Chapter 76, Gluttonous Feast

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Similarly, Nine Star Clan was also calculating the number of casualties it suffered so far.


Cao Ye looked at Dong Shu Ye gloomily.
“Senior Brother, our casualties are too high.
We’ve already lost close to 60 people since the start of the war.”


Dong Shu Ye was shocked.
“Why are the numbers so high!?”


Even if Nine Star Clan was no match for Mystic Sect, there was no reason for them to suffer such great losses in just a few days’ time.


Cao Ye replied, “It’s all because of that Mountain Tiger.
He will suddenly attack out of nowhere when both parties are engaged in battle.
Many of our disciples have died because of him.”


“That damned bastard!” Dong Shu Ye raged.
His expression darkened for a moment.
“What about the Fifth-Order Spirit Creek Realm Masters in the Sect?”


“They are all being watched.” Cao Ye was feeling rather exasperated.
There were so few Fifth-Order Spirit Creek Realm Masters that both Sects could deploy at the moment.
Since they knew everything about each other, it was very easy for the other party to target their weaknesses.
“Senior Brother, should I take action…”


Dong Shu Ye shook his head.
“You can’t.
If you make a move, then Wang Yang won’t just sit back and watch.
Besides, can you handle that lowly wench!?”


The ‘lowly wench’ he was referring to was none other than Xiao Zhu.

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Cao Ye replied with a troubled expression.
“I can’t beat her.
But, she can’t kill me either.”


That maid might come from a humble background, but her strength was undeniable.
He did not know what kind of luck Wang Yang was born with for a maid serving by his side to grow to such a degree.


“What about Luo Ji?” Dong Shu Ye asked.


“Speaking of Luo Ji, Cao Ye felt his headache intensifying.
“That guy did not take this declaration of war seriously at all.
I have no idea where he went.
He doesn’t reply to any of the messages I sent either.”


“He comes from Infinite Island.
Of course, he does not take our declaration of war seriously.” Dong Shu Ye’s expression was stormy.
After a while, he gritted his teeth.
“Doesn’t he want Zi Yi? Tell him that as long as he brings me the head of that Mountain Tiger, I will give Zi Yi to him!”


“Senior Brother!” Cao Ye glanced at Dong Shu Ye in shock.


“Go!” Dong Shu Ye shouted.


“Yes!” Cao Ye accepted the order with a sullen expression.
When he walked out of the hall, he turned and glanced at a young girl in purple clothes who was crouching in front of a flower bed and sniffing the fragrance of the flowers.

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Chu Tian soon received a message.
At first, he thought that it was a reply from Senior Brother Wang Yang.
However, a quick check told him that it was actually a message from someone he had never contacted before.
Moreover, the message was very simple and contained only two words: ‘Chu Tian?’


Chu Tian was completely mystified by the message.
Nevertheless, he soon realised who it was that had sent him the message.
There was only one person he had never contacted before in the records of his Battlefield Imprint.
Thus, he immediately replied to the message, ‘Yes, it’s me.
Do you need something, Junior Brother Yi Ye?


‘Nope!’ He received an immediate reply from the other side.


The corners of his mouth twitched slightly.
[If there’s nothing, then why did you send me a message!? I thought that the Mountain Tiger had something important to tell me!]


After pondering for a moment, he sent another message.
‘If there’s something you need, Junior Brother Yi Ye, please let me know.
I will definitely help you if it is within my abilities.”


Like a rock sinking into the sea, his message received no response whatsoever!


On the other side, Lu Ye hid in one of the tunnels and perceived his Battlefield Imprint with a strange expression.
He was feeling a little odd.
[Does this count as my first friend in my contact list? I really do not understand how this world works.
Ever since I entered the Spirit Creek Battlefield, one strange thing after another has been happening without pause.]


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Fortunately, his investigation indicated that communicating with Chu Tian would not reveal his real name.
That made him feel slightly relieved.


Ignoring Chu Tian’s message, he took some Spirit Pills to restore his strength.
The consumption during the previous battle was not high, so he recovered completely in less than half a days’ time.
Be that as it may, he did not stop there.
He continued to consume Spirit Pills to try and break the barrier of one of his Spiritual Points instead.


Even though he was only in the Third-Order Spirit Creek Realm, he had already unlocked 28 Spiritual Points.
The extra Spiritual Point was the Spiritual Point recorded in the Gluttonous Feast.


He had cultivated the Golden Liberation Technique to completion.
Since he did not have any higher-grade cultivation techniques in his possession, he had no way to further his cultivation.
After mulling over this issue, he decided to cultivate the Gluttonous Feast.


This cultivation technique was something he bought for 3 Spirit Stones.
It included 15 Spiritual Points and most of these points overlapped with the Golden Liberation Technique.
There were only two Spiritual Points in the Gluttonous Feast that were not included in the system of the Golden Liberation Technique.


There was nothing better to do anyway, so starting from a few days back, he began to wonder about the Gluttonous Feast.
Now that he had successfully unlocked one Spiritual Point, he would be able to see the truth behind this cultivation technique once he unlocked one more Spiritual Point.


According to the cultivator who sold this cultivation technique, this cultivation technique could double a person’s cultivation efficiency.
It was just that Lu Ye felt certain that he had been ripped off.
There could not exist such a Heaven-defying cultivation technique.
Even if there was, it would not be sold so casually.


Either way, the two extra Spiritual Points were real.
If he unlocked two Spiritual Points now, then he could unlock two less Spiritual Points when cultivating a higher-grade cultivation technique in the future.
In any case, he cultivated this cultivation technique with the mindset that he had nothing to lose.


His Spiritual Power surged and repeatedly slammed into the barrier of his Spiritual Point.
Compared to the time when he first started cultivating, it was much easier for him to break through the barriers of his Spiritual Points now.
That was because he had accumulated enough Spiritual Power in his body.

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With every impact, the barrier of his Spiritual Point would weaken even more.
A feeling of soreness also spread out from his Spiritual Point.
Approximately two hours later, he abruptly felt the barrier around his Spiritual Point shattering.
He had unlocked his 29th Spiritual Point!


What came next was simple.
In order to operate a set of cultivation techniques, he had to allow his Spiritual Power to flow according to the training course of the cultivation technique.
Seeing as 15 of the Spiritual Points in the Gluttonous Feast overlapped with a large part of the Golden Liberation Technique, he first had to stop the operation of the Golden Liberation Technique to operate the Gluttonous Feast.
There was no need to cut off the third Microcosmic Orbit since those nine Spiritual Points were not included in the training course of the Gluttonous Feast.


He had never done anything like interrupting the operation of his Spiritual Power before.
However, he discovered that it was actually a very simple task after experimenting for a bit.
The Microcosmic Orbit Circulation System was produced by the rapid flow of his Spiritual Power passing through his nine Spiritual Points.
As long as he stabilised the rapidly flowing Spiritual Power, the flowing Spiritual Power would return to their respective Spiritual Points and become quiet again.


He tried making his Spiritual Power flow once more.
It only took a moment for it to return to its original state.
Now that he had a plan in mind, he relaxed considerably and became much bolder as a result.


He calmed the flowing Spiritual Power of the first two Microcosmic Orbit Circulation Systems in his body once more.
When all his Spiritual Power had returned to his Spiritual Points, he began directing his Spiritual Power through the 15 Spiritual Points in sequence according to the training course of the Gluttonous Feast.


The first Circulation… The second Circulation… Gradually, the speed of his Spiritual Power flow became faster and faster until it could operate independently without his urging.


An idea came to him all of a sudden.
He hurriedly took out a Spirit Pill and swallowed it.
In the next moment, the squirming in his abdomen became more apparent.
It felt as though his entire lower abdomen had turned into a millstone.
The Spirit Pill that he swallowed quickly released its Pill Power and transformed into Spiritual Power under the grinding of the millstone.


He jerked open his eyes with a shocked expression.
He abruptly realised that the person named Chen He who sold him this cultivation technique had not been lying! The Gluttonous Feast could actually double a person’s cultivation efficiency!

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