Chapter 96, Rogue Wanderers’ Club

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Rogue cultivators didn’t have a base, nor did they have the protection of Seniors like those in a great force.
After they entered Spirit Creek Battlefield, the road ahead of them was paved with danger.
Therefore, many rogue cultivators would come together and form into small groups.


Those new great forces in Jiu Zhou were mostly developed from these small groups.


With Hua Ci, a medicine cultivator, as the core member, over ten rogue cultivators had gathered in this place and formed a small group called ‘Rogue Wanderers’ Club’.


Ruan Ling Yu was an inexperienced girl, so after Lu Ye asked her some questions, he soon figured out the powers of the rogue cultivators in this place.


Certainly, Hua Ci was the most powerful among them as she was in the Fifth-Order.
Below her, there were two Fourth-Order cultivators.
The rest of the members were all Second or Third-Order cultivators.
There were eleven people in total.
Due to the fact that Lu Ye had been recuperating in his room, apart from Hua Ci and Ruan Ling Yu, he had only seen another Fourth-Order cultivator.


There were countless such small groups in Spirit Creek Battlefield, and they were certainly not comparable to those real great forces.


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Lu Ye had taken part in the war between Mystic Sect and Nine Star Clan.
Although they were Eighth-Rank and Ninth-Rank great forces respectively, they could easily deploy over a thousand people.
Even if all of them in Rogue Wanderers’ Club joined the war, no one would’ve noticed them.


After a few days, Lu Ye had finally restored all his Spiritual Power, and he had even started cultivating.
He was a Third-Order cultivator whose thirty Spiritual Points were all full.
Normally, if he wanted to unlock one more point, he would need 15 Spirit Restoring Pills.
However, with the help of Gathering Spirits, he needed fewer pills.


When he left Split Sky Gorge, he had about 350 pills in his possession.
Initially, he believed that they were more than enough for him to ascend to the Fourth-Order, but now, it seemed that his pills were not sufficient.


That was mainly because he had to pay Hua Ci 5 pills every day as treatment fee.
It would take him one month to fully recover.


That was thanks to her meticulous care.
If she wasn’t around to heal his wounds, it would take him longer to recuperate.


During this period of time, he had used the ten-point map to ascertain his location and realized that he was about 100 kilometers away from the waterfall.
In other words, he had drifted such a long distance after he became unconscious.


Previously, Yi Yi and Amber were separated from him, so he intended to look for them soon.
At that time, Amber was injured, but he didn’t even have the time to check on the tiger.
Fortunately, he was Dong Shu Ye’s only target, so the tiger was ignored.


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As long as Amber wasn’t dead, and with Yi Yi to keep it company, it should be alright.
Now, his plan was to recuperate and then look for Amber.


Under the night sky, Lu Ye was bare-chested when he wielded a sword in front of the bamboo room.
Due to his injuries, he had stopped practicing sword-wielding for a few days.
Now that he felt much better, he couldn’t sit still anymore.


With her palms supporting her chin, Ruan Ling Yu looked out the window and observed him in silence.
She didn’t understand why he found it fun to wield a sword.
He was injured, so shouldn’t he be lying on a bed instead of exerting himself out here? However, she wasn’t in any position to stop him, so she could only let him be.
All of a sudden, her gaze brightened as she waved her hand.
“Sister Hua Ci.”


Hua Ci emerged from a nearby spot, and she was followed by a muscular man.
That man was the Fourth-Order cultivator Lu Ye had met some time ago.
His name was Kong Niu.


According to Ruan Ling Yu, the reason Hua Ci always left the place early in the morning and came back late was that she had to go to the neighboring towns to treat the injured rogue cultivators to earn some cultivation resources.


The battles between rogue cultivators were intense, so they would get injured most of the time.
If their wounds were not severe, they could just take some Healing Pills.
If their wounds were serious, they had to seek help from a medicine cultivator.
Otherwise, they would be left with some hidden health concerns.
However, they didn’t have a great force to rely on, so their only option was to look for a medicine cultivator who was also a rogue cultivator.


In that case, Hua Ci wouldn’t have to worry about having no business.
Perhaps that was the biggest upside of being a medicine cultivator.
They didn’t have to take part in any battle in order to earn enough cultivation resources.


Under the night sky, Hua Ci shuffled towards a spot that was a short distance away from Lu Ye.
Then, she turned around and told Kong Niu to take a rest.
In this small group of rogue cultivators, Hua Ci was undoubtedly treasured and respected by everyone.
No one would disobey her orders.

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Ruan Ling Yu wasn’t lying when she told Lu Ye that all of them were saved by Hua Ci.
That was indeed what had happened.
Everyone in this small group had received treatment from her before.
She single-handedly pulled them back from the death’s door.


These people owed her a favor.
After they became healthy again, they chose to stay in this place because they admired her temperament or for some other reasons.


Lu Ye stored his sword as he was already covered in sweat.
Although some blood had streamed out of his wounds, he felt more energetic after some exercise.
Furthermore, perhaps it was because he had escaped from death’s door once, he felt that his sword-wielding technique had improved significantly.
Nevertheless, he had to practise sword-wielding with someone else to be certain about it.


“Tsk… I thought I could earn more pills.
Why did he recover so quickly?” Hua Ci was heard muttering under her breath.


Lu Ye’s eyelids twitched.
“What did you say?”


After a few days of contact, they had become familiar with one another, and he had finally realized this beautiful woman’s true colors.
She was practically a miser.
Every single day, right after she was  done with treating his wounds, she would immediately demand payment from him as though she was worried that he would renege on his debt.


On the previous day, she had sold him an even more bitter herbal juice.
After drinking it, he felt as though his face had turned green.
Moreover, he was unable to suppress the bitterness he felt in his body.
Then, she introduced to him another kind of herbal juice and claimed that it could soothe his discomfort.
These two bowls of herbal juice cost him four Spirit Pills.


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At that time, he even suspected that this woman was lying to him.
Nevertheless, judging from how he felt on this day, she didn’t lie to him.
The bowls of herbal juice he consumed on the previous day were indeed more effective than the previous ones.


Hua Ci flashed a uniquely charming smile at him.
Her voice remained soft and soothing, but she still had no qualms about saying words that were different from what she thought.
“I said that you’ve recovered quickly.”


Lu Ye pointed at his ear to mean that he wasn’t deaf.


Ignoring his gesture, Hua Ci placed her hands on her belly, her posture remaining as elegant as ever as she said, “In that case, I’ll formally start treating your wounds tonight.”


“What do you mean by that?” Lu Ye was stunned.
“Then the previous treatments…”


“They were just the preparations prior to the formal treatments.
Do you think your wounds can be healed so easily?” Hua Ci appeared solemn.
“Doctors are most concerned about their patients.
Don’t worry.
I’ll take good care of you and make sure that you won’t be left with any hidden health concerns.”


Lu Ye appeared befuddled as there was an idea that sprang into his mind.
[Is this woman trying to con me again?]


“Take a bath now.
I’ll get ready and look for you later.”

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