ddenly added, causing me to look at her curiously.

”What is that, madame Lene? ” I asked.

”You made mention of looking for more jobs and I have an idea of what you might need. Here, take this number and dial it, I have a friend who keeps complaining that her animals keep missing at night, ” she said and handed me a piece of paper with a number on it.

I collected the paper and began to stare at it, inwardly, I couldn understand why she was telling me about it, when did my job become going after criminals?

”Madam Lene, I don quite understand what you mean, when did I start chasing after criminals? ” I asked her.

”About that, I do not understand as well. She made mention of some shadow wolves, so I think you should call her yourself and ask about it. I heard the pay is high and I decided to tell you about it, ” she replied and chuckled in the end.

I guess she knew how much I loved money, well, who doesn love money? But hold on…..

”Shadow wolves? What are those? ” I suddenly asked. I have never heard of them before.

”You don know? ” She asked back with a disbelieving look on her face.

I, in reply, shrugged my shoulders. I didn know nor have heard about them.

”Son, I think you need to go to school to enhance your knowledge, you only know about money, nothing else! ” She queried and then sighed. ”Well, I don blame you though. Shadow wolves are demon wolves, they feed on the blood of animals and only come out at night. That is all that I know, you can find out more about them from the lady. ”

This was still confusing me, since when did we start having demon wolves around? I didn still understand a thing she had said, could it be that she was joking? But looking at her right now, she seemed quite serious about the whole thing.

”Madame Lene, I think Ill need to call the lady later but for now, weve got customers, ” I suddenly said, drawing her attention to the few people that had entered the inn.

She looked ahead and seeing them, she gasped. ”That is true! Quick, go get their orders! ” She instructed and I nodded and ran off to do my job.

I rushed over to the group of people who were already seated and bent down to take their orders.

”Get us five plates of peppered fish sauce and a bottle of good wine! ” The one who seemed to be the leader of the group said while the others began to nod their heads.

”Alright, Ill be back in a minute! ” I replied and began to walk towards the kitchen. While I was going, I overheard them talking about defeating some demons and so I made up my mind to ask them some questions.

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