Chapter 77, Flights of Fancy

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The Pill Power was released at a much faster rate than before.
In this way, it was a given that the efficiency of refining Spirit Pills would be improved.


[Chen He had been speaking the truth.
No wonder he dared to swear on the Heavenly-Oath in front of me.]


However, Lu Ye quickly understood why this cultivation technique was being sold all over the place.


The Gluttonous Feast was certainly capable of doubling a person’s cultivation efficiency.
Although it sounded extremely overpowered at first, the truth was that cultivators would accumulate Pill Poison when they cultivated through the use of Spirit Pills.
Once the Pill Poison began to build up, the Spiritual Power in their bodies would become murky and obscure.
The more Spirit Pills they refined, the more apparent this situation would become.
Therefore, cultivators would stop taking Spirit Pills after cultivating for some time.
They had to figure out a way to remove the Pill Poison from their bodies instead.


In other words, under normal circumstances, it made no difference to a cultivator whether their efficiency of refining Spirit Pills was fast or slow.
Rather, there were benefits to being slower…


But, Lu Ye was different! He had the Skill Tree which could burn away the Pill Poison, so a Spirit Pill would only be transformed into Spiritual Power.
Moreover, his Spiritual Power was much purer than what most cultivators could achieve despite their best efforts.
In this way, the Gluttonous Feast’s effect of improving cultivation efficiency was the real deal to him.
It could be said that the combination of the Skill Tree and the Gluttonous Feast was simply a match made in Heaven!


Upon realising this fact, he couldn’t help feeling a little excited.
With this, he would undoubtedly save a lot of time on cultivation in the future.
This also meant that he was destined to go even further on the road of cultivating through the use of Spirit Pills.

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The Pill Power of one Spirit Pill was quickly exhausted.
In return, his body gradually filled with Spiritual Power.
It might be that he had just finished a cultivation session, but his stomach began to growl.
He immediately took out some food from his Storage Bag and ate heartily.


All of a sudden, he noticed something interesting: His ability to digest his food had also become much stronger.


The 15 Spiritual Points of the Gluttonous Feast were all distributed around the stomach area.
When the cultivation technique was in operation, his entire stomach would squirm violently as though it was a millstone.
The mighty grinding force not only quickened the refinement of the Pill Power but also the digestion of food.


After a series of investigations, he discovered the principle behind how the Gluttonous Feast worked.
It was not as simple as mere digestion.
Rather, it was more about gathering.
There was no point in digestion without absorption.
Only through absorption could the cultivation efficiency truly be improved.


From what he could perceive, he suddenly realised that he would get a pattern that seemed rather familiar to him if all 15 Spiritual Points were connected in a specific sequence… He briefly thought about it, then he lifted a hand and activated his Spiritual Power to construct a Spiritual Pattern.
It was the third Spiritual Pattern that he obtained: Gathering Spirits.


An invisible pulling force was born the moment the Gathering Spirits Spiritual Pattern appeared in his hand, causing all the surrounding Spiritual Qi to flow in this direction.
The Gathering Spirits Spiritual Pattern was an extremely complicated and intricate pattern that was constructed using Spiritual Power.
On the other hand, the pattern he discovered when he connected all the Spiritual Points of the Gluttonous Feast in a specific sequence was undoubtedly much simpler.
Nevertheless, they were probably derived from the same source!


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[Is it a coincidence? Or, did the cultivator who created the Gluttonous Feast cultivation technique copy the structure of the Gathering Spirits Spiritual Pattern?]


The main purpose of the Gathering Spirits Spiritual Pattern was to gather the World Spiritual Qi.
If he replaced the Spiritual Qi with Pill Power, then the Gluttonous Feast was certainly also gathering.
It was just that the Gluttonous Feast was transforming all the Pill Power it gathered into Spiritual Power for a cultivator to absorb.


[If I think about it in that way…] A vague idea suddenly popped into his head.
However, he discovered that he could not conceptualise his idea when he tried to focus on it.
Thus, he lost himself in his thoughts while leaving the Gluttonous Feast to operate on its own…


The World Spiritual Qi in his surroundings was pulled toward him by a mysterious guiding force, then it would sink into the Gathering Spirits Spiritual Pattern on his hand before dispersing back into the air.
The process repeated itself over and over again.
However, he soon came to notice that a part of the World Spiritual Qi had entered his abdomen.
Under the grinding of the Gluttonous Feast, the World Spiritual Qi was being turned into his own Spiritual Power…


This phenomenon astonished him greatly.
He had always used the method of refining Spirit Pills to cultivate and supplemented that practice by refining his vitality into Qi.
The main reason was that his cultivation efficiency of absorbing the World Spiritual Qi was extremely low.
His body had a hard time accepting the Spiritual Qi.
It was as though there was an invisible barrier covering his body that kept the World Spiritual Qi isolated outside his body.


Even cultivating with the aid of Spirit Stones was not very efficient.
Strictly speaking, a Spirit Stone was the condensation of Spiritual Qi.
Since it was difficult for his body to accept Spiritual Qi, it was only natural that he could not accept the power of the Spirit Stones either.


Be that as it may, the Gluttonous Feast was gathering Spiritual Energy to grind and refine even though he was not cultivating at the moment…

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This scenario successfully verified his previous conjecture: The person who created the Gluttonous Feast cultivation technique must have copied the structure of the Gathering Spirits Spiritual Pattern.
Otherwise, these two would not have such similar properties.


Needless to say, the Spiritual Qi gathered by the Gluttonous Feast was not much.
This cultivation technique’s real purpose was to refine everything that was consumed.
Gathering Spiritual Qi was simply a side effect.


As he mulled over this, the vague and indistinct idea from before suddenly became clear!


[The Gluttonous Feast can gather Spiritual Qi.
Likewise, the Gathering Spirits Spiritual Pattern can gather Spiritual Qi.
The two of them originate from the same source.
The effects of the Gluttonous Feast cultivation technique come from the operation of the 15 Spiritual Points connected in a specific sequence, so the focus was on the Spiritual Points.
In that case… What if I endow a Spiritual Point with the Gathering Spirits Spiritual Pattern? What will happen then?]


Lu Ye was shocked by his bold idea.
He was just an unimportant cultivator who only started cultivating several months ago, so he was utterly clueless about common sense in the Cultivation World.
Nevertheless, even he knew how important a Spiritual Point was to a cultivator.
It could be said that the entire life of a cultivator would be affected if a problem arose with one of the Spiritual Points.


When he first obtained the Gathering Spirits Spiritual Pattern, he had studied the characteristics of this Spiritual Pattern and finally came to the conclusion that it was trash.
That was because his body had a hard time accepting Spiritual Qi from the outside, so activating the Gathering Spirits Spiritual Pattern would do nothing for him.


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Unexpectedly, he seemed to have found a blind spot in his analysis.
His hand was not the only place he could cast the Gathering Spirits Spiritual Pattern; he could also cast this Spiritual Pattern on other places.
For example… His Spiritual Point!


[If I can pull off this idea of mine, then Gathering Spirits is definitely not rubbish.
It might even turn out to be the most useful Spiritual Pattern of all!] the more he considered the idea, the more he believed that it was feasible.
Thus, he stopped the operation of the Gluttonous Feast cultivation technique and switched over to the Golden Liberation Technique instead.


Other cultivators would never dare to cast a Spiritual Pattern on their Spiritual Point.
The main reason was that the construction of a Spiritual Pattern was extremely complicated.
Even the most experienced of Spiritual Pattern Masters could fail in the construction of a Spiritual Pattern.
If the construction of a Spiritual Pattern failed, the Spiritual Power used in the construction of the Spiritual Pattern would explode and cause damage to the Spiritual Point.


However, Lu Ye did not have any concerns in this regard.
He currently mastered three Spiritual Patterns.
Every time he obtained a new Spiritual Pattern, a large amount of information regarding the Spiritual Pattern would be forcibly poured into his head.
Therefore, there was no precedent of him failing to construct a Spiritual Pattern before.


Even if that was the case, he did not dare to try anything on his Source Spiritual point and chose a different Spiritual Point instead.
The Source Spiritual Point was the most important Spiritual Point of them all.
If something went wrong with it, then it really was over for him.
On the other hand, he might still have a way to remedy the situation if something happened to the other Spiritual Points.


Perceiving the location of the Spiritual Point, he moved his mind gently and activated his Spiritual Power to bless his Spiritual Point with the Gathering Spirits Spiritual Pattern.
Contrary to his expectations, the Gathering Spirits Spiritual Pattern was dissipated by the Spiritual Power flowing through his body in an instant.


It needs some adjustment.
I cannot cast the Spiritual Pattern inside my Spiritual Point or there will be no way to maintain it.]

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