Once the child, who firmly closed her heart, opened her heart once more, it became even broader.

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I hugged Rere tighter and kissed the child’s forehead.

“Thank you, Rere.”

“What are you thanking me for?! Rere’s kiss is very expensive, you know? I especially gave it to you.”

“Of course~”

As Rere laughed so brightly that her eyes couldn’t be seen, she stretched her hands vigorously into the sky.

“Then, from now on, I’ll be telling you my methods! To be exact, one hundred ways to bully the bullies!”

“Does something like that exist?”


As expected from the child who grew up to be a villainess.
Rere clenched her fist casually.

“Rere is proud.
I think our Big Bunny has finally come to her senses.
You should not always be nice in life!”

“How about you save your ‘100 ways to bully the bullies’ for later and choose a dress first? You said you’re going to wear matching clothes, right?”

“That’s right! The nanny has finally said something smart after a long time.
Then we should let our Big bunny wash up.
I’m so busy.”

When Rere said she was busy even though she stayed still while being washed by the nanny, the nanny and I laughed at the same time.

Our busy lady should wash up and get out quickly!”

The nanny moved her hands faster than ever, which is why Rere was able to wash up faster than me.

Of course, the maid also offered to help me bathe.
But I, who had lived as a Korean, couldn’t get used to being washed by others.

It was not only my hair, but also my whole body.

‘My precious armpit…’

I couldn’t leave my armpit and the other parts of my body to someone else.

At that time, Rere, who went out first, knocked at the bathroom door.

“Big Bunny.
Big Bunny.
Are you alive?”


“Come out.
You were so quiet that I thought you were drowning.
If you don’t come out, do you want me to go in and wash you up instead?”

“I’ll come out soon!”

“You’re really slow.”

Eventually, I had to abruptly finish and come out at Rere’s urging.
When I came out, Rere was already all dressed up, so she gave a towel to the maids with a dissatisfied look.

“Help Big Bunny dry her hair.”

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“Yes, miss!”

The maids, who saw my long hair, rolled up their sleeves as if they’re going to war.

“Leave it to us.”

Let’s go pick a dress for Big Bunny in the Duchess’ room.
There are no suitable clothes in her closet no matter how much we look… Hmm…..
And, Big bunny’s dress right now isn’t suitable either.”

Rere had her short, plump finger pointing up and moved it from side to side.


“Well, Big Bunny looks elegant and pretty no matter what, but I don’t want any flaws…! Dry her hair and put powder on her face.”

“Yes, miss!”

Since when did you work in sync like this? The maid who put the chair in front of me quickly dried my hair.
Meanwhile, Rere grabbed her nanny’s hand and stormed out.

“I’m really fine…”

“You know our miss’ personality, right? We’ll get in trouble if we don’t dry your hair.”

“Is that so….?”

In the end, I gave up and left my hair in their care.
The way they handle my hair felt like a professional’s work.

“Are you not tired? Because my hair is long.”

“It’s easier than our miss’.”

“That’s right.
Lately, our miss has changed, but back then, she refused to wash up.
She threw tantrums a lot.”

“Every time no one could handle it anymore, we told our master.
But he didn’t care, so we had quite a hard time.”

“That’s true.
He acts strange sometimes.”

The hands of the maids, who were talking to each other, slowed down.

“What do you mean?”

“He’s not acting that strange lately, but…sometimes…”

As if pondering about it, a maid stopped her hand at once.

“He acts like a child.”

“A child?”

“Well, I’m sure he did a lot for our miss, but…he looks like someone who is out of his mind.
There were times when he just had a blank expression on his face when our miss cried in front of him.
There was even a time when she fell down in front of him, yet he just looked at her.
At that time, I really thought he had a problem…”

Saying he’s out of his mind is a bit…”

“Oh, no.
I’m sorry, madam.”

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It was not until the maid next to me stopped her that a maid named Rose rushed to me and bowed her head.

It’s okay.
It’s not like you swore at him.”

“But, still…”

“It’s okay.
I don’t like the Duke as well.”



Am I being too honest?

“…Well, a lot of things happened, right?”

“Th-that’s right! Anyway….I’ve gone too far with my words, but that’s what happened in the past.
It rarely happened once madam arrived.”

How is that possible?

It was surprising that the man, who was supposed to be a fool for his daughter, had done such things in the past.

Even in the novel, I didn’t think the duke would be the type to do that.

‘What is this feeling? It’s as if I couldn’t finish my business in the bathroom properly.’

At that moment.

“Hosh, hosh.
Big Bunny.
I…brought your clothes.”

They ran so hard to the point they sweated a lot when they opened the door.

“My god, Rere.
Did you run?”

I can’t wait to dress you up.” Rere, who smiled ever so brightly, held out the shoes that she brought to me.

“I’ve brought Big Bunny shoes that would match well with mine!”


The beige-toned shoes sparkled like a star.
It caught my eyes without me realizing it.

“It’s so pretty.”

“Yup! It’s very comfortable! And here’s the clothes!”

The nanny was gasping for air and wiped her sweat with her sleeve.
Then, she held out the dress to me.

There seemed to be something different about it from the dress I wore last time.


“Try it on.”

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However, I couldn’t tell what was different just by looking at it.

“Come on in, madam.”

“Ah, yes.”

After washing up, I had to go to the dressing room to get dressed in only a thin shower gown.
And it wasn’t until I wore it that I knew what made it different.

The difference was in the middle part of what I usually wear and what I wore in Astra’s room last time.

First, there was no corset tightened firmly in my waist.
However, just because it was comfortable, it wasn’t as comfortable as the daily clothes I wore.

The fabric on my waist was quite tight.
I didn’t know what it was made of since I didn’t know much about clothes, but it was secured in my waist.
It replaced the corset, and the flamboyant hem skirt was enough to divert the attention from the loose-fitting waist.

“It’s comfortable.”

“Right? I’m glad I followed Sir Luca’s advice.”

“Did Luca…pick this?”

He showed up whenever I needed help.
This time, he showed up and helped us choose your clothes and shoes.
He said madam might be comfortable with this.”

How did he know me so well?

In fact, Astra’s dress last time was pretty and fancy, but it was uncomfortable.
Contrary to that, this one was comfortable.

“Luca…seems like a sweet person.”

“Right? I hope our master can resemble him on the inside, even if it’s just a little bit…”

“I hope so, too.”

“I feel like I get them mixed up sometimes though.”

The nanny smiled calmly and gave me the shoes.
These shoes were so comfortable that I thought I wouldn’t get blisters on my feet even if I wore them the whole month.

‘What a relief.’

Maybe it wasn’t that woman’s style, which is why she didn’t touch these things at all.

“We should get going.
Our little miss will yell at us if we spend more time chatting.”

She took a step ahead and reached out to me.
As expected, just before we left, Rere poked her head into the dressing room.

“I was going to ask when you’d come out… Big Bunny, you’re all ready!”

“Do I look okay?”

“Yes! It’s perfect! It’s so pretty!”



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“Come on, let’s go.
Daddy is going to ‘poof’ again, right?”

“Shall we?”

Before I knew it, Rere held my hand and looked at me with gleaming eyes.

“Big Bunny’s hair looks like a star.
It’s shiny.”

“Rere’s hair looks like the night sky.
I guess we’re a match made in heaven, Rere.
Rere is the night sky, Big Bunny is the star.
What do you think?”


Contrary to my expectations, however, Rere suddenly sulked.

“Don’t you like it?”

“Anyways! Big Bunny talks so well now! The night sky and the stars.
Those are pretty words!”

“So, do you like it?”

“Yes! But what’s a match made in heaven?”

“Uh…well…It means two people who are perfect for each other?”

“Mmh…I see.
I made up my mind.
Rere will make Big Bunny perfect.
Anyway, it is so troublesome.”

Despite saying that, the smile did not leave Rere’s face.

“Does that mean Rere is going to take care of mom until mom becomes perfect?”


In the meantime, we arrived in front of a room I had never been to before.
It was already crowded with people and dresses.

“What room is this…”

“We use this room whenever we call a salon over.
Come on in!”

When Rere dragged me inside, I was once again shocked by the dresses inside the room.


The big room was filled with all kinds of dresses that it looked like a warehouse of a clearance sale.

“Ah, you’re here.”

“Why is daddy here?”

He looked so confident as if he had always been with us.

“Why? Because we are family.”

“We’re only family in times like this.
Be honest, you’re here to see our Big Bunny, right?”

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