lu Ye was torn between tears and laughter.

Of all the techniques he had mastered, defensive Spiritual Patterns were the most power consuming, and Sharp Edge came next. Gathering Spirits was the least power consuming. The power consumption of Fire Phoenix spell technique was between defensive Spiritual Patterns and Sharp Edge.

After one day of studying and over a dozen attempts, he finally succeeded, but the outcome wasnt what he had expected, which was why he was upset. It was just like a man who became a father for the first time. Upon seeing that his newborn baby was ugly, hed have the urge to stuff it back into the Mothers body and remake it.

However, regardless of whether he could accept it, the outcome was there, and there was nothing he could do to change it. How was he supposed to use it to deal with his opponents? Before the bird could burn them to death, theyd be convulsing with laughter upon seeing it.

Seeing as Lu Ye was hit hard by her remark, she went against her heart and said, “Alright… Its a Fire Phoenix.”

“Its a quail…” Lu Ye raised his hand, upon which the quail dissipated in the air. After walking away, he took off his top and started practicing sword-wielding. Certainly, spells were all trash. Sword-wielding was the only thing he was most adept at.

[If I ever study spells again, Ill be a pile of dung!] he cursed.

Ten days later, a snowy white tiger barged into a mountain range. Seated on the tigers back, Lu Ye felt his clothes flapping in the air.

It had been four months since he left Green Cloud Mountain, but he had only spent half of the time on the road. Most of the time, he was held up for various reasons. He was in a rush to head to the station of Crimson Blood Sect, which was why he rarely took any rest since he left Mount Ying.

He was still very far away from the station, but a journey of a thousand kilometers began with a single step. He believed that hed definitely reach his destination one day. According to the information on the 10-point map, this mountain range was called One Hundred Peaks. That was because there were indeed a hundred peaks in total, and there were three great forces that were based in nearby places.

Lu Ye wasnt willing to come into contact with any great forces lest his identity was exposed. Therefore, he intended to pass through One Hundred Peaks. Throughout his journey, he had rarely come into contact with any cultivators. Although the mountain range was expansive, he believed that given Ambers speed, they could move through it in a few days.

Yi Yi loved this kind of place because she could find many herbs on the mountains. After the disappointing outcome of selling the herbs the other day, she became more diligent.

There was a hall on a peak that was in the center of all the mountains. At this moment, many cultivators were entering and leaving the hall. In the middle of the hall, there was a huge Shadow Moon Disc. The rounded disc clearly reflected the entire terrain of One Hundred Peaks.

Besides that, it could detect the movements of all cultivators in the mountain range and indicate them in an intuitive manner. On the disc, dots of three different lights kept flickering. They were blue, black, and red.

Every dot represented a cultivator. The deeper the color, the more powerful a cultivator was. These colors represented three great forces. These were the three great forces based in the periphery of the mountain range.

One of them belonged to the Grand Sky Coalitions side, which was Green Feather Mountain. The other two belonged to Thousand Demon Ridges side, which were Tai Luo Clan and Qin Family. The latter was a family-controlled great force.

In Jiu Zhou, rarely any family could become a big shot. That was because there were many limits that hindered a familys growth. Nevertheless, there was an exception to everything. There were still some families in Jiu Zhou with deep heritage. Of the Seventh to Ninth-Tier great forces, there were quite some powerful families.

In fact, Yu Xiao Tiea and the Liu Brothers that Lu Ye had come across in Evil Moon Valley were from family-controlled great forces as well, but due to the fact that they were too weak, they were not even ranked. When those from Evil Moon Valley invaded them, they were powerless to resist. Although the Qin Family was considered a Ninth-Tier great force, it was still not comparable to a real Ninth-Tier great force. Fortunately, they had Tai Luo Clan as a neighbor, so life had been peaceful for them in Spirit Creek Battlefield.

Presently, it was during a period of time when the Dragon Spring Conference was held. Therefore, many cultivators from the three great forces had gathered together in One Hundred Peaks. This tradition had been ongoing for 100 years, and it was held every three years.

The reason was that there was a Dragon Spring hidden beneath this particular hall. It was a spring that contained an amazing power. When the spring water gushed out, a Spirit Mist would appear. The mist could strengthen a cultivators body and resolve Pill Poison. To a low-rank cultivator, they certainly craved a stronger body, especially those who were determined to walk down the path of body tempering. The Dragon Spring was able to help build a solid foundation for them.

There were many rare resources in Spirit Creek Battlefield like ore mines and Spirit Fruits, which were exclusive to the battlefield and not found in Jiu Zhou. In order to get their hands on these resources, great forces had been battling against one another for years, and blood feuds had been formed as a result. To great forces like Green Feather Mountain, Tai Luo Clan, and Qin Family that were in the Outer Circle, Dragon Spring was undoubtedly an important resource.

When the spring was discovered in the past, the Qin Family wasnt around yet. Only Tai Luo Clan and Green Feather Mountain would fight for this resource, and every battle resulted in many people losing their lives. However, due to the fact that Green Feather Mountain had a richer heritage, they would always win the battle. Everything changed when the Qin Family decided to set up a station in this place 50 years ago, and they started joining the competition as well. The Qin Family and Tai Luo Clan were allies because both of them were from Thousand Demon Ridges side. Hence, there was no way Green Feather Mountain could go against two great forces at the same time.

Prior to that, even though Green Feather Mountain always won the battle, they couldnt possibly exhaust all the power in Dragon Spring. That was because their number of disciples was limited. After they were gone, the cultivators from Tai Luo Clan could go over and get some leftovers. Although it was rather pitiful, it was better than nothing at all. Nevertheless, since Tai Luo Clan and the Qin Family began to triumph, everything had changed.

Certainly, there were more cultivators in two great forces than in one. The power in Dragon Spring could only accumulate so much every three years. After the cultivators from the two great forces were done using it, the spring would lose its power, and it could no longer help temper a cultivators body. In the end, those from Green Feather Mountain flared up because the same thing happened over and over again.

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