d other things to amuse her on her own.

Qin Wan Li chuckled. “He will belong to whichever faction you say he belongs to, Senior Sister Han.”

His response was equivalent to him not saying anything at all.

“Tang Wu, what about you?” She lifted her head to glance at Tang Wu.

Tang Wu didnt even bother to acknowledge her, which made her pout. “Wooden pillar!” Then, she turned to look at Qin Wan Li. “Do you want to make a bet?”

Qin Wan Li said, “Its rare for you to be interested in something, Senior Sister Han. This Junior Brother will keep you company.”

“200 Contribution!” She suddenly became excited.

“Cough, cough…” He abruptly coughed violently. “Lets play a small wager for entertainment only.”

After saying that, he didnt even give her a chance to respond. He immediately continued, “Ill wager 20 Contribution points that this person is associated with the Thousand Demon Ridge!”

She snorted softly, her interest flagging slightly. “How boring!”

She leaned her body back and threw her hands into the air, leaning back against the chair in a spread-eagle pose. Her womanly charms were on full display, and her posture invited ones imagination to go wild. There was not the slightest shred of a Ninth-Order Spirit Creek Realm Masters demeanor in her behavior.

“200 Contribution points that he is from the Grand Sky Coalition!” Tang Wu, who had been silent all this while, suddenly spoke up.

Han Zhe Yue immediately got up and glanced at Tang Wu. She pursed her lips into a charming smile. “Alright! Ill bet against you!”

“May the Heavens Witness!”

“May the Heavens Witness!”

In an instant, three pairs of eyes focused on the white dot. They watched as the white dot approached the nearest mountain peak at an extremely fast speed.

Sitting atop the tigers back, Lu Ye frowned. He did not know if he was only imagining things, but he felt as though he was being watched. It was just that a careful check of his surroundings revealed nothing. This made him become vigilant, and he even recalled Yi Yi, who was picking medicinal herbs nearby.

As they continued forward, they did not meet with any incidents until they climbed the nearest mountain peak. Amber suddenly stopped in its tracks.

Lu Ye, who was sitting atop the tigers back, pressed his right hand against the hilt of his knife. He secretly activated his Spiritual Power. Amber also crouched down low and let out a deep growl. There was an ambush here.

Lu Ye had clearly noticed the fact that he had fallen into someone elses ambush. He did not know who was hiding in ambush here, why they had set up an ambush here, or even what the other partys cultivation was. The current situation was very disadvantageous for him.

Wind blew across the mountain top, making the leaves rustle in the wind. A persons voice suddenly rang out from not far away. “Lightning!”

Lu Ye immediately turned to look in the direction of the voice and saw a young man sitting among the branches of a large tree. The young man was quietly looking at him, and it was this young man who spoke just now. Activating his Spiritual Power, he studied the aura around the other partys body. It was a Fourth-Order Spirit Creek Realm Master!

Frowning, he tentatively asked, “Thunder?”

There was a sound of something slicing through the air. Lu Ye hurriedly ducked his head. Two sharp arrows narrowly passed over the top of his head from both left and right directions. Several strands of his hair fell to the ground. The other party had attacked without warning. If not for the fact that he had experienced many life-and-death struggles recently, he would not have been able to avoid that attack just now. It was obvious that he had wrongly answered the other partys secret password. The people hiding in ambush here were extremely decisive and immediately attacked when the secret password was answered wrongly.

Meanwhile, Amber was already charging toward the left. Lu Ye kicked off from the tigers back, leaping straight into the air. Blocking an arrow shot toward his head when he was suspended in mid-air, he fixed his gaze upon the young man who spoke earlier.

At the same time as those attacks were launched, that young man had leaped off the tree. A longsword appeared in his hand as he lunged toward Lu Ye.

Lu Ye had just landed on the ground and the young man had already closed the distance between them. The longsword stabbed forward like a snake sticking its tongue out, aiming directly for Lu Yes chest. The young man was really going in for the kill because of a single wrong answer.

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