~qiqu~qiqu~ wake up~ wake up~ Its 5:00~

”Damn it! ” I groaned from my sleep and using my left hand, I push the tiny bird alarm clock under my old pillow. In the next second, I sprang to my feet and picked up the alarm clock, checking it, I found out that it was indeed 5:00.

”Thank goodness I set the alarm time last night or Id have missed todays daily task! ” I said to myself as I dropped back the alarm clock and then change my clothes into a short and a shirt. ”This is going to be harder than I thought, ” I mumbled with a little frown on my face.

I hated doing exercises right from when I was still a kid and so right now, I was beginning to have a double mind. I then sighed and walked out of my room, it was small so I couldn do anything in it.

Outside of the room, I laid down flat and began the said daily task.

”1 ”

”2 ”

”3 ”

”4 ”

”5 ”

”6 ”

”7 ”

”8 ”

”9 ”

”10 ”


”99 ”

”100 ”

I fell to the ground as I was panting and holding my chest. 100 press-ups isn a childs play, I couldn even feel my arms at all, my entire body was numb.

”How the hell am I going to do the sit-ups and run 500 laps too? ” I mumbled with a look of pity and tiredness on my face.

”System, is there a way I can skip doing the sit-ups and running? ” I asked all of a sudden.


[You can skip the daily task however you want, but you will receive no points at the end]

I knew it would be like this, theres no food for the lazy man they say. I needed to get strong by all means and this was the only way and so I got up and went to the kitchen and then took a cup of water and downed it. I went back to my spot and laid down with my back touching the ground.

”Here goes nothing! ” I mumbled and breathed in.

”1 ”

”2 ”

”3 ”

”4 ”

I kept counting, each count was like starting from scratch. My back began to ache, so much for my first time doing an exercise.

”99 ”

”100 ”

”Ahhh! ” I yelled as I fell to the ground. Seriously, this is harder than I ever imagined it to be, it is more painful than all the jobs Ive done before. ”Im down with two, one more task to go and Ill be so **ing done! ” I mumbled while panting in the process.

My knees were shaking as I stood up, this was my first time and so I felt sore all over, nevertheless, Ive made up my mind and there is nothing that will prevent me from achieving my goals. I wiped off all the traces of sweat from my forehead and then set out, it was now time for the last task — the 500-lap run.

I started by running slowly as I didn want to burn out the little energy Ive got remaining in the beginning. Little by little I began to increase my pace, the day was breaking gradually and I didn want people to see me. I am not yet ready to be the gossip of the street.

After running 100 laps, I stopped to gasp for air before continuing. As I ran, I noticed something different about me and that was the fact that I was no longer getting tired as initially. This was awesome, I felt happy about it.

It helped me so much that soon, I was nearing the end of the count. The town where I thought I would never enter is where Ive actually now gone on foot. I smiled at the achievement as I walked into my apartment.


[Daily Task Week 1 Completed]

[Reward: 40 points]

[How should I share your points?]

I kept quiet for a while as I pondered on the systems question. Looking at my stats, they were very low and by all means, I want to level up as fast as possible. Agility, speed, stamina and intellect, were all very important but I needed to pick the most important of them all.

”System, allocate 10 points to my agility, 5 points to speed and the remaining 5 points to stamina! ” I said after a moment of reasoning.

The intellect should be put aside for now because based on my understanding, the other three are more important than it and thankfully, I was born with brains. I wouldn be in need of intellect in the meantime.



Name: Arthur Black

Age: 19

Race: Human

Level: 1

Power Level: 50/100







[Basic Skills]

Energy kick: The user is able to use this skill by placing all his energy into his leg and carrying out a kick.

Ultimate Blow: The user is able to use this skill by concentrating half of his energy into his fist when attacking an enemy.

[Intermediate Skills]

Downward Energy Slash: This skill when activated, entails the user to concentrate his whole energy on his sword and create a downward slash with it.

Upward Energy Slash: This skill when activated, entails the user to concentrate his whole energy on his sword and create an upward slash with it.

Ultimate Sword Slash: This skill when activated, entails the user to concentrate all his energy on his sword and perform both the downward and upward energy slash.

[Advanced Skills]

These skills are locked. [Level Up to unlock the Advanced Skills]


”Wow! ” I exclaimed all of a sudden, I felt so energised after the points were allocated. It was as though I haven done any heavy work at all. This was great!

I took off my clothes that had been soaked wet and hurried into the bathroom to take a morning bath, it was almost seven and I had to hurry up so I wouldn be late for work.

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