d never be able to enter the station.
However, recalling what Wang Yang had been doing over the years, they realised that he must have come up with such a plan in advance.


Chu Tian was the first one to raise his arms and shout, “Senior Brother, I’m willing to go with you to strengthen Mystic Sect’s power!”


The others also roared in unison.
“Senior Brother, we’re willing to go with you to strengthen Mystic Sect’s power!”


Standing at the front of these people, Wang Yang put on a smile.
“That’s great.”


Then, he turned to look at Chu Tian.
“Send a message to Mountain Tiger and inform him that Dong Shu Ye has gone over to hunt him down an hour ago.”


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Upon hearing that, Chu Tian was astounded by the fact that Dong Shu Ye was so brazen.
At the same time, he was surprised by Wang Yang’s ability to gather information.
Dong Shu Ye was the strongest cultivator who was in charge of the Nine Star Clan’s station.
With him around, the station was safe.
However, if he wasn’t around, the defence around the station would weaken.


It seemed that the death of Nine Star Clan’s Young Master had greatly humiliated them.
They could concede defeat in the war against Mystic Sect, but they were determined to kill Mountain Tiger.
Otherwise, Dong Shu Ye wouldn’t have taken the risk to leave the station and hunt Lu Ye down.
He must have left secretly lest those from Mystic Sect were given a chance to invade them.
Despite that, Wang Yang had still found out about it.
Apparently, they must have made some arrangements outside Nine Star Clan’s station.
As soon as Dong Shu Ye left the place, Wang Yang would immediately receive the news.


Then, Chu Tian recalled that some of the disciples were not around during the celebratory banquet on the previous night.
Nevertheless, how did Dong Shu Ye find out that Mountain Tiger had left? Chu Tian wasn’t a fool, so he immediately realised what had happened.
Someone from Mystic Sect must have leaked the news.


It was no wonder that when he reported to Wang Yang regarding Mountain Tiger’s demands on the previous night, the latter told him to collect the items from other disciples.
It was actually easier to get the items from the headquarters.
When he was collecting the pills and food, many people asked him about the reason behind it.
He didn’t intend to hide anything, so he told them that Lu Ye was going to leave.
The disciples from Mystic Sect wouldn’t share any information with Nine Star Clan, so the person who had leaked the news must be one of those rogue cultivators who had been staying in their station.


While he was in his thoughts, Wang Yang suddenly stared at a particular cultivator and uttered, “Shi Jun, do you have anything to say?”


The rogue cultivator called Shi Jun had his forehead drenched in sweat.
With an apprehensive expression, he replied, “N-No…”


However, Wang Yang only kept gaping at him.

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Shi Jun became more anxious as he exclaimed, “Senior Brother Wang, please forgive me!”


“It seems that you really have nothing to say.”


Then, Wang Yang flicked at the sword by his side, whereupon the sword left the sheath with a swish and turned into a beam of light.
The next instant, it reached Shi Jun and circled around his neck, after which his body became as hard as a stone.
When the sword light returned to the sheath, Shi Jun’s head fell to the ground, and blood spurted out of his neck.
Following that, the headless corpse collapsed to the ground.
The turn of events caused all the rogue cultivators to be covered in cold sweat as they stared at Wang Yang in shock.


There was a cold expression on Wang Yang’s face when he explained, “Shi Jun had joined us as a rogue cultivator, but he was actually a mole from Nine Star Clan.
I killed him on this day to serve as a warning, so I hope all of you will behave yourselves.”


All of them couldn’t believe what they had heard, but recalling Shi Jun’s last words, they realised that it was indeed the truth.
The fact that Shi Jun had begged for mercy suggested that he was feeling guilty.


“Let’s go.
We’ll destroy the Nine Star Clan now!” Wang Yang waved his hand.


A moment later, hundreds of cultivators from Mystic Sect streamed out of the place, leaving the empty station behind.

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