d a precious herb.
Can I use that for myself?”

“It does, but…I think it’ll be fine if it’s madam.”


“Because I was told to save medicine for madam.”

“Is that so?”

A few days ago, my master gave me expensive herbs and asked me to make medicine to keep your body healthy.
He said you must have a problem because you looked pale.”

What’s with him this time?

“Since he told me to make you medicine, I was going to visit you, madam.
So, this actually turned for the better.”

“Medicine, you say?”

The duke ordered him to give me medicine? Aren’t you mistaking it with poison?

“Daddy did that?”

That’s right.”

“He must have come to his senses!”

“…Rere, do you trust your daddy?”

“Of course!”

I didn’t believe him.
So I frowned when I saw Rere smile innocently.

“Umm…Big Bunny, you still don’t like my daddy, right?”

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“Yes! I never said I liked him!”

Seeing Rere smiling brightly, I felt a little anxious.
Surely, he’s not going to tell people that he’s doing it for my sake when he’s, in fact, planning to kill me, right?

‘Didn’t he say he hates me more than Astra?’

“Rere, by the way…”


“Did your daddy ever say something about your fourth mother?”


“Did he?”

“He did.”

That’s it.
It turns out that the situation of the third mother in the novel went off course not because of Rere, but because of the duke.

It was then.

Luca stepped in as if to lessen my anxiety.

“Have you found the medicine to cure our young miss?”

Luca, who had been looking at us affectionately, urged him with a sharp voice.

“N-Not yet…”

“It’s upsetting considering you’re the most talented person in the empire, and we only managed to bring you in after much difficulty.”

“…That’s…because Miss Rebecca has an incurable disease…”

Luca’s voice was so cold that I thought he was someone else.
If I didn’t recognize him initially, I would have mistaken him with the duke.

“So, you haven’t found a way?”

“Well, it’s not like there’s no solution at all.
A medicine I asked her to take was effective recently.”

“Effective? Tell me the exact medicine that was effective and the exact situation in detail.”

“Why must I say such things to a mere knight…!”

Although he was irritated, the doctor quickly noticed Luca’s foul mood.

“Ahem, ahem.
Well, rather than the medicine, I think it has something to do with the circumstances.
It was a strange case.
After consuming the pills for a few days, our young miss became a lot better.”

“Don’t you think it’s normal to get better after consuming medicine for days?”

“It’s not like that! It worked even when I gave her fake medicines.”

All of us were dumbfounded and stared at him.

“Fake medicine? Don’t tell me you took all that money and fed her fake medicines?”

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“I-It was a mistake.
I’ve only done that a few times.
I’ll report to the duke myself, so you don’t have to be concerned!”

Unintentionally confessing his mind, he mouthed the word ‘damn it’ with a stiff face.

“Damn it, why am I telling you this…!”

“Seems like you’re confessing.”

“…Nonsense! I never liked you from the start! A knight with a face exactly like the duke!”

The doctor blew his nose as if he was extremely irritated.

“I admire you so much.
I believe that you’ll find medicine that can cure our young miss.
Therefore, I look forward to your cooperation.”

He returned to his affectionate self.
In the meantime, the doctor was preparing to leave.

“In any case, since our young miss is not sick, I’ll have to excuse myself.
Please let me know if she is sick.
Of course, if the madam is as well…”


He looked wary of Luca and quickly left.
On the other hand, Rere’s gaze never left me despite the occurrences that have happened so far.

“Rere, why are you looking at me like that?”


“Then, since I’ve taken my medication, shall we look at the documents?”

“You may not like it, but I think Big Bunny needs to rest!”

“May I help you then?”

Luca, who was watching us, smiled affectionately and sat down on the chair next to the bed.

“That would be great!”

“I’ll sit here and tell you the best option.
Then, please choose between them.”

“Madam, that’s a good idea!”

“Rere also likes it!”

Everyone liked it, so I only nodded at Luca’s suggestion.

Why are you so sweet? I had such thoughts from time to time.
Sometimes, I even thought Luca might be the duke himself.
But they had different eye colors.


“Rere, there’s no way Luca is your daddy, right?”

“Yes, why? Does Big Bunny want Luca to be my daddy?”

“Yes, because he’s sweet.”

“That’s true.
But what can we do?”

“Would you like me to be Ms.
Leona’s husband and the young miss’ father?”

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