”Eat. Now. ”

The voice was monotonous and emotionless. But still felt like an irrefutable command.

”Red, please, ” the voice demanded, still with the same tone.

”Im bored, Ingo. ” The girl pleaded.

”You have nineteen minutes to finish your dinner. ”

Red stared at her bowl of porridge, with no appetite. She didn know the menu of tonights dinner, they said it was artificially made to taste like the real food. But for Red, porridge was porridge. It was all she had eaten in nineteen years of her life.

”What did we eat yesterday? ” asked Aelea, rolling her eyes, while flipping her long-wavy-brown hair. ”Mac and Cheese? Todays dinner looks the same, Ingo. ”

”It tastes different. Its Beef Wellington, ” Ingo responded.

Ingo convincingly sounded that what they eat had its original form. Neither Red nor Aelea hadn known the real form of the various foods Ingo spoke of. For every porridge on the table; breakfast, lunch, dinner.

”Have you ever tried it, Ing? ” Red ultimately spoke.

Ingo dipped her finger with no hesitation to the pot which she was holding. Then she put her finger to his mouth. She fell silent for a while, and stared alternately to the two girls sit at the dinner table.

”Do you want me to describe whats in it? ” offered Ingo.

”No, ” the two of them replied simultaneously.

Ingo walked swiftly to the kitchen. Immediately washed the pot, cleaned the kitchen from all the dirt, not a spot missed from her robotic eyes. In the last ten years, Red and Aelea were used to the routine. Ingo was the third version of AI (Artificial Intelligence), released after the war around fifty years ago. Ingo and other androids of her versions classifications were caretaker, guardian, butler, and they were made to be soft-hearted.

Most of Ingos version worked at hospital and nursing home. Meanwhile, Ingo worked at the residence of Harts, as a nanny for Red and Aelea, also taking care of the house. Ingos body was made from cold-formed steel, freezing cold when touched, electroplated to be white and gray. Her expressionless face was pale, blue-eyed, with a small nose and thin lips. Her mouth was functioned to taste various flavor, so she could recognize the presence of potions.

There were so many types of AI that lived alongside humans. There was also ordinary robot, but its hard-to-find. They mostly used as hardware, such as vehicles, controlling traffic, things that didn need social interactions with human.

Even humans didn interact with each other. Other than at work, and school. No humans were bold enough to take a walk outside, unless its in a safe residential area. Because of the polluted air, not to mention the sandstorm. The houses looked similar from each other, made from steel, without a single window.

”Are you being happy? ” Red suddenly asked Aelea.

Aelea, who was two years younger, immediately covered up her chest. ”You can do that, Red. Remember what Dad said? Its rude. ”

”I didn do anything. ”

”You scanned my body. And I did know, even if you pretend not to. ”

Red alias Aegea Harts, chuckled. Its not because the color of her hair, her hair was chin-length, straight and raven black. One of her eyes was red, which was a robotic eye. The eye gave certain information for Red. If she wanted it, she could scan someones body like x-ray eyes. But her late father always warned Red that she oughtn to do it, unless in critical situation. And reading Aeleas unusual heartbeat, was honestly a crime.

Red adopted the name because of her eye. Red was born imperfect, her left eye defected. Because of it, when she was ten years old, Jeremiah – Red and Aeleas father—brought Ingo home, and Red got a new eye. Transplanting the eye was the most excruciating thing. Actually, it was the second most excruciating thing.

The first one, losing Jeremiah forever seven years ago.

Reds eye was observing Aelea while she was eating and humming. Aelea was holding a knowledge tablet, a technology instrument to gain information about various of things that humans need to know after the great war. Starting from food, beverages, health, and so forth, that had been revised and supervised by science/intelligence AI called Gord. No one knew the exact form of Gord, it only appeared as little icon every time knowledge tablet was used.

Aelea was not a type of girl whos interested in science, it felt peculiar for Red seeing her sister was gaining knowledge in the last couple of days, happily and involuntary.

”Are you seeing someone? ” teased Red.

”Not your business. ”

A faint thudding sound was heard from the outside. The dust particles floating from the ceiling and fell on Reds porridge bowl. The ground was momentarily shaking. One of Reds eyes was scanning outside the wall, but there wasn an unusual movement outside. Ingo was also on guard, she looked left and right, scanning all the rooms. Just like Red, Ingos eyes could also see penetrate the wall.

Another thumping sound was heard. Following the other sound, as if they
e responding to each other.

Aelea was slowly standing up, her face became pale. ”What was that, Ingo? ” she asked hoarsely.

”I don know, Im not programmed to detect unusual things like this. ” Ingo stared at Aelea and Red alternately. ”Go to your room. Im going to check whats going on out there. ”

The sisters didn care about Ingos concern, which was programmed to protect human from something that felt suspicious. Instead, Aelea and Red were following Ingo from behind, hiding behind the AIs back, who was walking toward the front door. The house didn have a single window. Sandstorms were the first reason, the second was the long exposure from the sun would cause a sunburn to skin.

The atmosphere become deadly silent. Nothing was heard.

”Maybe it was an earthquake? ” whispered Red.

”My sensor didn detect any movement from the lithosphere, ” Ingo replied, pointed to the floor, ”it was from the Earths surface, but I didn know what it was. ”

”Another war? After fifty years we live in peace? ” Aelea started to get scared.

”Its impossible, ” Red refuted.

They waited for a while, but didn hear anything. Red was still feeling anxious, there was something her robotic eye missed in scanning a hidden threat. Ingos pat her shoulder.

”Its alright, finish your dinner, ”

”Finish your dust-covered porridge, ” teased Aelea.

Red hadn had a chance to argue back when her left eye felt hot and like being pulled. It was agonizing making Red crouching and clutching her eye. Ingo intended to help Red but, suddenly she turned to look toward the door.

”What is that–. ”

Ingos voice was cut because of the sudden attack. The metal front door was cut open from the outside. The screech of metal piercing the ears. Iron claws were coming through the hole of the door. Aelea screamed in terror and she couldn run. She was snatched by one of the claws, and instantly dragged outside and was gone from Ingos sight.

”Ingooo…! ” Aeleas agonizing scream was heard from faraway.

Another claw grabbed Ingos resisting body.

”Red, run…!!! ” screamed Ingo while trying to fight the claw.

The semi-conscious Red saw a claw trying to grabbed her. Ingo got free from the claw and rolled her body to protect Red. Without mercy, the pair of claws snatched Ingo. Ingo was squirming, trying to let go of the hold. But the effort was hopeless, the pair of claws grabbed her tighter. One of Ingos hands cut opened.

”Ghníomhact, ” hissed Ingo.

Ingos body was cut in half right in front of Red. Ingos translucent-blue liquid splashed all over Red.

”Noooo…!!! Ingooo…!!! ”

”Ru-n. ” that was Ingos last words before the system completely shut down.

Red crawled back, crying, behind her the claws scanned the whole room. One of the claws found Red hiding under the table. Red closed her eyes, she was giving up. Was it the time for her to die, she couldn care less. She already lost all of her loved ones in her life.

Behind Red was heard another ear-piercing noise. A dusty cold air struck Reds back. A steel-hand grasped Reds waist, there and then she flew in the air. The girl opened her eyes and saw a gigantic robot holding her little body.

The claws attacked the gigantic robot, with one struck from the robot, the claws flung away. The gigantic robot opened its palm, accumulated a blue-colored energy, then bolted onto the claws, and they were burned and melted.

”What are you? ” mumbled Red, still shocked.

”Eitilt. ” A half robotic-half woman voice echoing from the gigantic robot.

And they dashed across the sky. Red saw the ruin of her home got smaller and smaller. It was set on fire. All over her house. The shock left Red unconscious.

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