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‘What do you mean?’ Lu Ye hurriedly asked.


At this moment, Chu Tian was walking alongside Wang Yang as those from Mystic Sect were about to launch a sneak attack on Nine Star Clan.
He was in a dilemma as he wasn’t sure how to explain it to Lu Ye.
In fact, they had made use of Lu Ye because they deliberately let word get out that Lu Ye was leaving Split Sky Gorge, which prompted Dong Shu Ye to hunt him down.
However, Chu Tian couldn’t explicitly tell him what had happened as it would only irritate him.
The Mountain Tiger came from a top great force.
As long as he could survive, he would certainly make a name for himself in the future.
Offending him at this point would do no good for Mystic Sect.


Just then, Wang Yang was heard saying, “Just tell him the truth as it is.
Since we’ve done such a thing, we shouldn’t be afraid to let him know.
If he’s clever enough, he’ll know what to do.”


Upon getting Wang Yang’s permission, Chu Tian pulled himself together and sent another message.
‘All of us are heading to Nine Star Clan’s station at this moment.
As soon as Dong Shu Ye receives the news, he will immediately come back here.
So, Brother Yi Ye, you must try your best to survive!’


Looking at the message, Lu Ye was somewhat doubtful.
The mainstay of Nine Star Clan, Dong Shu Ye, had just left his place to hunt him down, but on the other hand, those from Mystic Sect went all out to launch an attack on their enemies’ station, which was too coincidental.


It was as though those from Mystic Sect had been waiting for this chance.
Moreover, they had even invited him to join the celebratory banquet on the previous night.
Lu Ye had no idea whether they would be able to occupy the Nine Star Clan’s station, but since they had decided to do so, they must have some confidence in achieving their goal.

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When he was still in Split Sky Gorge, it was inconvenient for Dong Shu Ye to make a move because they were too close to the Mystic Sect’s station, which might prompt them to intervene.
Therefore, if Dong Shu Ye wanted to kill Lu Ye, he had to wait for the latter to leave Split Sky Gorge first.
However, only Chu Tian was aware that Lu Ye was leaving.
How did Dong Shu Ye find out about it and race after him?


[Have they made use of me?] That was the only possibility Lu Ye could think of.
After giving it a thought, he sent a message to Chu Tian.
‘We’re even now.’


Then, he decidedly blacklisted him.
Although he was pretty sure that he had been used, he didn’t blame anyone.
In fact, he was the one who had ignited the war in Split Sky Gorge.
The fact that he had killed the Young Master of Nine Star Clan had caused the two great forces to clash with one another.


If Mystic Sect hadn’t interfered in this matter, given Nine Star Clan’s heritage, Lu Ye might not be able to counter them.
At the very least, he had to deal with a large number of cultivators, some of whom were Fifth-Order cultivators.
Mystic Sect’s intervention had spared Lu Ye the fate of facing the entire great force on his own.
After the war commenced, he had saved quite some disciples from Mystic Sect, but he had never looted anything on the battlefield.
He had only demanded some useful pills and stones from the disciples he had saved.


It could be said that Lu Ye and the disciples from Mystic Sect had been helping one another out.
Therefore, even though those from Mystic Sect had taken advantage of him in the end, he wouldn’t blame them as he was the one who had caused the trouble.


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His connection with Mystic Sect should stop here.
Anyway, those from Mystic Sect had lent him a hand, and he had saved their disciples.
He had also gotten an Earth Grade cultivation technique from them, which solved an urgent problem.
Now that he had been used, he reckoned that they were even, and they should stop contacting one another.


Walking alongside those from Mystic Sect, Chu Tian sported a bitter expression and heaved a sigh.


“What did he say?” Wang Yang was heard saying.


Chu Tian replied honestly, “He said that we’re even now… and removed my brand from his Imprint.”


That made Chu Tian feel dejected.
After all, Lu Ye was from a top great force, so the average person rarely had the chance to come into contact with him.


Wang Yang’s lips curved into a smile.
“He’s a clever person.

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