>Moreover, it was offered by a cultivator in the Fourth-Order Spirit Creek Realm.


[Looks like these items are pretty valuable after all.
No wonder both Manager Yang and Zhou Cheng had abused their authority to secretly keep some for themselves.
Items of such value are considerably significant assets for cultivators of their level after all.]


Although Lu Ye did not carry out any transactions, the items sold at the female cultivator’s stall next to him kept dwindling.
She was selling the herbs that she had harvested from Green Cloud Mountain herself.
It was very well-received, so it sold out in just half a day.
As she packed up her things and prepared to leave, she asked him a question.
“Are you trying to figure out the value of these mineral ores?”


She had been watching him for half a day.
How could she not have guessed his intentions by now?


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“Yes.” He nodded.
“Do you know the value of these items, Senior Sister?”


She shook her head.
“I don’t have much knowledge regarding mineral ores.
I don’t even recognize these stones of yours, so I don’t know how much these are worth.
You should head to the Divine Trade Association if you really want to sell them.
Their purchase price might be slightly lower than the normal price, but they are generally considered quite fair.
The main reason is that the cultivators here are not wealthy.
It’s not a problem if you are only selling some smaller items.
Unfortunately, not many people have the means to purchase that Yuan Metal ore of yours.
The price they can offer won’t get much higher than that.”


Lu Ye had also noticed this problem.
It was just that he had no real plans to sell his mineral ores in this place.
Thus, he readily accepted her good advice after listening to what she said.
“Thank you for your guidance, Senior Sister.”


“I wish you the best of luck!” The female cultivator smiled gently at Lu Ye.
Then, she took a few steps and disappeared into the crowd.


Not long after the female cultivator, Lu Ye packed up his stall.
He did not set up a stall here to sell anything.
His main purpose had been to observe the passing cultivators in a more convenient manner and figure out a way to judge their cultivation.
Now that he had achieved his purpose under the guidance of that female cultivator, there was no need for him to waste his time here any longer.


15 minutes later, he stood outside a huge circular building and looked up.
A building like this definitely stood out as an eye-catching symbol amidst the chaotic and disordered structure of the city.


This was the Divine Trade Association.
Just the building itself revealed its deep heritage and extensive financial resources.
The Trade Association’s plague hung above the main door.
The open doors looked like the mouth of a beast with countless cultivators coming and going through those doors.
A pair of golden couplets hung on both sides of the door.
The words ‘All customers from Jiu Zhou are welcomed’ were written on the left, and the words ‘Happy to accept all kinds of wealth’ were written on the right.
Meanwhile, a horizontal scroll with the words ‘A home away from home’ hung between the two couplets!

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He followed the moving crowd and entered the hall.
Strangely, the hall was extremely quiet even though many cultivators came and went through the doors.
A good-looking and slim-bodied female cultivator immediately walked up to him and gave a polite bow in greeting.
“Hello, Senior Brother.”


He returned the bow but couldn’t stop himself from glancing up at the furry pair of ears sticking out of the top of her head.
This was another Demon cultivator.
Moreover, she was a Demon cultivator who had yet to complete her transformation.


According to the chubby cultivator from before, the Spirit Beasts’ characteristics would gradually disappear as the cultivation of these Demon cultivators became more advanced.
They would eventually look no different from ordinary people.
Therefore, it wasn’t surprising to see many Demon cultivators sporting the characteristics of Spirit Beasts in this place since the cultivators here did not have very high cultivation.


Despite noticing Lu Ye’s gaze, the female Demon cultivator seemed used to it and did not react strangely to his gaze.
She simply asked in a gentle voice, “Senior Brother, are you here to buy or sell? Or, perhaps to browse around?”


[Seems like each choice will be received differently.] He calmed down and said, “To sell.”


She smiled brilliantly and stretched out her hand in a certain direction.
“Senior Brother, please come this way.”


He walked in the direction she indicated.
There seemed to be many separated compartments in that direction, and he could vaguely see people sitting inside of those compartments while carrying out business negotiations.

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