spun around, his knife pointing diagonally at the ground. Blood was dripping from his blade. He pushed off the ground with both feet, leaving behind a hole in the ground where he stood before. It didnt take more than a few strides for him to arrive in front of the two Tai Luo Clan cultivators who were frozen stiff in terror.

At a juncture of life and death, these two finally burst out their potential and lunged at Lu Ye all at once. The sounds of their confrontation clanged loudly. The two cultivators in the Third-Order Spirit Creek Realm leaned back, leaving themselves wide open. The difference in their cultivation left them unable to block Lu Yes attacks despite working together.

The long knife blessed with Spiritual Power drew a long arc of fiery red light in front of him. He didnt even bother to use the Sharp Edge spiritual Pattern in this attack. When the screams rang out, the chests of the two people struck by the blow split open and a faint burnt smell came from their wounds. One person collapsed to the ground while the other person staggered backward.

He took a step forward and stabbed the cultivator who fell over backward in the chest. Without stopping, he pulled out his knife to slash at the other person. Then, he saw an arrow flying toward him out of the corner of his eye. Lifting his knife in a swinging slash, he cut down the arrow. He was just about to deal with the surviving Third-Order Spirit Realm Master, but that person had already collapsed headfirst to the ground. His previous attack had slashed right through that persons heart…

An extremely terrified scream came from the side. Lu Ye turned his head to look and saw Amber biting a female cultivator in the neck. The female cultivator held a bow in her hand, blood spurting wildly from her mouth. Despite struggling desperately against Amber, she couldnt even make Amber budge in the slightest.

This female cultivator was only in the Second-Order Spirit Creek Realm. She was the one hiding in the trees and shooting arrows at Lu Ye.

When Amber separated from Lu Ye earlier, it immediately ran straight in this direction. The tiger alone might not have been able to do anything to her. She was hiding up in a tree after all. However, things were different with Yi Yi around. Yi Yi had appeared directly behind the female cultivator and shoved the latter off the tree.

After following Lu Ye for all this while, Amber had been eating well every day. Who knew how many Spirit Restoring Pills it had consumed during this period? Therefore, its current strength had greatly improved compared to before. With Yi Yis support, they easily took down the Second-Order Spirit Creek Realm Master.

Ignoring the female cultivator, Lu Ye looked to the side. Two people had attacked him with arrows just now. Amber had caught one in its mouth, so there was another one. To his surprise, he discovered that the other party had already fled nearly as far as 30 meters away when he looked over in that direction.

He raised his knife and was about to give chase when he suddenly remembered something. Raising his hand, he faced his palm toward that persons back. At the same time, fiery red Spiritual Power began to gather at the palm of his hand. The pure Spiritual Power then formed into a fat and pudgy Fire Quail, which flapped its wings and flew forward like an arrow released from the bowstring.

In the blink of an eye, the Fire Quail brushed past the fleeing cultivator and hit a large tree. The tree went up in flames.

[I missed…] He raised an eyebrow, Spiritual Power gathering in the palm of his hand again. This time around, he adjusted his aim slightly.

A second Fire Quail flew out and struck that person squarely in the back. There was a loud explosion. That person fell to the ground as if he was struck by a bolt of lightning. His back was a charred mess, and he twitched several times before he died.

This was one of the Spell Techniques that came with the Red Lotus Sky Mnemonic. It turned out to be quite powerful.

Just then, a small red light flew over from that spot and sank into the back of Lu Yes hand. He glanced around, frowning. “What the Hell!?”

This battle came out of nowhere. He simply answered the other partys password wrongly and the other party instantly attacked without mercy. They didnt even bother to ask him which faction he belonged to. Since the other party had not held back, he did not bother to restrain himself either. It wasnt until he finished killing them all that he became certain that these people belonged to the Thousand Demon Ridge faction. It looked like he had not killed the wrong people.

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