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At this point, he could distinctly feel that the World Spiritual Qi in the surroundings was continuously pouring into his Spiritual Points.
It was then converted into his strength with the rapid flow of his Spiritual Power.


The Gathering Spirits Spiritual Pattern could be maintained for a long time since it was constantly gathering the World Spiritual Qi to replenish itself.
In principle, the Gathering Spirits Spiritual Patterns in his body would last forever as long as he himself did not take the initiative to disperse them.
Needless to say, this was impossible to actually achieve in reality.
The Spiritual Patterns could only be maintained since his condition was stable at the moment.
On the contrary, the flow of his Spiritual Power would surge violently the moment he started fighting and that would easily destroy the Spiritual Patterns.


In the end, this was a deal with relatively no cost.
Lu Ye would only need to reconstruct the Gathering Spirits Spiritual Patterns on his Spiritual Points at a suitable time.
After that, the World Spiritual Qi would gather and pour into his body without him doing anything whatsoever.
He could even focus on doing other tasks…


All that was left was to see how much these Spiritual Patterns would benefit him in a certain period of time.
Thus, he quietly focused himself and sensed the changes in the Spiritual Power within his body in order to figure out the answer to this question.


Six hours later, he finally came to a conclusion.
If he maintained the Spiritual Patterns on all of his 29 Spiritual Points for a day and a night, then the benefits he obtained were almost equivalent to consuming a Spirit Restoring Pill…


It was not a lot but not little either.
It had to be said that this was only the effects coming from 29 Spiritual Points.
There were as many as a total of 360 Spiritual Points in a cultivator’s body.
If he could endow all 360 Spiritual Points with the Gathering Spirits one day, then the benefits he would gain would be monumental.


He currently had a lot of Spirit Restoring Pills in his possession.
Not to mention that he also had the auxiliary cultivation technique Gluttonous Feast, as well as the support of the Gathering Spirits Spiritual Pattern.
He was feeling extremely eager and couldn’t wait to find a place to retreat and cultivate until he reached the Ninth-Order Spirit Creek Realm…


Unfortunately, what made him feel extremely helpless was that he did not have a suitable cultivation technique on hand.
The Golden Liberation Technique that he previously received from Manager Yang could only be used up to the Third-Order Spirit Creek Realm.

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He originally planned to wait until he arrived at the next city and see if he could buy a cultivation technique from the Divine Trade Association.
For this reason, he had sold four pieces of Yuan Metal ore during his journey and saved more than 200 Spirit Stones.
Who could have expected that he would temporarily be unable to escape from the Split Sky Gorge?


[This is a bit troubling…] After pondering over it for a while, Lu Ye lifted his hand, touched his Battlefield Imprint, and sent out a message.


Chu Tian was meditating and recovering his strength when a message arrived suddenly.
He hurriedly checked the message and saw that it was from Lu Ye.
Having learnt from his lesson during the day, he cautiously replied with a single sentence.
‘Junior Brother Yi Ye, can I help you?’


‘Do you have any Black Grade cultivation techniques? Sell me one.’


Chu Tian was very puzzled.
‘Why do you need a Black Grade cultivation technique?’


Inside the tunnel, Lu Ye stared at Chu Tian’s message with a speechless expression.
[Is this guy an idiot?] Even so, he patiently replied, ‘To cultivate!’


Chu Tian couldn’t help scratching his head in bewilderment when he saw Lu Ye’s reply.


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A short while later, a message was sent to Mystic Sect’s base.
Wang Yang glanced at Xiao Zhu in surprise.
“Is the information true?”


Xiao Zhu nodded.
“It’s a message from Chu Tian.
It should be true.”


He seriously considered the matter for a moment and couldn’t help snorting with laughter.
“That truly is the style of those major Sects.
The disciples who are sent out for training have to rely on themselves completely, so they don’t even receive any cultivation techniques.
It looks like he was previously cultivating a Yellow Grade cultivation technique.
Now that he has completed the Third-Order Spirit Creek Realm, he needs to switch to a new cultivation technique.”


“Chu Tian is waiting for a reply.
How should I answer?”


“It’s just a set of cultivation techniques that can be found anywhere.
Just give it to him.
Also, ask Chu Tian to ask him about his Element.”


“Okay.” She nodded in response.
[These disciples from the major Sects seem to be quite pitiful.
Our Sect might only be in the Ninth Tier, but our Senior Brothers and Senior Sisters will help us during the early stages of our cultivation.
We don’t have to suffer through so many hardships.]


“By the way, don’t just give it to him.
The major Sects hate that the most.
Sell it to him, but don’t charge him too many Spirit Stones.
He is probably very poor.”


“I got it.”

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