Chapter 84, I Can Definitely Defeat Him

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Three days later, on a battlefield where the ground was covered in holes, Lu Ye and Luo Ji were several dozen metres apart as they recuperated on their own.
During this period of time, they had battled against one another for over a dozen times.
They had practically fought with each other a few times every day, but no one had yet to emerge as a winner until now.


Three days of intense battles had made Lu Ye extremely exhausted as he hadn’t had much time to sleep.
He didn’t understand how this guy called Luo Ji was able to restore his energy so quickly.
After such a long time, they had basically used up their trump cards.
None of them could defeat the other party by fighting head-on, so the speed at which they recovered was immensely important.


Given the same period of time, if one of them could restore more Spiritual Power, he could slowly make the situation tilt in his favour.
With the help of Gluttonous Feast, Lu Ye was able to refine pills at twice the speed.
When he took a break, he would also build a Gathering Spirits Spiritual Pattern around his Spiritual Points to absorb the World Spiritual Qi around him.
With two techniques that he could deploy, it could be said that the speed at which he recovered was incredible.
Most Sixth-Order cultivators wouldn’t be able to recover as fast as he could.


On the other hand, Luo Ji also had the same doubts as he secretly cursed at Lu Ye.
[How does this reckless guy recover so quickly?] Although he was just a Second-Order Spirit Creek Realm Master, he had opened up 55 Spiritual Points, which was twice the amount of what Lu Ye had achieved.
Moreover, the pills he had been consuming were not the ordinary Spirit Restoring Pills.
These were Small Returning Pills specially made on Infinite Island.
These pills worked just like Spirit Restoring Pills when used during cultivation.
However, when they were used for recovery, they were more effective than Spirit Restoring Pills by 30 percent.


When he was restoring his energy, he also made use of Spirit Stones.
With both hands grabbing each stone, he greedily absorbed the Spiritual Power contained in the stones.
However, he hadn’t managed to gain the upper hand by using three methods at the same time, so he didn’t understand what was going on.

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Compared to Lu Ye, he had little to no rest as he couldn’t really have a shut-eye in the past three days.
That was because Amber and Yi Yi would disturb him from time to time.
Both of them were unable to fight against Luo Ji, but they were good at disturbing him.


After each of them recuperated for about four hours, Lu Ye opened his eyes.
Just like how they’d usually did it, it was time for the next battle.
As expected, Luo Ji also opened his eyes and got to his feet.
Staring at Lu Ye, he shuffled towards him.
It wasn’t that he wanted to get close to Lu Ye.
It was just that the distance between them was too wide, so he needed to get into a suitable range where he could use his spells.


Across from him, Lu Ye rode on top of Amber and charged towards Luo Ji.
He was pointing his sword downwards as he was ready for a strike.
Upon stopping in his tracks, Luo Ji prepared to use a spell as a Spiritual Light flashed across his hands.
Just then, he detected something and frowned, whereupon he raised his hand and shouted, “Wait a minute!”


Lu Ye furrowed his brows, but he still told Amber to stop.


The Spiritual Light around Luo Ji’s hands dissipated as he panted and uttered, “Stop fighting.
You win.”

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Lu Ye stared fixedly at him, wondering what the latter was up to.
As though he was trying to make Lu Ye set his mind at ease, Luo Ji took the initiative to explain, “The battle between Mystic Sect and Nine Star Clan has ended.
Those from Nine Star Clan have admitted defeat and returned to their station, so I have to go as well.”


He was sent to deal with Lu Ye by those from Nine Star Clan.
Since his clan had been defeated, it was pointless for him to stay there.
Naturally, Lu Ye wouldn’t easily believe him.
After days of battle, he became certain that Luo Ji was a cunning man, so he immediately made use of the Battlefield Imprint to ask Chu Tian about it.


After just a short moment, Chu Tian replied with a cheerful tone in his voice and confirmed what Luo Ji had said.
During this battle, those from the Mystic Sect eventually defeated the other party.
In fact, this didn’t come as a surprise.
Although both Sects were one rank apart, Mystic Sect was stronger when it came to their Spirit Creek Realm Masters.
Therefore, Nine Star Clan wasn’t even a match for them to begin with.
Previously, Lu Ye had killed many cultivators from Nine Star Clan, which helped those from Mystic Sect to gain an even bigger advantage.


In the past few days, those from Mystic Sect had been slowly gaining the upper hand through the small-scale battles.
Eventually, there came a moment when they destroyed Nine Star Clan and forced them to return to their station.
It was then the battle between the two great forces came to an end.


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After Lu Ye was done with the inquiry, Luo Ji asked, “How was it?”


Lu Ye nodded slightly and clenched his legs, whereupon Amber dashed forward and pounced on Luo Ji. 


“You…” A horrified Luo Ji didn’t understand what was wrong with Lu Ye.
The battle between both great forces had come to an end, so it was pointless for them to keep fighting against each other.
Therefore, he had no idea why Lu Ye was still pouncing on him.
However, he didn’t have the time to ponder on this issue as Lu Ye and the tiger were about to reach him.
Left with no choice, he hurriedly activated his Icicle Technique to deal with them.


Lu Ye tilted his head to dodge the icicle and leaped off the tiger’s back as he wielded his sword.
There was a rarely seen hideous smile on his face.
“It’s you who decided when to start the war, but it’s me who will decide when to end it!”


Previously, Luo Ji suddenly came over and attempted to kill him.
Three days of battle had made him very infuriated.
Moreover, he had consumed a lot of pills during this period of time.
Prior to this, he had accumulated a substantial amount of pills, but now, he was left with just over thirty pills.
In the past three days, he couldn’t even cultivate, so he had practically wasted lots of time.
Luo Ji couldn’t make up for his loss by just saying that the other party had won the battle.
If he couldn’t get the fury out of his chest, he would never let Luo Ji off.

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Three days of tussle had made them become familiar with each other’s moves.
Usually, Luo Ji wouldn’t easily allow Lu Ye to get close to him.
However, he hadn’t expected Lu Ye to be so obstinate, so he became astounded for a moment.
When he came to his senses, it was already too late to retreat.
Before the sword even reached him, he had used a Golden Body Talisman Paper on himself.
When the sword, which was blessed with Sharp Edge Spiritual Pattern, hit the layer of golden light, it was unable to break it.
On the other hand, a seal appeared out of thin air and expanded to the size of a table before landing on Lu Ye.


Hurriedly, Lu Ye leaped backwards, whereupon a pit appeared on the spot he was standing earlier and the ground started shaking, When he stabilised himself, Luo Ji was already over a hundred metres away from him, and the latter had even fended off Amber and Yi Yi’s joint sneak attack.
However, Luo Ji wouldn’t dare to activate the seal for the second time as it was energy-consuming.


Seizing the chance, Lu Ye stomped his foot on the ground and dashed towards Luo Ji.
In a zigzag way, he dodged the icicles as the light of a defensive Spiritual Pattern flashed across his body from time to time.
[I can definitely defeat him.] As long as the battle dragged on, he could certainly kill Luo Ji.


Although the speed at which Luo Ji recovered was the same as or had even surpassed Lu Ye, he had gulped down too many Spirit Pills in the past few days.
If a cultivator consumed too many pills in a short period of time, his Spiritual Power would end up becoming turbid.
It was especially fatal for a spell cultivator like Luo Ji to have impure Spiritual Power.
That was because the power of the spells he used would weaken, and the time he needed to activate his spells would also lengthen.


Lu Ye was fully aware of that, which was why he insisted on continuing the fight.
He didn’t have to end his life this time.
As long as he could force Luo Ji to keep exhausting his Spiritual Power and consuming pills to replenish his energy, the latter would become increasingly weaker.
There would finally come a moment when he could hack this guy to death.

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