Chapter 24 : It Has a Tracking Function

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===A Certain Undead With Communication Disorder===

「How can it be… my golem hand?」
「Impossible… my bondage is… fire resistant.」

The shorty and the bandaged man both stared in wonder.
Now that I thought about it, did that bandaged man have eyes.

Oh, was it my turn to attack them now?

「Fireball x 2」

Oooh, I could do that too!

A long time ago, I heard that a high-ranking magician could simultaneously cast the same magic multiple times.
Even though I only tried to find my limit just now, I could pull off that feat fairly easily.

Each of the two lumps of fire headed toward its own target.

「E-Earth Wall!」

The shorty undead made an earthen wall immediately.
But my fireball could easily pierce through that wall.


My fireball had easily turned the earth wall into hot, steamy lava.
Nevertheless, the shorty, who used the earth wall to protect him from the fireball, fell on his rear with a cramped smile on his face.


On the other hand, the bandaged man dodge the fireball with nimble steps.
It seemed I would have a hard time hitting this guy.

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「Seriously, what the heck was that attack?! It can annihilate even our spirit bodies!」
「… Our natural enemy, huh.」
「Let’s go all out, Mirura! I don’t want to die yet!」
「… Agreed.」

After they nodded at each other, the bandaged man charged straight toward me.
Yup, he was fast after all.

He sent forth a seemingly endless torrent of punches.
Within a second, he drove in countless punches and kicks toward my entire body.

But of course, it couldn’t damage me at all.
In addition, he sent forth another wave of bandages.

In the next moment, the bandaged man’s movement became even faster than before.
It seemed he used the elasticity of his bandages to gain acceleration.

His acceleration was followed by an even more powerful and faster strike than before.

Even so, it seemed that the bandaged man was the one who received damage instead.
His muscles tore and his bones broke, unable to handle the recoil of his own attacks.

I, on the other hand, was still uninjured as ever.

「… Impossible.」

The bandaged man then stopped his barrage of attacks, perhaps realizing that none of his attacks worked on me.
In that moment, the shorty shouted at the bandaged man.

「Preparation complete! I’ll use every bit of my mana in this attack! EARTH PRISON!」


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The ground under my feet started trembling furiously.
Just when I was wondering what was happening, I was surrounded by a giant earth wall from all sides.

By the time I noticed, I’d already lost a way to retreat.
When I tried to touch the wall, it felt more like a lump of metal rather than earth.

「Hahahaha… there’s no way you can get out this one that easily!」

I heard a faint voice from the other side of the earth wall.
But still…

「Isn’t this… far softer than the Tarrasque Lord?」

I reminisced of my escape from the inside of the Giant Turtle (Tarrasque Lord).
Punching through its meat and shell after it swallowed me alive, I had forced my way out through its inner wall.


As expected, my punch could easily pulverize the wall.
Yup, it seemed I could get out immediately.

In addition, I could see the other side of the wall from the resulting hole after around two or three punches.
And a kick was enough to enlarge that opening.

The shorty trembled upon seeing me step out of that wall.

「I-Impossible… M-My everything… was destroyed… that easily.」

Maybe because he was already running out of mana, he couldn’t conjure a defensive spell like before.
He was caught in my fireball.

「Next is the bandaged man, but…」

Since that guy was really fast, he might dodge my fireball like before.

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In that case―

I kicked the ground, closing in on the bandaged man in a split second.


The bandaged man couldn’t move.
Most likely, he never considered that I would come from the front like this.
And then, I embraced him.

… Just to reiterate, I don’t swing that way.
I’d rather hug a woman than a man, but this guy kept spewing out his bandages.

On top of that… this guy was smelly.

But now, he couldn’t escape anymore.
He also wrapped his body and mine in bandages, sealing us together.


I fired my own fireball toward myself.
Naturally, that bandaged guy was also enveloped in the blazing flame along with me.


This flame was nothing to me, but it seemed that the bandaged guy suffered quite a bit.
As soon as I activated my fireball, his body squirmed incessantly.
And soon enough, he turned into pure white ashes… along with his bandages.

「Wonderful! Such wonderful power! To think that my prided Nine Death Generals were toyed around with like this!」

A delightful voice resounded.
When I looked at him, Jean showed an extremely delighted look on his face even though I just killed his underlings.

「You may sleep in peace, Rino, Mirura! It’s thanks to your utmost dedication that I’ve found the strongest family member, who can’t be compared to the likes of you two!」

While it was an extremely cruel farewell to his underlings, it seemed Jean had his own plans.

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Since when did I say that I was your family.

「Fufufu, I’ve finished my preparations.」
「There’s no undead in this world who can resist this strongest necromancer in the world, Jean Diego!」

In the next moment, a giant magic array appeared right under my feet.

… GEH!
Oh cra*-ap?

Although I tried to get out of the magic array, it followed me wherever I moved.
No way, it had a tracking function?!


When the magic array shone brightly, a lot of chains suddenly appeared from it, coiling around my entire body.
I twisted my body in an attempt to escape from it, but it seemed that those chains had no physical form.

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「This is a necromancy art that only affects the spirit body! Resisting with your physical body is futile!」

Jean let out a triumphant laugh.
And then, the arrow tip-like form at the end of the chain stabbed into my body―Or should I say, my spirit body.

「―Contract complete.
From now on, you’re mine! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!」

Jean laughed happily.
At the same time, the chains and the magic array vanished.

「Now then, my loyal servant… come here.」
「… Eh?」

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