Chapter 90, Running for Their Lives

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While Lu Ye was suffering terribly, Dong Shu Ye was surprised that he hadn’t managed to kill Lu Ye with his spell.
It was then he realised that Luo Ji wasn’t lying.
He wasn’t certain which great force Lu Ye was from, but the latter was able to use Spiritual Patterns in a battle.
He had seen a Spiritual Pattern that looked like a shield which shone and fended off his fireballs.


It was no wonder that someone like Luo Ji had lost the battle.
Upon Luo Ji’s return, Dong Shu Ye asked him what had happened and found out that he had lost the battle.
Initially, he thought that Luo Ji hadn’t done his best, but now, it seemed that he had wronged him.
Nevertheless, he was different from Luo Ji, after all.
Luo Ji came from a wealthier background, and he had been studying a Heaven Grade cultivation technique.
However, his biggest problem was his weak cultivation.


As a Seventh-Order cultivator, Dong Shu Ye had more moves to deal with his opponent.
After he activated his Spiritual Power, a fireball the size of a washbasin appeared in front of him, whereupon it shot towards Lu Ye at an incredible speed.
“I’ll see how you’re going to ward this one off!”


Seeing as the fireball was about to hit him, Lu Ye felt a crawling sensation on his scalp.
Although there were many fireballs earlier, they were only the size of a fist.
Therefore, he could still fend them off with some difficulty.
However, how was he going to drive off a washbasin-sized fireball? “Amber!” he yelled.


Amber hastened its pace and leaped forward.
The huge fireball descended from the sky and almost struck the tiger’s backside.
The scorching heat made Lu Ye feel an immense pain on his face.
The Spiritual Pattern was unable to help him with it as he caught a whiff of a burnt smell from hair.
He felt fortunate that even though this thing was big, it was slightly slower than the smaller fireballs earlier.
Otherwise, Amber wouldn’t have been able to dodge it.


However, the next instant, his expression changed because the big fireball didn’t land on the ground.
Instead, it changed direction and raced after them.
[This thing can change direction!]


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Dong Shu Ye was gliding in mid-air with one hand behind his back while performing a hand seal with his other hand.
His hair and clothes swayed with the wind, which made him look as light as a feather.
Nonetheless, the Spiritual Power surged around him as he was engulfed in a murderous intent.


The huge fireball became increasingly faster and was about to hit its target.
Lu Ye knew that if he still couldn’t come up with a solution, he and Amber would lose their lives in this place.
After taking a deep breath, he put his sword back in its sheath and raised both of his hands.
As he activated his Spiritual Power, a defensive Spiritual Pattern appeared in front of him.


Apparently, it wasn’t enough.
It was already difficult for the Spiritual Pattern to fend off the fireballs earlier, let alone such a large one.
However, as Lu Ye madly infused his Spiritual Power into it, the palm-sized defensive Spiritual Pattern expanded into a table-sized one in a short period of time.
A very intricate pattern was flowing around on the Spiritual Pattern as it radiated a glow.


At that instant, Lu Ye felt as though all his energy had left his body.
Although he hadn’t had the time to check on himself, he knew that this Spiritual Pattern must have cost him 30 percent of his Spiritual Power.
In other words, he could only use this Spiritual Pattern three times before his Spiritual Power would be depleted.


He had never activated this Spiritual Pattern before.
In the past, he would only need a short moment to use Sharp Edge or Protection.
There was one common trait about Spiritual Patterns.
As long as there was enough Spiritual Power to sustain it, the Spiritual Pattern would keep going.
The reason Gathering Spirits was able to sustain itself was that it had the ability to attract the World Spiritual Qi around it, which allowed it to keep existing.


The substantial fireball struck the defensive Spiritual Pattern and sent an immense force across it.
Upon impact, Amber was almost forced on its knees.
The muscles on Lu Ye’s arms had become swollen as though he was trying to hold out against an extremely heavy object.
The scorching heat came right at his face.
Sparkles emitting from the fireball caused the glow on the Spiritual Pattern to turn dim rapidly.
Even though he was still infusing his Spiritual Power into it, he couldn’t last for a long time.

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With that said, he was able to slightly set his mind at ease as he had successfully parried the strike.
Now, he was ready to tilt the Spiritual Pattern to drive off the fireball.


However, before he could make a move, Dong Shu Ye was heard snorting from a distance.
“How foolish!”


Then, he used a different hand seal.
The fireball exploded with a loud boom as the flames swept across the place.
The expansive void seemed to have contorted, and the trees around them started burning.


[Is he dead?] With a cold gaze, Dong Shu Ye landed on the ground and took a glance.
Normally, there was no way a Third-Order cultivator could parry even one spell from him.
However, the person he had to kill wasn’t the average Third-Order cultivator.
This guy was from an unknown top great force, and his mastery of Spiritual Patterns was awe-inspiring.


Right then, a rustle was heard coming from the forest as it went further away.
[He’s not dead?] The eyelids of Dong Shu Ye twitched as his murderous intent surged.


Just when he was ready to race after him, he realised there was a new message on his Battlefield Imprint.
Initially, he wanted to ignore it, but upon recalling what Lu Ye had said earlier, he felt his chest tightening and immediately took a glance.
It was a brief message from Cao Ye, but upon reading it, he felt his heart sinking.
‘Wang Yang is leading 600 cultivators from Mystic Sect to launch an attack on our station.
Senior Brother, please come back quickly!’

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If he hadn’t managed to get close to Lu Ye, he would’ve immediately returned to the station upon seeing the message.
However, Lu Ye was well within his reach now, so he wasn’t willing to give up at this point.
Therefore, upon making up his mind, he sent a message back to Cao Ye.


The Clan Defending Grand Array of Nine Star Clan had been activated.
All the important places were guarded by cultivators as they got ready to face their enemies.
No one in Nine Star Clan could’ve expected that those from Mystic Sect would go all out to raid them.
After all, they had only recently gone to war and it was Nine Star Clan that conceded defeat in the end.
Cao Ye didn’t understand what Wang Yang was trying to achieve.


However, things were already happening.
As the strongest cultivator in this station at the moment, Cao Ye had the responsibility to lead the cultivators in the station to fend off their enemies.
Nevertheless, he couldn’t do it on his own, which was why he immediately sent a message to Dong Shu Ye to inform him about it.
However, Dong Shu Ye’s reply made him feel helpless.
His message was: ‘Hang in there!’


What else could Cao Ye do apart from trying his best to persevere? Tons of Spirit Stones were needed to keep the Grand Array running, which served as a force of defence to ward off the cultivators from Mystic Sect.
According to Cao Ye’s estimation, they could resist the attack from Mystic Sect for about one to two days.
Hence, even though Nine Star Clan was besieged, those in the station were only slightly anxious.
They were not flustered at all.


[Fuck Wang Yang!] Cao Ye secretly cursed as he had no idea what had gotten into that guy.


Just then, a disciple came over in a nervous manner and reported something to Cao Ye, who became shocked and strode out of the hall, only to see a figure hurriedly coming in his direction.
That person was holding the hand of a woman in purple clothes.

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“Luo Ji!” Cao Ye bellowed before he leaped into the air and landed in front of the person.
Then, he took a look at the person and the woman in purple clothes behind him.
“What are you doing?”


With a frown, Luo Ji replied, “I’m leaving.”


A puzzled Cao Ye asked, “Huh? Where are you going at this point?”


“Of course I’m leaving this place.
Should I be waiting for death, then?” Luo Ji gazed at him like he was a fool.


Cao Ye furrowed his brow as he had no idea what Luo Ji meant, but he still came into his way.
“You can leave, but why are you bringing Zi Yi with you?”


Luo Ji uttered, “From now on, she’s no longer a disciple from Nine Star Clan.”

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