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With her mouth covered, Hua Ci giggled.
“I can see that.” Lu Ye’s wounds were obviously caused by powerful spells.
As a medicine cultivator whose job was to heal the injured, she could make a judgement by just looking at the wounds.


As she directed more Spiritual Power into his body, Lu Ye could feel that the pain on his back diminished.
Eventually, his wounds only became itchy.
After she stopped, she pasted a new plaster on his back.


Following that, she started dealing with the wounds on his chest and arms.
It was then Lu Ye could clearly see that as her hands hovered above his wounds, her palms radiated a green glow.
With the nourishment of her Wood attribute, his wounds slowly healed.
This was indeed an amazing way to treat a patient.


She was an alluring lady with a curvy figure and a pleasant voice.
Certainly, Lu Ye didn’t feel bored during the treatment.


A moment later, she stopped what she was doing and rose from the bed.
Today’s session is over.” Then, she extended her hand.
“Ten Spirit Stones, please.”


A puzzled Lu Ye looked up at her.


A smiling Hua Ci said, “Every treatment costs five stones.
You were knackered yesterday, so I didn’t tell you about it.
Including the fee today, it’s ten stones in total.”


“You charge a fee?” Lu Ye was stunned.


She went on to say, “I have to buy you the herbs, and I need pills and stones to restore my Spiritual Power, so… I do charge a fee.”


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At that, Lu Ye was rendered speechless.


“You’re a disciple from a top great force, so I believe that you won’t renege on your debt, right?” Her hand obstinately and firmly remained stretched out.


“Of course I won’t.” Lu Ye had no idea how she had figured out that he was a disciple from a top great force, but she had a valid point.
They were not friends or relatives.
Since she had spent time and energy treating him, he certainly had to pay a fee.


Coming across a medicine cultivator here had undoubtedly saved him a lot of time of recuperation.
Taking that into consideration, he had actually gained some benefits.


“I don’t have Spirit Stones.
Do you take Spirit Pills?” Lu Ye asked.


“Sure.” Hua Ci nodded.


Then, he fished out a bottle of ten pills and passed it to her.


“Thanks.” Upon taking the pills, Hua Ci became elated.


Lu Ye was so worried that she would say something like ‘Please come again’ the next moment.


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“Take a rest, then,” she uttered.
“I’ll come back tomorrow to treat your wounds again.”


Before she pushed the door open, she turned her head and said, “If you can make use of Healing Pills, you’ll recover more quickly.”


“Got it.” Lu Ye dipped his head.


For the next few days, Lu Ye remained bed ridden.
In the morning, the young woman called Ling Yu would send him the extremely bitter herbal juice.
In the evening, Hua Ci would come over to heal his wounds.


The young woman’s full name was Ruan Ling Yu.
She was a pretty vivacious and talkative girl.
After some chats with her, Lu Ye learned that this place was the ruins of a great force.


No one knew which great force it was.
Several dozen years ago, this place was invaded and the entire great force was destroyed.
Although a Divine Opportunity Column remained, it was no longer usable.


This made Lu Ye recall the time when the Sect Master sent him to Spirit Creek Battlefield from the middle of nowhere.
That place seemed to be the ruins of a great force as well.


There were countless such ruins in both Jiu Zhou and Spirit Creek Battlefield.
Whenever a new great force emerged, they would pick one of the ruins to be their base.
That was because there was most likely a Divine Opportunity Column.


However, many ruins remained deserted, which then became the gathering places for rogue cultivators.


Although most of the buildings in these ruins were dilapidated, there were still many places that could fend off the rain.
Moreover, most of them were strategically located, which was why homeless rogue cultivators loved staying in these places.

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