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I liked making it, but I couldn’t help if what I made was not on par with what an expert made.

It would be alright if it’s only my chocolate, but even the packaging of the chocolates that the nanny was currently organizing was much prettier in comparison to mine.

So I had been hesitating to hold it out, but Rere continued to urge me.

“Mom, I told them to throw everything away! I did a good job, right?”

“But those may be tastier.”

“I don’t care.
My less ugly mom will be sad if I don’t eat it.”

When I saw her stretch out her two tiny hands to me, I finally put the child down on the floor.

“You’ll regret it.”

“No, I won’t regret it.
Actually, the food that mom makes is not tasty.
Last time…cho-chocolate fondant was not tasty either! So I won’t regret it!”

The child jumped from her seat as she said so.

How could anyone hate this five-year-old child?

Although it was a shame that she could only speak that way, she was cute.

“Ah, here you go.”

I was immersed in my thoughts for a moment before I took out the chocolate that I had put in my pocket.

“What’s this? So small.
Why is it so small?” Her response was just like what I had expected.

As soon as she saw the chocolate in my palm, Rere compared mine to Astra’s chocolate.

“That’s why I said you should just eat that one.”

I’ll eat this one.
But if it’s this small, what will you eat, mom?”


“I can’t be the only one eating! This can’t be right.”

Before I knew it, Rere jumped and ran towards the nanny, who had collected enough of the chocolates that Astra poured all over the floor in two large baskets.

“Miss, if you run around like this, you’ll get hurt.”

“Shut up!”

Rere, who was losing her temper for no reason, rummaged through the basket for a long time.

“This one is ugly.
I don’t like the packaging.
Hmmm…ugly mom has to eat something pretty.”

Rere, who had been rummaging the basket for quite a while, finally found something she liked and came to me with a broad smile.

“Come here.”


“Come and eat with me.”

Rere, who grabbed my hand and dragged me, jumped up to the table.
Then, she put the chocolate that I made in front of her and Astra’s chocolate in front of me.

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“I’ll have what my mom gave me.
Mom, eat this one.” The way she grumbled while taking care of me made me smile.

“Thank you.”

“…If you are thankful, you must make it again! It’s not because I want to eat it.
The rabbit wants to eat choco, too! It’s not fair if we don’t share it…!”

Rere, who was embarrassed and lifted the rabbit in her arms, put chocolate in her mouth.

“Is it good?”

“Just a little.
Well, it’s not that good.”

I took Astra’s chocolate that the child gave me.
Meanwhile, the child put the second chocolate in her mouth.

As I looked at the child quietly, I could feel Rere’s character.

Rere wasn’t a bad child.
Rather, the environment of the child was bad.
Even their innate tendency was eventually shaped by the parents.
Everything you experience while growing up was made by your parents.

‘At least Rere isn’t a bad child.
I believe it.
I’ll have to make her trust me.’

“By the way, mom.”

The child who was fiddling with the pink wrapping paper met my eyes.



“Why? Do you have something to say?”

“I said nothing! Stupid.”

Rere, who screamed, crumpled the wrapping paper and hurriedly put it in a rabbit bag.
Then, she glared at the nanny.

“Rere is an adult! Nanny, give me the tea!”

“Yes? You don’t want to drink milk? Miss, you should drink milk now.”

“Rere is an adult! Adult! A brave adult! An adult who can do anything by herself!”

Rere, who was seated on the table, pounded the table with her hands.

The nanny was forced to push the tea table from the other side of the room and sighed deeply.

“Rere is an adult.”

Contrary to what she said earlier about being an adult, Rere’s feet that were neatly placed on a chair trembled.
She was obviously scared.

Meanwhile, the nanny put down the tea in front of Rere.

The smell of fragrant tea filled the room, but Rere’s expression wasn’t very good.

“An adult only drinks tea.
I’ve made up my mind.
Here I go!”

I grabbed Rere’s hand, snatched the tea, and drank it right away.

Are you an adult?”

“Uh, yes!”

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“Then I don’t have to stay next to you.
I was going to spend the night with Rere though.”

“Huh? No, no! I’ll give you special permission! My mom likes me so much, so I’ll give you permission to do so!”

Rere, who raised her head, stealthily studied my expression.

When I didn’t answer and crossed my arms, the child knocked off the table with her fingers.

“I said I’ll give you permission!”

“Oh, is that so?”

“Uung! I’ll give you permission.
Because mom wants it, I’ll give you special permission!”

I held the child in my arms and stroked her head.

“Because Rere gave me permission, I guess I have to stay here today.”

“Uung! I’m glad.”


“Well, what I mean is I’m glad mom likes it.

Rere, who was giggling, looked down at the teacup for a while.

The reddish, clear water was gushing out a cloud of thick smoke.

“Let’s have tea now.
I’m…an adult.
I’m not a child.”

Her fingers were hesitantly fiddling with the white cup.

Rere’s mind was transparent, too.

I burst out laughing and stopped the nanny from pouring the same tea into Rere’s cup.

“Nanny, bring me milk.”


“Mom, are you drinking milk? But aren’t you an adult? Aren’t you always drinking tea?”

On the contrary, the child looked at me while pouting her mouth.

“Eh, milk is delicious.”

“Is that so? Are you drinking it because it’s delicious?”

“Of course~”

“Do adults drink milk if it’s delicious?”

“Of course.”

“Th-Then Rere will also drink milk! I’m not drinking it because I’m a child! I’m drinking it because it’s delicious!”

The child, who was busy making an excuse, looked straight at me.

“Is that right?”

“That’s right.
Rere isn’t drinking it because she’s a baby.”

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Only then did she smile brightly as she sipped the milk in her mug.


As the two people shared their milk and spent a cozy time together…

A bloody atmosphere filled the space beyond the door.

Duke Ian, who was dragging his woman out, shook her arm with an angry face.

Astra, who had been caressing her arm as if she was in pain, flared her nose and glared at the duke.

“Call the doctor! My hand hurts like hell! I think I broke my arm!”

“Ha, don’t make me laugh.”

The gaze of the duke, who snorted in disgust, was cold.
However, Astra was busy screaming as if she had lost her senses.

“Ha, make you laugh? What exactly are you doing, Duke! I’m your rightful wife, yet you treat me like this?! Look at my hand.
It can’t hurt this much unless it’s broken!”

She was never treated like this ever since she was born, so she couldn’t control her anger.

She was born as Astra, a high-ranking noble.

Even her own parents had never held her forcefully.

Astra’s eyes turned to her red wrist.

Seeing her throbbing pain and redness, she was sure that there must be a big problem.

However, no matter how much she screamed due to the pain, nobody listened to her.
On the contrary, the duke only shook his shoulders and snorted.

“My wife, huh?”

“That’s right.
I’m your wife.
As your wife, I’ll ask you.
Is it so wrong to teach a child to know their place? It’s only natural for parents to teach their children! You can hit them in the process!”

“Have you ever been hit by someone?”


“I’m asking if your parents ever hit you when you’re this impertinent.”

At his words, Astra’s lips trembled as if she was bewildered.

How dare he put her in the same league as that mixed breed?

Princess Rebecca was quite famous in the Empire.

Nothing was clear about her birth.

Some even said that they might have set up a fake child to become a successor.

She wasn’t on the same level as that child, so nobody ever treated her that way, let alone hit her.

Astra’s voice got louder.

“Yes, there’s no way I would get hit by anyone.
I’m a perfect princess, unlike that child!”

That woman’s finger pointed at the room.

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The Duke, who had easily twisted her hand, stood before Astra.

“You shouldn’t run your mouth wildly.”

The Duke held Astra’s cheeks firmly as if he couldn’t control his anger.

“It hurts!”

“Does it hurt? My daughter would have been more hurt.
That woman, too.”

“Are you kidding me? Have you gone crazy?”

“I’m not crazy.”

“…Don’t cross the line.
If you want me to be your wife, treat me properly! Whatever I do, just leave me alone.
No wonder the child became like that.”

Even in the eyes of the Duke, she was immature.

“Wife? That’s ridiculous.
It’s only on paper.
I’m sure I told you already.
Don’t ever mess with me.”

His hand choked her neck sharply.

“Let go of me…..le-let go.
Do you think you’ll be safe if you mess around with me?”

“You should be safe.
At least until your father is no longer useful.”

“I won’t stay still.
My father will take you down!”

“Do you think I’m going to stay still as well? Ha, what a joke.
I’m asking you to kick that Leona woman, but I never told you to harm my daughter.
If I hear something like you hitting my child ever again…I’ll twist that flimsy neck of yours at once.
If you want to die so badly, I can make your wish come true in a single breath.”

Only then did Astra shut her mouth and stare at him quietly.

However, as if their business was over, the Duke took his eyes off her.

He made eye contact with the grand chamberlain who followed him around.

“From now on, keep an eye on my wife so she won’t get out of here.
Ban any contact from outside.”

You can’t lock me up here now…!”

“I don’t think it’s wise to do that.
Get on your senses.
That neck…I think I’ve warned you already that I can twist that neck of yours right away.”

Astra hurriedly covered her neck when she saw the duke’s twisted smile.

“Then, return to your room and take a rest.
Don’t be stupid.”


“Those who attend to my wife should be put in jail.
Because they didn’t serve my wife well.”


At his words, the duke’s attendants moved swiftly and dragged Astra’s maids one by one.

“Duke! This can’t be right! How about me! Who will attend to me now?”

But even though her voice echoed in the hallway, Ian only moved away from her with an irritated face.

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