Chapter 72: I Crawled Out

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===A Certain Sword Mania===

 Even though I had been introducting myself, whenever someone mentioned Bilzes of 〝Demon Sword Eater〟, it was a name that had already spread wide and far in the adventurer community.

The origin of that second name was none other than the ability that was unique to me.


―Demon Sword Reproduction.


It was an unordinary ability which allowed me to reproduce any demon sword touched by my hands.

It wasn’t an exaggeration to say that I, who was born with such overpowered abilities, was the god’s most beloved human.


The first time I noticed this ability of mine was when I was still a novice adventurer.

It happened when I touched an old sword placed on the weapon shelf.

It just happened that particular sword was a demon sword.


Ever since then, I had come to visit every place where I heard the rumor about demon swords.
Of course, I reproduced the said demon sword once I found it.

Even if I said reproduction, since it could only manifest with my mana when I needed it, I had no need to carry it along with me either.

That was why the more demon swords I reproduced, the more variety of weapons I could use.


And there were various kinds of demon swords in this world.

Naturally, some demon swords’ abilities stood above the rest.


For example, there was a demon sword which could transform its vicinity into a sea of flame with a single swing.

Another enabled me to control my opponent, making them unable to go against my order.

And another could summon dragons from another world.


I could use all of those demon swords at will.

And that was also the reason why I could raise my adventurer rank so fast.


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Although I had already become a platinum-rank adventurer, I was still far from the top.


Ability-wise, I was pretty much recognized as someone with orichalcum-rank strength.

Nevertheless, the reason why I was still in the platinum-rank was simply because of my lack of achievements.


Because the requirement to achieve orichalcum-rank was to have an achievement worthy of a hero who saved the world.



For example, the hero king was an orichalcum-rank adventurer for his achievement of subjugating a disaster-class monster during his adventuring era.

But a disaster-class monster wasn’t something that could just pop out of nowhere.


I had already amassed various kinds of demon swords in my arsenal, traveling to various places in order to make an achievement befitting a hero, but I still failed to find disaster-class monsters.


It was during that moment…

I had received a notification about the No Life King being certified as a disaster-class monster.


I flew to this country as soon as I heard the news.

And then, after I kept looking for the No Life King’s traces who apparently loved to appear in all kinds of unexpected places, at unexpected moments… I’d finally found him in this city.


He was right below me, above the ground.

It seemed he was in the middle of fighting against some adventurers.


I was looking at the fight from the air, straddling on top of the demon sword with a flying ability.


「White hair and red eyes… Yup, that’s the No Life King.
And this level of mana… Honestly, it feels off for him to be classified as a disaster-class monster, but it’s definitely far above the normal monster.」


The No Life King made a giant crater with a single punch to the ground.


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Those adventurers didn’t seem to be able to beat the No Life King.

…Did they actually have a few screws loose in their heads or something? I mean, challenging a monster beyond their abilities with their current strength was something that only a madman would do.

Seeing the way they fought, I assumed that they were silver-rank adventurers.


Well, since his attention had been focused on those adventurers, l should use this.


This attack would be christened as the attack that would allow me to become an orichalcum-rank adventurer.

That was why I should make it as showy as possible.


And for that, I’d use the strongest demon sword in my collection.

Its name was Titan Sword.


It was a sword that I copied from the giant tribe.
It might be the biggest sword in existence.

Anyhow, its length alone surpassed fifty meters.


And the moment I materialized the sword in the air above the No Life King, it fell at terrifying speed thanks to its weight.

It seemed the No Life King had noticed the incoming sword, but it was too late.


The Titan Sword struck the No Life King right on the crown of his head, crushing him underneath its massive weight.

The adventurers who distracted the No Life King were also blasted away due to the shockwave.


Well, they wouldn’t die from that.

If they did die from that, it means they were just unlucky.


When that happened, I should just say that they got done in by the No Life King.

Anyhow, their deaths had nothing to do with me since they simply got themselves blasted away by the shockwave.

I went down and landed on the hilt of Titan Sword, looking at the center of the crater, but I couldn’t even see a trace of No Life King.

Hahaha, as expected, there wasn’t even a piece of him left for the subjugation proof, huh.

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「S… Sword?」

「What the hell is this huge a*ss sword?!」

「T-That’s quite a spectacle…」


On the other hand, the adventurers seemed to be safe and sound.

I should greet them for the time being.


「Good grief, that was a really close call.
You guys should thank me for this!」

「Y-You, could it be… Bilzes of 〝Demon Sword’s Eater〟…?」

「Oh, you know about me? Well that’s only natural, I’m a super famous person after all!」


But of course, it was only natural for those who were in the same profession to know about me.

You might say that the only adventurers who didn’t know about me were those who never appeared.


「Um? Is something the matter? Ah, are you moving to tears since you met such a famous person like me in person? Ahaha! If you want my autograph, now is the time, you know!」


Because I was sure that my signature’s price would sky-rocket after this event.

You guys were lucky in various ways, you know.




…Eh? What was wrong with them?

Their state looked a bit off, but…




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I quickly turned around, at loss for words.


It was right beside the tip of the Titan Sword.

An arm appeared from beneath the tip of the sword.



I was sure that the Titan Sword hit him right on the crown of his head…!




The moment I tried to persuade myself in desperation, a head popped out from the ground.

Which was then followed by a body and his other arm.


It looked like the scene of a zombie popping out from the grave, but those fellas were cute compared to that guy below.

No, appearance-wise, zombies weren’t cute either.


How could he survive that attack?!


I mean, the Titan Sword literally fell right on the crown of his head.


Normally, the weight of the sword itself would be enough to crush his body, a state that was literally impossible for the undead to recover from.

Even though the body that crawled out from beneath the sword was dirty sue to soil and practically naked after my attack destroyed his attire, the No Life King himself was practically unscathed.


「Ha, haha… I see, so this is the disaster-class, huh…」


Even I couldn’t help but be stifled by the strength of No Life King.

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