Chapter 91, A Furious Cao Ye

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Upon hearing that, Cao Ye was infuriated.
“She has been raised in the Nine Star Clan!? Who are you to say that she is no longer one of us? If the one we raise is not one of us, then what is she!? A disciple of Infinite Island!?”


He was already hard pressed because their station was besieged by those from Mystic Sect, so he was truly incensed upon seeing the fuss Luo Ji was making.
If it weren’t because Luo Ji came from a powerful background, he would’ve taught him a lesson instead of letting him keep causing trouble.


Luo Ji uttered impassively, “That’s right.
Zi Yi has agreed to leave with me, so she has nothing to do with your clan anymore.”


“That’s ridiculous!” Cao Ye was so exasperated that he started laughing.
Then, he shot a glare at the woman in purple clothes behind Luo Ji.
There was no emotion on the woman’s face as she looked up at the sky and spaced out.
It was as though this matter had nothing to do with her.


It wasn’t that she wanted to ignore Cao Ye or steer clear of this matter; it was her nature.
Although Cao Ye and this woman in purple clothes were from the same clan, and they had known each other for a few years, they had rarely spoken to one another.
That was because she always sported a dispassionate expression, and she’d rarely respond to anyone’s questions.


He had always felt that his Junior Sister was a peculiar person.
In fact, she wasn’t indifferent.
It was just that nothing in this world seemed able to pique her interest.
Therefore, he didn’t believe Luo Ji when the latter said that she had agreed to leave with him.
Why would such a woman agree to anyone’s request on a whim?


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Upon retracting his gaze, Cao Ye sported a cold expression and uttered, “Luo Ji, I’ve been putting up with you because you’re a disciple from Infinite Island, but it doesn’t mean you can keep making a scene.”


After a sigh, Luo Ji refuted, “Why don’t you get it?” All of a sudden, he took a big step forward as his face almost came into contact with that of Cao Ye.
Then, he looked deep into his eyes.
“I’m bringing Zi Yi away now.
Do you dare to disagree?”


A furious Cao Ye thought that this guy was trying to oppress him.
Although Luo Ji was only a Second-Order cultivator, he was backed by Infinite Island.
Therefore, if he wanted to bring Lan Zi Yi with him, Cao Ye wasn’t able to stop him.
It wasn’t like Cao Ye could beat him up.
If he really did that, those from Infinite Island wouldn’t let him off.
Certainly, he could capture Zi Yi, but Luo Ji wouldn’t stand back and do nothing.
All of them would be embarrassed if the tension escalated.


At the thought of this, Cao Ye bellowed, “You can leave, but Zi Yi must stay! If you insist on taking her away, you’ll only leave with a cripple!”


As he spoke, he lifted his right hand where a Battlefield Imprint that radiated a red glow appeared.
In an impassive manner, he stared at Luo Ji and uttered, “Don’t you forget that I’m the deputy leader that’s in charge of this station.
If she dares to betray us, I can request the Heavens to destroy her cultivation.”


An unfazed Luo Ji retorted, “You can try.”

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“Don’t force me,” Cao Ye said through clenched teeth.


“Get lost.” Luo Ji pressed his hand against Cao Ye’s shoulder in an attempt to push him away.
However, he was just a Second-Order spell cultivator, so how was he able to move a Sixth-Order body tempering cultivator like Cao Ye one bit? No matter how much force he exerted with his hand, the other person remained unmoving.
Then, he quit doing that as he circled around Cao Ye with Lan Zi Yi and shuffled towards the main hall at the front.


“Zi Yi, it’s still not too late to repent.” Can Ye turned around, and as he watched his Junior Sister that was following Luo Ji closely, he decided to give her one last chance.
However, she was still looking up at the sky and ignoring him.
Nevertheless, he knew that she had heard him.


After a sigh, he yelled, “Lan Zi Yi from Nine Star Clan ignores our rules, lusts after wealth, and intends to betray our clan.
I, Cao Ye, request the Heavens to destroy her cultivation!”


After he finished speaking, he looked sorrowfully at his Junior Sister who never stopped in her tracks.
Although she was a little dispassionate, she was from the same clan after all.
If it weren’t because they were in a critical situation, he wouldn’t have taken such a drastic measure.
However, those from Mystic Sect were launching an attack on them, so he had to settle this issue quickly.
Moreover, he had to let the others know the consequences of betraying the clan.
Nevertheless, Luo Ji and Lan Zi Yi continued moving forward as they soon entered the main hall.


Cao Ye’s expression changed as he realised something.
“Has she altered her Imprint?”

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It was a fact that Lan Zi Yi had betrayed the clan, so supposedly, if the deputy leader requested the Heavens to destroy her cultivation, it would certainly happen.
However, nothing seemed to have happened to her, which was virtually impossible, unless she was no longer a disciple from Nine Star Clan, thus enabling her to break free from their restriction.
Nevertheless, she could only quit the clan by modifying the Battlefield Imprint, but that would require a large amount of Contribution, which the average Spirit Creek Realm Master couldn’t afford.


At that instant, Cao Ye suddenly figured out many things.
It was no wonder that Luo Ji had suddenly come over to the station of Nine Star Clan to experience life.
Given the fact that he was from a top great force like Infinite Island, he would be welcomed by everyone wherever he went.
Now, it seemed that he was well prepared.
Since the beginning, his target had always been Lan Zi Yi.
However, why would he pay such a hefty price for her? In the past, Cao Ye thought that Luo Ji lusted after her beauty, but now that didn’t seem to be the case.
There was no way someone like Luo Ji would be seduced by anyone’s beauty.


“Wait a minute!” Cao Ye bellowed and directly leaped into the main hall, only to see that Luo Ji and Lan Zi Yi had pressed their hands against the Divine Opportunity Column.
A glow radiated from the column and engulfed them.


“You can’t leave just like this!” Cao Ye lifted his hand in an attempt to stop them.


Luo Ji raised his chin at him.
“I suggest that all of you leave this place quickly.
Otherwise, you’ll end up in a terrible state.”


“Huh?” Cao Ye was stunned.

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*Boom!* All of a sudden, the entire place shook as Cao Ye almost fell to the ground.
Turning his head, he saw a curvy figure hovering in the air outside the Clan Defending Grand Array.
She was none other than the maidservant from Mystic Sect.


At this moment, nine Big Spiritual Dragons in different colours had entangled with one another in front of the woman as they swirled around and turned into a violent force.
Like a drill, they were clashing with the Clan Defending Grand Array.


“What’s that?” Given Cao Ye’s knowledge and experience, he still couldn’t recognise what spell that was.
However, he was certain that given her cultivation, it was impossible for her to cast such a spell.
The power of her move was equivalent to that of a Cloud River Realm Master.


[It’s the power of a talisman paper! It’s a talisman paper that comes from the Core Circle! One has to spend tons of Contribution to get such a talisman paper.
How did she get it? Was it Wang Yang? But, he hasn’t been to the Core Circle, so how did he manage to get such a talisman paper?]


However, Cao Ye didn’t have the time to keep pondering this issue.
That was because as the nine Dragons continuously pounded on the Grand Array, it started showing signs of falling apart.
It wouldn’t take a long time before the array would be broken.
By then, all of them in the station would fall into danger.


With a bitter smile, Cao Ye staggered.
It was no wonder that Luo Ji had decided to run away.
He must have seen their enemies getting ready to activate the talisman paper.
It would take a Sixth-Order spell cultivator a long time to get prepared in order to activate such a talisman paper.
Luo Ji was from Infinite Island, so he was more knowledgeable than Cao Ye when it came to spells.
That was the reason he could recognise the talisman paper.

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